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Ron Paulites SPEAK OUT !

Some of you may recall an item we published a week ago tonight on Ron Paul. It was a brilliantly written spoof alleging to expose the massive nationwide conspiracy behind the campaign of the 72-year-old libertarian ob-gyn who's been elected to the House of Representatives 10 times from Texas.

The blog item was tied to publication of a revealing feature by The Times' James Rainey on a particular group of Southern California Paul supporters and their earnest campaign efforts.

Although Paul's vociferous, heartfelt, defensive and offensive supporters, who patrol the Internet at all hours and will be on this item within minutes of its posting, will cite encouraging bookmakers' odds from somewhere, the political reality is that Dr. Paul, as they reverently call him, has, let's call it, realistically a very longshot chance of actually winning the Republican presidential nomination.

So what? It's a fascinating grassroots political story in which a widely diverse collection of dissatisfied Americans have spontaneously congregated via the Internet and some 1,200 meet-up groups to organize and proselytize for their man. It really is grass-roots democracy in action, never mind the outcome. In some TV appearances Paul seems almost bewildered by the wildfire support.

But it's there, as evidenced by growing fundraising numbers that totaled a near-record one day $4.2 million last month. And Paul supporters aim to break Hillary Clinton's one-day record of $6.2 million come Dec. 16, which is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and probably as good a day as any for rebels to try to make news for their candidate. A counter on Paul's website puts the quarter's fundraising at nearly $10.8 million.

But the point of this item is to examine some of the comments submitted here in recent days by Paul boosters and opponents (yes, there are some willing to say so). Hundreds of readers -- 60+ pages of printouts -- shared their opinions, most of them printable. They reveal an eclectic mix of people, who identify themselves as lawyers, Democrats, housewives, first-time voters, young, old, suspicious of established institutions like the dreaded MSM (mainstream media) who resent being portrayed as fringe fanatics.

"Yikes!" one wrote, "you let everyone know that we are mostly normal people with a sense of concern for the direction of the nation." Trevor Winton wrote, "We are ordinary citizens who seriously want our country back." There are many enemies to the Paul Nation -- an overblown federal government... 

that curbs freedoms with the Patriot Act, usurps state powers, the IRS, big banks, the Federal Reserve, a military-industrial complex that makes money involving the country in costly foreign entanglements like Iraq. Many Paul supporters admit they do not agree with him on everything -- say, a return to the gold standard or the perceived threat to American sovereignty of a proposed super-highway across Texas. Paul supporters find it hard to believe that others don't see that threat.

They're not bothered by Paul's suggestion that the U.S. invited the 9/11 attacks by bombing Iraq. They like his plain-spokenness, states' rights and America-first attitude. "The choice for America," one reader wrote, "is simply, follow the Constitution and the rule of law, get the Govt out of your bedroom, and your wallets and live your life as you see fit."

Many Paulites see no difference between the two major parties. "I'm a 46-year-old SAG actor and US Navy veteran," wrote Bruno Amato. "I haven't voted since 1980, when I voted for Ronald Reagan, and never donated to a campaign, but I have contributed and will continue and I will definitely be voting for Ron Paul."

They don't trust the polls, which show Paul's support up from 1% to the 8% range, because, they say, many Paul supporters have no land phones. (The L.A. Times Poll does factor in cellphones, by the way.)  "The supporters of Ron Paul have brought me faith in America again," Chris said. "It is a wonderful, energizing feeling. Hope is powerful. Our power when we work together is stronger than any defense contractor or lobbying groups."

"Ron Paul is the only candidate out there who really wants to take the country in a totally new direction," Heather Czerniak wrote. "Forget about policing the world and sending our kids to die for someone else's freedom."

"I can't wait to see what happens in New Hampshire!" Chris Foster said.

A lot of other people -- Paulites or not -- feel the same.

