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Ron Paul supporters: Do NOT read this. Please!

READERS' WARNING: Supporters of Ron Paul should not read this item. Perusing the following paragraphs may cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, disappointment and renewed anger at political polls, the mainstream media, all institutions holding financial power and anyone not terribly concerned about that mysterious planned highway across Texas that somehow threatens national security.

O.K., now that they're gone to their chatrooms or one of their impressive 1,200 meet-up groups, for the rest of you some background: The Ron Paul Conspiracy has received more news coverage and made quite an impression online in recent months for its followers' persistence, pervasiveness and, to put it politely, outspokenness in favor of their Republican candidate, the 72-year-old, 10-term Texas congressman with the libertarian ideals and the numerous books. He's even been on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and this Sunday is scheduled for an hour-long grilling by Tim Russert on "Meet the Press."

With fundraising persistence, dedication to "Dr. Paul" and admirable political energy in recent days their growing numbers made a huge name for themselves by raising more than $6 million online (more than $18 million for the quarter, they say), a new one-day political record.

Yet these Paulites have always dismissed polls, hated them, even despised them. They have many reasons besides the fact that no polls have given Paul much chance of winning anything. Polls, some suggest, are fictitious summaries of the mainstream media designed to suppress the Ron Paul Revolution. Polls are fake because no Paulite can remember ever being phoned for a survey. Many Paul supporters are new to the political process, so not on voter rolls to be polled. And they mostly use cellphones, not landlines. So they'd be somehow under-represented.

They maintained this stand even when Ron Paul's polling numbers in New Hampshire, for instance, increased geometrically from 2% to 4% to 8%, twice the support of better-known Fred Thompson.

Now, here's the news that would drive Paul supporters berserk if any had kept reading down to here, which they haven't: Ron Paul's polling numbers are now plummeting. Yup, going down, down. Once, he got the money to afford TV advertising in the Granite State, his support as measured by these no-doubt fraudulent polls began crumbling.

The new CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Primary Poll out today shows Paul's support falling from its high of 8% in early November to 7% at the start of December and 5% last weekend, when he had his big fundraising success. (The phone survey of 411 random, likely Republican primary voters was between Dec. 13 and 17.)

Of course, if Paul supporters believed in polls, they would point out that....

with a margin of error of +/- 5%, Paul could theoretically be at 10%. That also means, naturally, he could be at 0% too.

Belief in Paul's ability to handle terrorism held steady at 3%, to handle the economy fell from 7% to 3% and to handle taxes from 9% to 5%. His support for handling illegal immigration was steady at 4%, to handle abortion up from 4% to 5% and his ability to address the Iraq war (he's the only GOP candidate who favors withdrawal) was steady at 5%.

Now, in case anyone cares about the non-Paul candidates who have a chance of winning, Mitt Romney's percentage jumped from 32% to 34% from the beginning to middle of December, with the endorsement of the Manchester Union-Leader and Boston Globe John McCain increased from 19% to 22%, Rudy Giuliani fell from 19% to 16% and Mike Huckabee went from 9% to 10%.

Thompson and Tom Tancredo, who will announce the end of his candidacy Thursday, according to an Associated Press report tonight, held steady at 1% support while California's Congressman Duncan Hunter went from 0% to 1%.

On the poll's Democratic side, 469 likely primary voters produced a margin of error of 5%. After some troubled weeks when her support faded from a high of 43% in September to 31% at the start of December, Hillary Clinton's numbers surged back to 38%, while Barack Obama's slipped somewhat from 30% to 26% and John Edwards from 16% to 14%.

Bill Richardson went from 7% to 8%, Dennis Kucinich from 3% to 2%, Joe Biden from 1% to 2% and Chris Dodd from 1% to 0%.

If they were still reading down to here which, of course, they're not because they don't believe in polls, Paul supporters would say that none of this matters because only real votes count come Jan. 8. And, you know what, on that they would be 100% right.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Hey Andrew Malcolm, everything that I've heard about you and the LA Times is true, right? Of course it's not. The same can be said for polling numbers and support for the Ron Paul campaign. Poll numbers never won an election. The political process in the United States begins at the Primaries and Caucuses. Once those number roll in, you're gonna have a lot of folks ask you how the old poll number were so wrong. +/-5 points? Come one, these polls are simply a tool of the media to keep the those in power at the helm. This revolution is for real. And we Ron Paul supporters are gonna work hard for the message of Peace, Prosperity and Liberty. Ron Paul in 2008!

