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Mainstream media alert: Ron Paul news assault starts

It's a shocking political development, to be sure, but news about Ron Paul and what his determined, fervent bands of supporters call the Ron Paul Revolution is beginning to spread like some kind of wildfire before strong primary winds.

First, there was this.

Then, there was this.

And that produced so many hundreds of Comments on this blog that it caused this later item on the Comments. Which produced even more Comments.

And, in turn,that led to this item on the previous item on another blog.

Supporters of the 72-year-old 10-term libertarian representative from Texas think he has a real shot at shocking the political establishment and snatching the Republican presidential nomination away from all those presidential pretenders like Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Fred Thompson with higher numbers in what must be obviously fraudulent polls.

But now comes news that news about Paul is creeping onto television, that great Satan that ....

reaches so many potential voters but normally ignores quiet-spoken grandfathers with radically simple political views such as political power belongs to the people and America should return to following the Constitution. That makes no sense in an age of proliferating political promises.

Now, believe it or not, John Stossel of ABC is interviewing the old guy and giving him more exposure, which is all his supporters ever sought because they think his ideas are so powerful they cast a spell. "With politicians from both sides of the political fence touting their new plans to fix America's problems, Paul, R-Tex., believes that the most effective way that a president can lead is by protecting basic freedoms, and relying on the collective power of citizens to sort out the rest," Stossel writes.

Paul tells him as president he'd eliminate the Departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security and FEMA. Does that get your attention?  

The trouble with discrediting polls and the mainstream media so much over many months is what do Paulites do when their man's poll numbers start climbing and the same ignorant media start paying attention. Are the polls still frauds and the dim mainstream media still manipulated by evil corporate influences?

All just because Paul supporters gave $4.2 million in one day to enable advertising in New Hampshire. And now with their fundraising guru, Trevor Lyman at the helm of a Ron Paul advertising blimp (really!), the Paul rebels are planning an even bigger fundraising day this coming weekend to mark the Boston Tea Party.

The media will have to pay even more attention if Paul's people set a new one-day online fundraising record Dec. 16. Or, heaven forbid, raise more money in the fourth quarter than any other better-known Republican candidate. Wouldn't that rock some boats? The implausible campaign has a website where the total so far is coming up on $11-million even before Sunday.

With all this mounting attention and success what in the world are Ron Paul's supporters going to rail against now? They'll find something. They have to. Can underdogs still succeed when they're no longer under?

--Andrew Malcolm

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Andrew, you do support Ron, don't you?

We will always find ways to expose your evil manipulative ways ;)

you are right, the MSM internet (especially campaign trail blogs) is/are beginning to catch up and acknowledge Dr. Paul at least as a candidate. but

* 6 years of fox-news-and-conservative-talk-show-hosts-support-the-troops-brainwashing are not that easy to revert, neither the myth of the big totalitarian welfare government that tirelessly works for the greater good of all people...

* Dr. Paul is still called a long-shot candidate and only gets minuscule amounts of airtime during the debates and normal network news. his minimalistic noninvasionist philosophy of government is not exactly easy to explain in a 30 second sound bite.

* i still miss a long in depth interview on a major network, where Dr. Paul can explain some of his positions in detail to a large audience.

and to finally answer your question, YES, Dr. Paul can still succeed, even if he's not anymore the quirky kooky libertarian OB/GYN long-shot candidate from rural texas who wants to get rid of Fema and Department of Education.

You are correct when you say that the polls have been inaccurate, but "frauds" I think might be over doing yet. The problem with the polls is three fold, first they measure those people who are likely Republican caucus/primary voters - as determined mainly by those who voted in the 04 primarys when Bush ran unopposed. Second, the polls measure land lines, and at typically low sample rates. Third, the majority of Polls either leave Pauls name out completely, require you to hit a button to hear "more or additional names," or finally there have been accusations of "dirty" polls, where you would punch in Pauls name, and the next several questions would have to do with your sex life, which would offend many poll takers.

So for Ron Paul to be getting say 9% of the vote among (what were) die hard Bush supporters that is huge, although with the growing number of Republicans who are fed up with Bush, I would actually estimate that number to be atleast 5% higher, if not more. A large contingent of his support comes from Independents and Republicans who may not have voted since 92' or 96' when they may have supported Buchanan or Perot.

A growing population in the U.S. are using cell phones instead of Lan Lines, as their "home" telephone, and pollsters dont call cell phones.

These polls that play "dirty" are leaving Paul's name out, (here is an example: ). Some of the pollsters will compensate in their results if the numbers seem unusually high for candidates. I read about one poll where Paul had 14% in raw numbers, but the poll showed him at 6%.