(UPDATE: Extreme Mortman now takes all this Top of the Ticket interest into account too.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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I laughed and cheered frequently while reading this blog, and come away with a more clear understanding of Ron Paul supporters. We are just people who are patriots on behalf of LIBERTY!!!! Give us the liberty set forth in the constitution and America will once again be the envy of the world instead of the pariah. Only Ron Paul has a 30 year record of voting to protect our liberties. Why should I trust anyone else with my vote for President?

George Niiranen

Motivating voter turnout is what primaries are all about.Paul voters will turnout.

Ron Paul is sitting right where he needs to be at this point. Some polls have him 3rd in Iowa and moving up in New Hampshire.
Don't forget where John Kerry was a month before the Iowa caucus, well behind Dean and Gebhart.
Ron Paul's catchin' on, I'm telling ya!

It would appear that this reporter is looking for notoriety on the search engine hit relevance by using Ron Paul for ratings. What an underhanded way to get affirmation. When/if you ever grow writing skills, this article will haunt you.....

I live in a small rural town. We had a Christmas pick up truck parade last night; we decked the truck all out in lights and Ron Paul signs. It was breathless to witness; we received many compliments on the decor.

We thought we were up against a hard time as I heard one person say, "Ron Paul, is that some kind of joke?" I instructed the children to only smile and wave and say "Merry Christmas".

What a shock! People were chanting "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul" Police were stopping us and talking about Ron Paul. People, men and women, were running up to the truck asking for information. They were saying things like, "We love this man" and "We need Ron Paul in the White House."

People even asked about voting and if they were other than Republicans were asking us how to change their status.

Longshot? I think NOT! I have never seen anything like this before. It is the power of the people in action!

Ron Paul is THE ONLY CANDIDATE who voted AGAINST THE WAR, and who wants to SECURE OUR BORDERS by bringing our troops home & putting them on the BORDER.

Ron Paul is THE ONLY CHOICE.....for Americans, and if the majority of them find out about him, he will be the NEXT PRESIDENT, and I have NO DOUBT about that.....

You, the LA Times & all mass media types HAVE A DUTY to the American citizens to bring the UNVARNISHED TRUTH out about Dr. Paul's beliefs, but primarily HOW HE IS DIFFERENT than all the rest. That would be true & honest journalism. We need the Media to quit editorializing the news. We need them to report it, and leave the opinions to the "Letters to the Editor" page. It's been way overdone for years now, and we are frankly sick of it.


It's funny that I'm excited when I see an article that is somewhat fair to Ron Paul, actually the best part of the article or at least the part I get excited about is when you wrote why we support him. Allowing an currency backed by gold to compete with the Federal Reserve currency could change everything for the average person, nowadays you have to have a job and be a partime investment banker to think you could ever retire because of our devaluted currency. The other thing that so impresses me is the level of intelligent response to the article. Ron Paul supporters are the very informed. I learned something everytime I read responses to articles about Ron Paul. The world has become so brutal that I find myself and many others thinking we could never have someone with such integrity make it to the Presidency but I don't believe that anymore.
Also I would like to request that reporters tell us what we need to know, and we need to know that facts. What are the actual facts, how did candidates vote and why, but most importantly who is lobbying who. The fact the Ron Paul accepts no corporate lobbyist's money is major and also the public should always be reminded what copporations donate to the other candidates.

xtrbigg posted the following and I'd like a reporter/fact checker to verify this statement:

" He (Ron Paul) is also the only candidate to talk about a REAL end to the Iraq war, unlike every other supposed 'anti-war' candidate, who promises publicly to end the war, then takes campaign donations and support form the very people who are profiteering off the war!"

Which candidates and how much to the get and from who?
These are what the public need to know, and yet nobody in big media every touches the subject.

Help America be informed.

Ron Paul 2008

"(The L.A. Times Poll does factor in cellphones, by the way.)"

Andrew -

The question was raised earlier yet so far you haven't answered it:

How does the L.A. Times Poll "factor in cellphones?" Factoring implies manipulation of raw data, does it not? Surely the L.A. Times won't do that.... hmmmm.