The landline argument aside, I think most people who still believe in these "of likely republican voters" polls actually believe they randomly call registered republicans. This is not true.

Then maybe this hypothetical person might say, "oh well they must call registered republicans who voted in the last presidential election election than, that must be it! Also wrong.

These "pollsters" only call registered republicans who voted in the 2004 Republican presidential PRIMARY. The primary Bush ran unopposed in and consequently had a very, very, low voter turnout.

Now are are supposed to let that small minority of Republicans in the party (those diehards who unnecessarily went out and voted for bush in the 2004 primary when he ran unopposed*) choose the candidate for this election too? Can you honestly say these polls are going to be representative of all "likely republican voters" this coming primary when they only call such an incredibly small percentage of registered republicans?

Your argument was an interesting hunch about Paul and his message...

But that hunch, you would now agree, I hope, has been disproven with the new USA Today/Gallup poll that has Paul up several points to 9% and now tied with Huckabee in NH.

It would seem that you might be right in Iowa, but not in NH.

"Ron Paul supporters dont read this" If that doesnt get a ron paul supporters attention I dont know what would.
Government Media complex.... I wont go into Conspiracies because thats what you would want and it is what would make Ron Paul look bad to people who live behind the curtain.


What a wonderfull response. I'm so impressed with your ability to use common bait and switch psychology. You should run for office!

I'm enthralled that the establishment is worrying itself sick trying to manipulate public opinion with conniving pieces such as this. Problem is that when a people are exposed to freedom principles, they aren't readily dissuaded from seeing them to fruition. Again, we can't be "good" citizens if we seek after any brand of freedom that fails to fatten the wallets of our ruling class. Sorry LA Times, this is one prairie fire that is immune to your propaganda. Get a real job and stop swindling our nation!

(Sorry to be the one to tell you that we haven't found one member of the establishment, whatever that is, that is worried, let alone worried sick about the election of Dr. Paul. But you can still be important without making others worry about you.)

This one made me laugh out loud! (Notice no "LOL" here) I think your reader base consists mostly of Ron Paul supporters, if your comment section has anything to say. Enjoy your new readers! I think this "movement" has sparked an interest in politics and current events that didn't exist to many before. Even if you hate Dr. Ron Paul, you should be thankful for that, right?

Ron Paul is amazing. Despite the hatred and sly dissing by the tired old guard media, he is spreading the r3VOLutionary message of peace, freedom, and respect for our Constitutional foundations. Few of us think he will win the Presidency, but most of us are coming out of our apathy -- many for the first time. I will help Ron Paul as best I can while he needs it.

The last part of my previous post should have said "Thank you very much out there in Los Angeles for putting a link to Ron Paul's book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom".

Of all the corporate controlled, anti-Constitution media outlets, I have to admit that the L.A. Times is the most humorous.

The idea that a majority of Americans would choose a government that creates laws out of thin air over a Constitutional Republic is hilarious! What are you going to do for encore, endorse Kim Jong Il for president?

Go Ron Paul! I don't agree with everything, but he is the best candidate in my opinion, the only guy I trust to leave Iraq. Research Ron Paul and the rest of the candidates, dont let any media decide your vote!

Bye bye nutty Ron Paul supporters. See ya in 2011.

Man, I just gotta add my voice to this throng and state that's the most biased document I've read yet. You're lucky you're just a blogger or I'd be pretty angry at the LA times, luckily for them you're not a real columnist, just an old washed up hack with a blog.

I know Paul's an older man as well but it's amazing, with his ideologies even older than the wave of neo-con Corporate controlled government fascism that he speaks to the youth who want real change, a fix to the problems that you've caused with your money and your power, corrupting.