I think everyone should be outraged when polling is done (which is going to be made public or used by the media) and it is done unfairly. This can mess up any candidates public perception ( Not just Paul's )

Thank you for the article on Ron Paul. He has my vote and support.

When underdogs succeed, they become Top Dog! Woof!
Then we'll go after the Democrats.

You gotta admit the Blimp is "Way Cool!"

we will win by conquest or consent.

Another development. Filmmaker Chip Gubera, director of the award-winning anti-war political satire (and zombie-musical), "Song of the Dead," is donating $1.00 from the proceeds of every DVD sold on his web site to the Ron Paul campaign. You can see a scene from the from the film that's a gem of a satire on president and the news media and the war on terror, with horror movie icon Reggie Bannister (Bubba Ho-Tep, Wishmaster) giving a presidential song and dance. Go to:

You gotta LOVE Ron Paul.....HE IS AUTHENTIC....the other candidates should
be afraid.

...the ron paul revolution is the evolution of america.

Is it me, or has Andrew Malcolm's tone about Ron Paul gotten a lot better in the past month? I wouldn't stretch to say we've won a convert but at least he's seeing that this "movement is for real." (Tucker Carlson said that).

Latest convert? My Mom, originally from South America and now an American citizen. Watching the Univision debate she couldn't believe that Ron wouldn't pander to the audience and stated from the gut that Cuban relations need to be normalized.

As Rolling Stone said, he's got "cojones."

I think Ron Paul supporters know what's at stake. Even when Ron Paul starts to poll in double digits people know it is still an uphill climb. Take one day at a time and lets see where the dust settles after December 16

Andrew, you ask:
"(if Ron Paul's poll numbers rise)...Are the polls still frauds and the dim mainstream media still manipulated by evil corporate influences?"

Answer: YES. Just follow the money, Andrew, follow the money. Show me the money and I'll show you political support. The MSM wants money.

Now that Paul dollars are available in big and growing quantities, greed trumps allegience and the MSM would love to take some of that lovely money from him. So, instead of being biased they turn toward neutral reporting - don't want to alienate millions of dollars, can't do that, not likely dude!

There has been much garbage in the MSM regarding Ron Paul. Any decent reporting is greatly appreciated.

Ron Paul has a consistent history of honesty, integrity, and upholding the Constitution. If statesmen were elected on a strict honor/integrity basis, he'd win the vote every time.

Not sure I understand this....they are still leaving Ron out of polls and reports everywhere even though he'll top $17M this Q.

And yes, the media is still evil, still controlled, even if they are forced to report on the stupendous support that Ron has and the exciting ways his volunteers are supporting him...blimps, planes, walking, riding, money bombs and the rest!

Implausible website? You must be kidding, It's for real buddy!

(No. It's an implausible campaign with a website. Thanks for pointing out that poor phrasing.)

What is the MSM going to do when Ron Paul becomes president, and the federal government is no longer micro-managing every aspect of human life?
"The government didn't do anything today, let's play hardball" doesn't sound very good. The media is invested in having an overactive government so they have something to talk about 24/7.

Oh no, Andrew. There's still several stages of epiphany to go for the mainstream press. Here's the hierarchy:

1) Who cares?
2) He believes in what? He's crazy!
3) What? Experts like Greenspan say we can really do all that and have a viable nation? Well, I don't like him anyway...he's a Republican/he's not a real Republican (depending on the media outlet).
4) Ok, ok. I like him. But I won't vote for him and he'll never get elected anyway.
5) Well, I suppose I play a part in him not getting elected, so I should give him a fair shake.
6) He said WHAT at the Fox News/Youtube//Univision debate? Doesn't he know how to pander? Does he always tell the truth?
7) Ok, maybe I'll vote for him, but I had better sound unbiased...I'm a journalist after all...credibility and such.
8) Yeah, I could go a little farther without jeopardizing my career. He's gaining credibility anyway. I'll stick up for him.
9) I wonder if you can hit Romney with a waterballoon filled with tea from a blimp.
10) I endorse Ron Paul!

Wolf Blitzer is a 6. NPR is a 5. Bill O'Reilley is a 3. Andrew Malcolm is...dare I say it? 9?

These are also ordered in levels of astuteness, you know. It's a compliment.


(Thanks, I think. Will take your word for it.)