Dr. Paul is certainly the most astute of politicians . You can tell the caliber and breadth of his supporters just by simply reading the posts here and on the many, many Ron Paul forums. This long shot issue is a figment of the MSM's imagination. In a fair election, with proper counting, Dr. Ron Paul wins hands down. The only reason he may not win is because the election process is skewed from the very outset by the MSM fiction. This, as an astute observer commented here, is not American Idol. These are matters of life and death; MSM and everybody else have no business ignoring that basic fact.


What is truly amazing about Dr. Paul's push is that his ideals destroy the left/right, Rep/Dem dichotomy that we've been accustomed to. He is drawing support from both camps without fading to the middle. The fact that he has been so steadfast in his constitutional values makes him attractive to a diverse group of Americans who realize that the America of today is a far cry from the America envisioned by our founding fathers.

In '04, my own family was torn asunder politically-we have an eclectic mix of anti-war hippies, Vietnam vets, small business owners, Catholic anti-abortion advocates, and FDR Dems. Yet now we all find a champion in Ron Paul. It will fun to see how it plays out-but I see it as a snowball that has just started rolling.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ron Paul.We're everyday citizens and despite the odds we rules this country. Ron Paul may be a long shot but we're not. We're going to win it for him because he can't win it himself.

Great article! This really gets me even more excited to support Ron Paul!

Was that so hard? Thank you for finally running a fair piece on Dr. Paul. It is one of the reason's we do not like the MSM, the slanting. Keep it fair and you'll get more readers. Also the reason we call him Dr. Paul is that he is a doctor. I am always reminder of the Austin Powers quote from Dr. Evil," I didn't go to evil medical schoool to just to be called mister." It's a sign of respect, which I know is hard to accept as he is a politican. What I am interested in is who Dr. Paul influences and what they do in the next 10 - 20 years? Then again I have never been one to take the short view.

Great article!

Just fix up the small error about him saying we invited 9/11 and it's perfect!

The article says:
"Puzzled over how oddsmakers could have been right all along when there haven't been any elections yet"-
If there has not been an election as of YET where do you get your authority to state as fact that ron Paul is a long shot??

I was talking to a co-worker about Ron Paul and she said...."Oh...he doesn't have a chance!'...And I asked her..."Why not?' She said "I don't know-why...I
don't know anything about him other that he "doesn't have a chance" ..suppossedly she heard it from that dem ocratic guy Stephanapolous...which I think he maybe backing off some and will be eating his words soon (I heard him on a show recently saying "everywhere I go I see Ron Paul supporters with signs"...) and to be honest he sounded somewhat humbled-

BUT i still don't trust him...

Also, to the guy who commented above that said to consider Obama instead of Ron Paul...
there's a guy in California who was the LEADER of a meetup group for Obama with which he resigned and put up a website and stated his case on why he could no longer support Obama and was supporting Ron Paul instead!.
If someone know the link or website out-there please post it or help me find it.

My money and my vote are going to Ron Paul !
I don't trust Romney due to him using his own money for the campaign and his allowing voters to vote dozens of times instead of "making a statement" to his supporters to be honest and not do that as it can hurt him.

Also....does anybody know WHY none of the "TOP-tier" if they are a honest, ethical and trustworthy that they want us to trust themwith our future and well-being will not confron their own party or MSM along with the other candidates to say that they want to win"fair and square" and that it is dishonest not to include Ron Paul and Sacredo in the final poll MSNBC (dropped them eve when Dr. Paul had like 7%)-It is an injustice to the EVERY AMERICAN!!
Go-Ron Paul!!!
Tanah -Austin, TX

I agree there is an innacuracy with the article where it says "Paul's suggestion that the U.S. invited the 9/11 attacks by bombing Iraq" and I know right where they got it from: Gullianni. Gullianni said that Ron Paul implied that we invited 911. Ron Paul simply implied that foriegn policy in the middle east contributed to their motivation to attack us on 911. Doesn't that make sence? Anyone who knows their history of the US involvment in the middle east can but that together.