The majority of Paul's support is the youth, the future, you know? Old people like to call us that and we are the future. Intelligence, ingenuity, resolve in the face of adversity. All things my generation (I'm 22 now) were raised to believe.

Like Bush said, your children have to clean up the mess you made and we're more than happy to do it. We're taking the reigns now and we're going to run things how we want, you can all retire and waste away. Even if it doesn't happen now, we're only going to get stronger, more adequate, gain more control away from you and yours.

You want the future? It's now. And the old ways and past ignorance will continue to be washed away.
Welcome to our revolution. Enjoy what you have while it lasts.

(Let's get this straight. You're an unemployed, uneducated 22 yr old--or at least pretending to be online--who doesn't know the difference between reigns and reins but is determined to overturn a hypocritical society with a "revolution" led by a 72-yr-old guy who proposes earmarks and then votes against them so he can say he's against them. Yeh, that'll work.)

Wow, what a pointless story! Had nothing better to do than talk about some polls on Ron Paul? Go Ron Go!

well? what do you have to say for yourself now "journalist"? Seems like you are getting punked!!

I'll just quote "Zephram Stark" since he summed up my feeling well.

Go Ron Paul! I don't agree with everything, but he is the best candidate in my opinion, the only guy I trust to leave Iraq. Research Ron Paul and the rest of the candidates, don't let any media decide your vote!

Andrew Malcolm is total fascist and media bitch for NWO parasites.

(Wait a minute!. John down below thinks I'm a Dem. You think I'm a fascist. No, wait, a total fascist. Gee, I must be doing something right. Thanks, guys.)

Your bias has become so bad that you no longer sound like a professional journalist. You are a......JOKE.

Let's go by your example here...

Don't waist your vote... Vote for Ron Paul, the majority of the people of the United States will.

(Well, we'll see soon enough. A majority is quite a goal though!)

"Well, we'll see soon enough. A majority is quite a goal though!"

I wouldn't give my hard earned money for donations and stand on a corner in freezing temperatures holding signs if I didn't believe that Dr. Ron Paul is the best candidate. I want to feel proud to live here again, and to be able to afford to do it. I fear for my children's future if the government continues down the path it has been.

For those of us that were around in 92; I can't help but to be reminded of Ross Perot. Wasn't he a small, annoying old man from Texas as well? With these two plus George W Bush to boot, I think we should outlaw anyone from, in, or near Texas from running for or being able to become president. Ron Paul is a voteless moron.

I'm from district 22 in Texas, next door neighbor to Ron Paul's district. He's not well liked here, which is shown in his reelection numbers. Most in his area no longer vote, so he gets the majority vote by long-in-the-tooth retired Democrats around the Lake Jackson area. Ron Paul has turned most of his constituents off from politics long ago, especially the young and middle-class. So it's no surprise all of his support today comes from online contributions and not from traditional, nor local, support. He's known to switch parties and change his focus on issues often. His 'consistent' record is nowhere near as impressive of other, better, conservatives on the ticket today. Ron Paul is a nobody here in Texas, and as far as we here can tell he's only getting popularity for quoting anti-American Saudi Princes. Paul's also outspoken disrespect for the FBI also seems to get a lot of support by the David Duke (KKK) and Don Black (neo-NAZI) types out there. Of which whom Ron Paul still today seems to not want to return their donations. Ross Perot atleast sounded more American Amir. I wonder how many of those 'online contributions' were made by faked names by single sources overseas? George Soros would have everything to gain by a rogue candidate in his opposition wouldn't he? Not to meantion other rich American beligerants like Osama bin Laden? And why does Ron Paul agree with bin Laden on most foreign policy issues anyway?

Ask yourself a question:

If Ron Paul can raise 6 million dollars in one day and is so low in the polls, how can other candidates be so high in the polls and not raise the 6 million?

Ask yourself another question:

If all of Ron Paul supporters are these uninformed, unrealistic people on the internet, how come they tried to pass a bill to regulate the internet?

Ron Paul voted against that and many other things that you won't hear about on television anymore, that you would appreciate him doing for you.

He is truly a man standing alone for a nation that doesn't even know it. That's why you see Ron Paul supporters behave so fervently, because they know how careless everyone is having been blinded by the media themselves. We have watched all the debates, and read all the articles and know that Ron Paul is truly the only one who is standing up for America.