Romney, Guliani, McCain, Thompson, Obama, Clinton, and Edwards are on the front page of the papers every day for every slight change or nuance related to their respective campaigns since they have declared themselves as candidates. Just because some mainstream news organizations occasionally airs Ron Paul pieces (that always discount his candidacy in one way or another) does not mean he is getting anywhere near the same media exposure. He literally has to break records to get noticed. Meanwhile, the media sounds like a broken record when referring to him. "Will you run as a third party candidate?" "Is it possible that your running for the wrong party?" "What are all of the government programs that you'd do away with?" "Would you support a different Republican in the event that someone else won?", and of course, "Since you are bound to lose, what are you really trying to accomplish with your candidacy?"

Ever hear of an "upset?" I see one coming in the Republican primary with Ron Paul taking the cup. For as much as I respect the article being printed in a major newspaper, I think it falls along the lines of deception for trying to say "we didn't give him the time because he didn't have a chance." The reason he didn't have a chance is because the media only shows the top few candidates that have any name recognition or the most $$$. Try giving all the candidates an equal amount of space in your articles and newscast and see what happens. And by the way, if you thought the first "money bomb" was big, this one's going to be a nuclear warhead in comparison. I'm pretty sure most media sources and candidates know this and are running articles like this to "brace for impact."

(Just a reminder, this is an online blog, not a or the newspaper. As for the fundraising, we'll all have to wait and see. Makes a great story, which is what we're about telling.)

Ron Paul support is larger than the man, his ideas are not new. They were what have made this country great. The battle between inalienable rights of man and those of oppressive government. The form of government that tyrannical- over taxes the people and ensnare them in un-payable debt. This is nothing new, it is what the people who founded this country were fighting against. The founders were the radicals.s. God bless America!

Ron Paul will shock in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Very positive and fair piece. Thank you for common sense journalism.

Our main beef with the MSM is that while Ron Paul has earned the media attention in many ways ... fundrasing, placing at least third (if not outright winning) 83% of straw polls throughout the country, more internet support than any other candidate, and huge crowds at rallys everywhere, he still has been labeled by the MSM as "having no chance". Why? Aside from straw polls, not one vote has yet been cast.

Conversely, we have seen Paul excluded from many of these polls. Just this week, MSNBC even went as far as to censor their OWN poll. They lameneted that Guilani was at 9% in Iowa and McCain was at 6% ... and left out the fact that Paul was in a stastical tie for third at 8%!

You wrote:
"Are the polls still frauds and the dim mainstream media still manipulated by evil corporate influences?"
Dunno, ask them. We report, you decide. (Sorry Fox.)

Having said all this, the MSM (as usual it seems these days) has willingly closed it eyes to almost anything that would stray them from their, annointed, course in this election. The real question to have asked at this point is where is all the tangelable support from the, so called, front runners? 38,000 contributors in one day or bundled, pac, contributors and $2,300-a-plate dinners? Did all these signs on the road come from a few spammers out there? Where are all their signs?

The fact is, the signs are out there ... and most can see right through them.

Dear Mr. Malcolm and your Malcolmites,

While you like to think we are rallying against everything and anything, we are actually rallying FOR things.

We are rallying for smaller government.
We are rallying to reduce the National Debt so not to hamper our children.
We are rallying for our troops to come home from doing police work in Iraq.
We are rallying for an end to needless war against defenseless 3rd world countries that present no threat to our national security.
We are rallying for securing our borders and an end to the lip service.
We are rallying for our privacy and personal liberties back.

Most importantly, We are rallying for the Constitution and our country.

Our campaign is based on the positive. The media is the negative entity.

We aren't Rallying AGAINST something.

We are Rallying FOR Something. The Constitution and the Principles America was founded on stated in the Declaration of Independence. That the Governed give the right to govern and there are certain rights given by G-d that no government has the right to legislate.

When the MSM and polls become honest because they have no other choice to "keep their heads" the revolution will just keep rolling and growing exponentially.

Clever attempt to try to derail the unstoppable Ron Paul Train.

I think the main stream media doesn't like Paul because he sounds a lot like Chomsky. No journalists like to hear that they're beholden, one way or another, to their advertisers.

As far as under dog status, we don't fight for the guy because he's an underdog we fight for the idea behind the man. If he climbs in the polls I don't think you have to worry about us giving up because he's no longer behind.

The executive branch is just one limb on a fake plastic tree. Win or lose the constitutionalists you call Ron Paul supporters are awake.

I don't get all the fiery sarcasm?

It seems Mr. Malcolm either has a hidden soft spot for RP (and uses his column to bring attention to his man. After all any publicity is good publicity).