I must say I read this article and don't see it as an attack on Ron Paul supporters. Though it does contain a few inaccuracies that should have been taken care of with a simple google search or a little research I see no reason to bash its writer due to bias. It is impossible to take bias out of any written work because we are after all human. the only suggestion I have to its composer is to watch how you refer to ron Paul supporters. I feel it is disrespectful to call us "paulites", unless to refer to every constituents voting base as the candidates first name followed but "ites". Then I would feel equally represented. Also please realize that as a writer for a major publication you do have a considerable pull in public opinion and with this said I believe with much sincerity that the writer of this article was making a concerted effort and that is very admirable.

So how much trouble did you get in for the article? I prayed for you and your strength but I see it faltered a bit... it's ok :D You will have more after Iowa (yep I'm going with other students) and New Hampshire. America is going to be shocked but it's not stopping there. A lot of "journalists/prompter readers" are going to eat their/bosses words. Thank you for that article even if it was a "spoof" I danced and smiled when I read it. :)

"They're not bothered by Paul's suggestion that the U.S. invited the 9/11 attacks by bombing Iraq"

Did I remove Mossadeq in Iran? (No, that was the CIA) Did the American People spearhead the intelligence fixing effort in order go into Iraq? (No, that was the Office of Special Plans) Did you decide to levy sanctions and issue the flight orders to bomb Iraq? Whose idea was it to plop a military base on Saudi Holy land? I think that was the Jones' idea down the street from me.

Your treatment of this topic is infantile, sound-byte demagoguery that is, well, par for the course unfortunately. If I had a nickel for every time I've read "Ron Paul Blames America for 911" - That's right, that's you Andrew Malcolm, you did it!

Come on, I shouldn't have to do this, but one must remain constantly vigilant in this world of framed debates and general vocabulary subversion. Can you really not see any more nuance in this? The thrust of Paul's argument is that it's not Main Street America, it's certain individuals and groups in policy making decisions that bare the blame. If you can't discern the subtlety here then you really are more to be pitied then censured.

Mr. Malcolm I suggest you hit the books, if you did then you would find that "America" has done some things that Americans would not be proud of, and as a matter of fact things we would resent very much if the shoe was on the other foot.

Knowing this does not make me hate America, quite the contrary. As Mark Twain said being patriotic means loving your country all the time and your government when they deserve it. I would submit to you that I'm very pro-America because I want to route out these treasonous adventurers who have hi-jacked our foreign policy thereby besmirching the good name of the best country on earth.

Do you think that creating this terrorism petri dish in Iraq is going to make us safer? Did you have a hand in this? This is journalistic baby-food, void of meat, already broken down and mushy as to be easily digested, but it does cause the old huggies to blow out every now and again.

Folks I would just let this guy be if he didn't have such a big mouthpiece. But it's time to demand more from these people. Not that I think, Mr. Malcolm has any unsavory designs, after all, he is only parroting almost verbatim Wendell "Gopher" of FEAX news fame, who first uttered this absurdity during whichever debate that was. I will not see a purportedly free and independent press devolve into some kind of pravda nightmare echo-chamber without at least speaking up about it.

The rest of the article is pretty good, though, cheers Andrew.




Anyone up for a spot of Tea this Sunday?

Tanah, I believe the website you are looking for that the ex-Obama supporter is now using to promote Dr. Paul is below.

This story was 1000% more fair than the stories of other MSM writers but I would appreciate it if you would leave your own opinions out and just write about the story in itself without putting biased remarks in it.

I am already going to mount a campaign against Newsweek for being so cutthroat against our STATESMAN and blatantly lying about him and I really do not have time to run a negative campaign against any other MSM at this time. lol

Interested in reading about the article I am referring to?

My posting is in the messages, just look for my name and you will find the ultimatum I gave Newsweek.

Some people have asked why we are voting for this STATESMAN of ours? Other than Dr. Paul is just the representative for the REAL candidates running, We The People, the site below also explains a lot as well.