(Paul supporters are among the best informed online. That's why so many come here.)

You certainly have a nice crowd of readers. Do you think that telling people not to vote for Paul will evoke the same contrarian response that telling Ron Paul supporters not to read your blog has had?
As a long term peace activist I am amazed by two things:
One that Dr. Paul has stood up to the military industrial complex
and two that the public is accepting of this.

Bring home ALL the troops now.

I don't share all the good doctor's views but the overwhelming corruption of our nation needs to be addressed.

Let the good doctor have at the cancer on the body politic, strong medicine is needed

Even if he proposes lining up all the returned soldiers at the border as guards

I would still support him.

(I wouldn't know. Haven't told anybody to vote for or against anybody. Don't intend to.)

Of course Ron Paul's poll numbers are low.

Just look at our country right now.
It's full of complete idiots.
And, well, if we end up electing some fake, brainless president, then quite frankly, we deserve it.
If ron paul doesn't end up in office, then we, as a country deserve it for being saturated with such stupidity.

If people wake up, then he will get elected. If they don't, then we will continue sliding down this slippery path towards fascism.

I know I'll be voting for him.

Sorry, I meant the effect of MSM percieved bias evoking the reaction. We Americans do love the underdog.

Also, it will be interesting to see the effect on the status quo candidates as the economy tanks. When the credit card debt shoe drops it will make subprime "jingle mail" look small.

We may be back to the "it's the economy stupid" as the number one issue.

If I wrote this in my high school journalism class, I would have received a failing grade on it, been asked to rewrite it, and would have had to stay after class to explain what I thought I was writing.
This should have been relegated to the opinion section, not the hard news section.

(Well, this isn't the hardness section either. It's a political blog with lots of opinions, yours and ours. Thanks for reading.)

"You publication must be purposely censoring post. I put in the right code and my comment was not spam. You and your elk are despicable!"

LOL! Keeping wild animals, eh! See you at the moose lodge!

"You publication must be purposely censoring post. I put in the right code and my comment was not spam. You and your elk are despicable!"

LOL! Keeping wild animals, eh! See you at the moose lodge!

"Freedom of press is limited to those who own one." H.L. Mencken

Any doubt that the Big Media elites manipulate the public discourse has now been laid to rest.

In the past, fundraising was the criteria for judging a candidate's success. As soon as Ron Paul began raising millions, most big media outlets dropped the criteria. Now they place their criteria in polls. Polls they control. What a farce.

What clearer poll is there than hard working people who are willing to give money to a person they have faith in? This is especially true in this painful economy.

I think for myself, not through the controlled sieve of elite owned media and corrupted political parties.

The truth is that all great movements in history: the first American revolution, the Progressive movement, women's suffrage and more, where all demeaned, belittled and denegrated by pseudo intellectuals and power holders.

But the truth shines through. So please keep pontificating. Your vitriol serves to validate the dissent.

Today on CSpan there was a reporter for the LA Times who repeatedly refused to engage in negtaive opining about individual candidates. He was so professional. I really admired his strong adherence to the tenents of journalism.

Consider using this privilege of power to empower the voters with facts. Help them understand the electoral process. Help them see through the smoke screen with fact checks. But do not tell us what to think.

I agree... screw the polls. I'm not going to be swayed to vote for someone else because he's in the lead. I'm voting for the candidate with the best platform. Polls merely hurt the process.

I noticed you attack Ron Paul via polling numbers, but you cannot argue the issues. That is so very typical in the drive-by media of today.

I am concerned that the economy is ruined and that whoever is the next President will govern into a depression that will last for years and be very painful.

I'll still vote for Ron Paul. I believe his ideas offer the only chance to mitigate what is about to happen.

Let me tell you something right now: All of these naysayers who have been pointing out that Ron Paul is only going to get a few percentage points of support are going to have to eat crow BIG TIME when he ends up getting twice that much...

(You're right, it will be interesting to see how he does in the upcoming contests, starting tmw in Nevada. Stay tuned here.)

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