ONLY A Doctor WILL HEAL Our Country,

Thank you for intellegent people as yourself! What would the MSM do without you. You know what, I changed my mind,
I am going to vote for someone that is going to plunder more of my labour to give away to those who need it more than my family.
I am going to vote for someone that will protect me by taking away my privacy.
I am going to vote for someone that doesn't understand about the coming hyperinflation.
I am going to vote for someone that takes away Habeus Corpus.
I am voting for someone that is going to draft my sons and send them off to these unconstitutional wars. These wars waged for UN resolutions instead of USA congressional votes.
I am going to vote for someone that wants to take away my freedom of speech so I and my loved ones will have to worry about being dragged off somewhere for thought crimes.
I am going to vote for someone who gets most of their donations from corporate business that doesn't care two S@@##$% about american soverignty.
I quess I can't vote for ROIN PAUL!

Thank you for the great, FAIR coverage you've been giving the r3V0Lution!

Dr Paul would win in a ronslide if the media gave him equal time.

I wish Ron Paul was my Dad!

This week, front-runner candidate Rudy Giuliani was besieged by crowds in Marietta, GA. Crowds of Ron Paul supporters, that is.
Maybe it is high time we paid less attention to all those crowds of people waving signs, decorating their cars, writing songs and raising millions of dollars on behalf of Ron Paul.
Maybe it is time to ignore those internet, post-debate text message polls and the dozens of straw polls.
Maybe it's time to pay more attention to carefully screened samples of "likely voters" that have been subjected to the latest "scientific" data smoothing techniques. Maybe we should pay more attention to the pundits and professional experts who've been telling us all along to ignore Ron Paul.
Then, maybe not.

In the early part of 1991 Bill Clinton was at 1% in the polls and he went on to become president. Right now Ron Paul is at 5% so, I think he is actually ahead of the game. I don't seriously think that thousands of people would take time out of thier busy lives to organize a revolution unless they really believed it was neccessary. Ron Paul is the people's choice. Even if you don't realize it yet.

Why cannot ron paul win? Everyone keeps saying this and this is just popular opinion. There is never any good logical arguments to back this up.
He can win if enough registered voters vote in the primaries, and there has been a huge registration drive. Simple. More passionate Ron Paul supporters are going to show up than apathetic hillary supporters, and everyone thinks hillary will win her primaries. That's not even considering the other reubplicains that noone gives a hoot about. It's all just media propaganda and it has suckered you in too. Ron Paul will win, unless there is foul play. They have done mock caucases and he is getting majority vote all the time.

The more people play Ron Paul down, the more the Ron Paul supporters will work harder. Everyone saying he cannot win, is just feeding the Ron Paul fire. Sor for that, I say keep on being a pessimist so that we may work harder.

QUOTE: "They don't trust the polls, which show Paul's support up from 1% to the 8% range, because, they say, many Paul supporters have no land phones. (The L.A. Times Poll does factor in cellphones, by the way.) "

Not scientifically you don't. Or legally. Take your pick. Oh, you may have some sort of disclaimer message or use some questionable fudge factor to "adjust" results. But you cannot legally contact random cell phone subscribers to poll them.

So explain your above claim. By what methodology do you claim the above?

Seriously, you guys are over-critical of anything even slightly negative said of the campaign, even if its true.

America did invite the attacks because of our foreign policy. You guys are literally criticizing him for saying that, and then claiming there are other reasons, by listing out examples of our foreign policy!

Ron Paul is a long shot at this point. Lets face it, the problem is not that his policies are poor, its just that too few people really know his name, let alone what he stands for. If he was as popular, or promoted by the Republican party, or was in the political spotlight which unfortunately is too reliant on entertainment rather than politics, then he wouldnt be a long shot.

With articles like these, his name does get out, and an accurate yet basic understanding of his views gets out there, and lets people look into him a little and see what a true and great candidate he is. We need to show a bit more appreciation for such good, fair articles such as these.

Andrew, thanks for writing this great article. You were fair, and in my opinion, presented Ron Paul's views and summed up the structure of his campaign pretty well. You neither promoted nor discreditted him as too many over-protective commenters claim. Forgive us if we hate to see that politics has made it a difficult task for us to get in the spotlight...we forget that its not because of journalists/writers such as you, but the media that prefers ratings over duty(which is understandable, but questionable unethical) and has turned into a popularity contest...but we're quickly seeing with this campaign that pure honesty, and true policy is a cause that will out-do popularity if the cause is just.

... the "dreaded MSM." I dread you guys about as much as I dread Iowa. Let's say that I am mystified by the MSM. My candidate is the best qualified and has the most interesting ideas, but he gets scant reference. The other GOP candidates don't even seem real to me, a megalomaniac mayor, a Baptist minister rapist-lover, a Ken doll, the guy from Law and Order... or the kindly family doctor who served 10 terms in Congress. I am baffled!!!

No, it is the "perplexing MSM" to me. For instance, as a former press secretary to Laura Bush, how did you spend so much time around the Bush family and trying to make some intelligible comments from their inane and often drunken ramblings without wanting to put a grapefruit spoon in your ear and driving it in with the heel of your shoe?

Andrew Malcolm, you are either in league with the devil (from your story, I believe you might be) or you are the Annie Sullivan of modern journalism. Thank you for the story on Ron Paul, though. Bad press is still press.

America is waking up! If we don't win this time, we will win next time! This is a movement, as vital and strong as the founding of this country. This is an Enlightenment, an idea whose time has come, AGAIN!

On polling re Ron Paul, this You Tube video will clue you in on why Paul isnt showing in the polls

"the political reality is that Dr. Paul, as they reverently call him, has, let's call it, realistically a very longshot chance of actually winning the Republican presidential nomination."

Part of the reason for that is lack of media attention, and another part is that most of the media attention he does get tells people he has no chance. I don't expect Fox News to live up to its motto of "We Report, You Decide", but I thought the rest of the media would at least try.

"Many Paul supporters admit they do not agree with him on everything -- say, a return to the gold standard"

Technically, he favors introducing gold and silver as competing currencies. He recognizes that the gold standard is not perfect, even if it might be better than the fiat system.

"They're not bothered by Paul's suggestion that the U.S. invited the 9/11 attacks by bombing Iraq."

You shouldn't phrase things so sloppily (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't meant as a shot at Paul). He has repeatedly said that years of bad foreign policy, of which bombing Iraq was one small part, galvanized the anti-American terrorist threat, making 9/11 far more likely. The American people weren't to blame, nobody "invited" the attacks, but it was aggressive and ill-conceived interventionism that made us so vulnerable.

"...realistically a very longshot chance of actually winning the Republican presidential nomination..."

Keep telling yourself that enough times and maybe you might even believe it. But we don't, because we know the real facts (isn't that your job, though? To know the real facts?) -- the fundraising millions, the thousands of meet-up groups, the magnitude of the grassroots volunteer movement, the true debate poll results! (By the way, have you seen the videos on youtube showing Mitt Romney voters voting multiple times right on camera in the straw polls?? Now, THAT would make a great story instead of how RP's Internet spambots are "misleading" the actual numbers who support him!)

We realize calling Ron Paul a longshot instead of the top tier candidate that he is proving to be is just the media's way of telling people who support him not to waste their vote because he won't win anyway. The reality is that the ever-growing hordes of unstoppable Ron Paul supporters are laughing at these lame predictions all the way to the White House.

We've even organized a Clean Election watch for Dr. Paul and a national lawsuit to change the secretive, corrupt way of counting votes! (Perhaps that is why you are so "sure" he will not win -- because the election will be rigged once again by Diebold?)We are doing everything we can to ensure against vote fraud in the next elections. Because although we realize we can ignore the media's condescending attitudes and derisive comments, we are sharp enough to realize even we can't beat a rigged computer.

We've got all the bases covered.

What are these people afraid of??

Fringe candidate with loony supporters?

Think again. Ron Paul is more mainstream and American than Apple Pie!

What will they say after 12/16/07??

What I want to know is how the Media would be reporting this kind of support for say Guiliani, Romney, Huckabee, or Thompson. If they had this kind of excitement surrounding their campaign, they'd be called the FRONT RUNNER, and it would be AMERICANS supporting them not Gulianians, Romtards, Huckabites, etc.

These are Americans supporting Ron Paul. We are America. We are the (new) GOP base.

It is my opinion that we have two choices for president in 2008. 1) Ron Paul -and real positive change for our country or 2) ony of the other candidates- they are all the same. If you like the way things are vote for any of the other candidates. If you feel our country needs a new direction, a return to the principles of common sense and and the constitution that our patriotic and God inspired forefathers gave up their lives and fortunas for then you must vote for and spread the good news of Ron Pauls message

Hillary did not raise $6.2 million in one day, so says FEC records. And Paul supporters are not bothered by the suggestion that we invited the attack on 9/11 because ITS TRUE. Read the 9/11 commission report, or writings from the CIA on blowback. Yes its a long shot. But Paul has a better chance than McCain, Thompson, or Guiliani. He is a front runner, and if you ignore that, then you can relish your sweet surprise when he wins the early primaries.

"They're not bothered by Paul's suggestion that the U.S. invited the 9/11 attacks by bombing Iraq. They like his plain-spokenness, states' rights and America-first attitude."

They are not bothered because that was NOT his suggestion. Cause and effect is different than contribution to the effect. Its really not that difficult. Why must you use the moderators exact words to restate what Ron Paul made clear himself??

Love this piece! Ron Paul has done so much for me simply by standing up where others would not make that sort of personal sacrifice. He's given me hope and faith in myself and my nation. He's made me love my neighbor again. He's made me feel empowered! I do put a lot of heart into my blog comments and I am glad that some people choose to read them. There is a lot of great discussion and debate in the comments on a lot of articles. Sometimes I will read through the comments and find some great points on both sides. Ron Paul is challenging the status quo and demanding that the premises we all assume be rethought and explained. How is dialogue a bad thing???

(It's not as far as we're concerned. Bookmark us and dialogue away. There's another Ron Paul article after this one.)

Ron Paul is America's last chance to return to limited constitutional government and he could win! Read President Ron Paul – Could He Really Win?

Learn how outside economic and foreign policy events just might elect Ron Paul. in a two part article on how current events outside the political process could elect Ron Paul as President.

I am a college student and I fully support Ron Paul. He is the first political candidate that I have ever cared about. He is the only running candidate with the courage to speak his beliefs despite everyone trying to shut him out, or downplay his supporters.
First of all, He did NOT say that America "invited" the attack, he said that the attack was a predictable response to our decade long campaign in Iraq.
But I must say that it disappointing that the America media is just a cheerleader for this disgustingly corrupt government. Even the official story is beyond scrutiny. Why is it that we don't actually see abc or fox "news" run reports on the long history of US and British involvement in the middle east? Why don't we hear the reports of the overwhelming number of political scientists who told us not to go into Iraq in the first place? US supported both Saddam and Bin Laden we trained and paid for Al Queda, and that isn't even a conspiracy theory, it is an admitted "mistake" of our government. The simple fact to any intelligent person who can see past the fear mongering of the Giuliani-type politicians who are only interested in securing no-bid security contracts for their private companies and their lobbyist "friends", is this: the military spending in the US is driving us into the ground. It is hurting average Americans incredibly, both in the amount of lives being lost and the economic recessions we face. We are borrowing money from China to pay for this war while more and more jobs go to China and India and we are sick of it. So yes, Ron Paul supporters are "fanatic", because for many of us Ron Paul is the only politician who has integrity, common sense and a love of America instead of an elitist money-grabbing agenda at the expense of the little guy.
In short, I am tired of the American people being played off as stupid by the experts because we support Ron Paul. I read before that the American system is one that is close to communism in modern times, because it is meant to be a "spectator" system with the illusion of participation. I passed it off at the time, but lately after the Patriot Act, the Violent-radicalization and Homegrown Terror Act, and other acts making things like protesting only legal in designated zones and the increased use of tazers I am starting to think that it's true. The corporate media and government want to endorse the idea of letting the "experts" handle everything. They want us to sit back and watch as our country, that we and the generations before us have worked so hard to secure, is looted and plundered by greedy politicians who want to send the sons of America off to die in an unjust war. When we stand up they make fun of us, they call us crazy, they try to silence us, but whether or not Ron Paul wins, the tides of change are coming, and change will be inevitable.

Do you really believe that Ron Paul supporters "patrol the internet at all hours". Isn't it more likely that the majority of
peopele reading these articles are supporting Ron Paul? Can you allow the possibility that Ron Paul is bigger than you think?

"But what about the television polls?" You cry. Well what about them. We know three things.

1)Ron Paul consitently wins internet polls and post debate polls.
2) Some pollsters such as Pajamas Media have admitted to removing Ron Paul from their polls because he keeps winning.
3) The media is populated by political clones, 89% of whom voted for Bill Clinton for example and who regularly try to direct presidenial and congressional races through selective coverage.

How then to explain the discrepancy between internet and television polls? Your guys are trying to fix the game, that's how.

And everybody knows it.

Hey LA Times, your paper's participation in the annual, secretive Bilderberg meetings is a slap in the face of professional journalists everywhere. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being so addicted to power that you must help destroy the freedom of your fellow men.

Thank you for an honest piece about RON PAUL! I marched with about a 1,000 other enthusiastic RON PAUL supporters today down from the Promendade in Santa Monica to the pier over looking the Pacific ocean as we re-enacted the Boston Tea Party. I can assure you this movement is very real. It's very tactile. It's fun to participate, and many other like myself feel that this is freedom's last chance.


"Your guys are trying to fix the game, that's how.

And everybody knows it."

I don't think that's actually fair. To the degree there is any "fix" going on with the well intentioned in the MSM, I think it is worth considering that it is unconscious. People rewarded for thinking within a certain framework will tend to find it incredibly difficult thinking outside of it, that's just human nature.

In the long term, it does seem like the trend is that the MSM to continue to lose power as people and communities put less faith in unearned authorities and think more for themselves. Their time is coming to an end, denial is an understandable reaction :)

Li from Australia

O.K., I read ALL these posts (whew!) and only saw one reference to this...

"...Dr. Paul, as they reverently call him"

He *is* a DOCTOR! Ron Paul, M.D. Went to medical school and has the sheepskins to prove it. How does anyone address a medical professional... Dr.

Otherwise not as bad an article as I've seen, I think Andrew is trying to be "funny", but it's not working too well. Please leave the Humor to the professionals. ;-)

America has fallen and can't get up...
Is there a Doctor in the house!???
Clear the aisles for Dr. Paul!

(Thanks for your persistent and close reading, Andre.)

No offense, but the fact that you counter any argument you don't like is controling. I suspect the msm doesn't always mean to NOT be able to keep up, as information is doubling every three and a half years with weeks and days predicted, perhaps in our liftime. Even then, interpreting and getting an overview for accurate analysi is a technique done with intuition, the secret of genius that science is now revealing. I wish you would learn it as you are in an influential position. luv

Thanks for the coverage or Ron Paul. What if they asked this question in the debates - "Do you agree or disagree with the US Constitution when it states Congress shall have the power to declare war?".

kevin devoto wrote: It is interesting to see what is happening in 'grassroots' America. The Ron Paul Movement is doing more to repair attitudes towards the US than anything else. The attempts to supress and 'put-down' Dr Paul and his supporters just served to amplify the (lack of) values that those outside the US see as hypocrisy. kevin devoto

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