He has realized that whenever he does his columns on behalf of RP, he gets over 40,000 hits and that for a recently sagging corporation (Tribune & Co.) is good advertising revenue.

Malcolm you clever devil, you!!!!

>>>With all this mounting attention and success what in the world are Ron Paul's supporters going to rail against now? They'll find something. They have to. Can underdogs still succeed when they're no longer under?

Sir, I feel that you may have narrowed your vision and personalized this issue.

Ron Paul supporters have scores of issues that they rally for. The oppressive weight of government has given each and every American reason to groan in one way or another.

Americans have gotten to a point where there are so many people, each with so many reasons to groan so loudly, that they are spontaneously joining arms and singing fight songs rather than laying down and living with the pain

The Main Stream Media was a secondary target. A rousing shaken fist at nay sayers as the team rallied. These people's primary objectives are their liberties.

People are getting wiser and savvier and the spin and the political landscape of the nation is shifting. I mihgt ask will the MSM be able to hold up with a rising tide of cynics examining their works for flaw and fallacy?

But the real question is this: Will our editors and journalists be able to live with the realization that something big was happening and it was never on their myopic political radar until it was on top of them barreling down with a ton of angry letters?

(Well, know how much you like to think that. Trouble is, we've been writing about RP dozens of times since we started. In fact, he's the only candidate who has his own Subject category to search on this blog. But keep swinging if it makes you feel better.)

I think most people misunderstand the idea of "doing away with the Department of Education". Ron Paul's idea is to give the Department of Education back to the States! The DOE was created, however, to make public schools allow "colored" children to attend "white schools". That was long is time to give back the power to the states. That is what makes our "Republic" so remarkable! The states have gradually lost their independence from the government!

"With all this mounting attention and success what in the world are Ron Paul's supporters going to rail against now?"

I don't know: how about the LA Time's Soviet-style* coverage of the Miami Republican debate,** where they cut Ron Paul out of the group photo and systematically refrained from mentioning him in the article?

Other than that, you guys are pretty good for status quo Bolsheviki.


"Thank you for common sense journalism."

Problem is, Rod, this isn't really an article; it's a ghetto of the LA Times known as the blog.

That's where they deign to refrain from suppressing RP.

As a doctor I can say I respect Ron Paul and his desire to restore the Consitution. If he makes more money than any other republican, than the mainstream media will have no choice but to pay attention to him.

Ron Paul and the will of the people can no longer be suppressed. Its funny to watch the boot licking sheeple like most yellow journalists writhe in pain as the dark empire of thought suppression that rules the airwaves and newspapers of the US is lifted by the internet.

WE ARE WINNING , no army, like the terrorist government that steals your pay from you that is an occupying force in America, can suppress an idea whose time has come!

Authoritarians everywhere shake in your boots.

I think you are encouraging us to be successful on Dec.16
The TeaParty will " Rock some boats" for you, but even it will
be dwarfed by the Ron Paul "Tsunami Fund" that will hit in 08'.
Thank you for the articles.

yes. paul is getting media attention now! John Stossel has graced Dr Paul with an hour interview... and it never reached those devil machines btw, they decided it was suitable only for the internet, because us toothless kooks who support him dont own tv's i suppose >=/

shhh. we're underdogs, we're underdogs.

Shhh, be vewy, vewy kwiet... weo hunting Wepubwicans!

Serious candidates draw serious supporters, "puffball" candidate draw none, and their candidacy exists only in the minds of pundits; Proof? Lookie here, I found you some:

Ron Paul may be the "President of the Internet" which is where MOST human beings communicate these days.

Romney is "President of his own Wallet" and Giuliani is "President of the Boob-Tube [or maybe just the Boobs]" -- Huckabee is "President of the REAL wackos!" and McCain... well is he anything but crazy anymore? And as for Fred... Fred Who? Willard? (No that's actually Romney again...)

What you fail to see sitting in your ivory tower is that the masses are getting motivated in many creative ways. We are rising to our call of duty as citizens ready to restore what is ours.
Bottom line the media is owned by a few corporations some with ties to the military industrial complex and others vested in seeing that the status quo continue. Wars generate stories for the MSM and money for banks and the elites who own them. Imagine peace, what would you guys do? Your jobs finally? Like exposing the corruption at all levels of government? Wow wouldn't that be smart since so many of us are being reeducated on what it means to be a citizen.

Even pollster Zogby said he expects Dr Paul to pull off between 15-20% in New Hampshire. And that was before the December 16th money bomb and blimp! After these two major events, there's an even stronger liklihood of a top three finish in New Hampshire due to the millions of dollars in free publicity generated.

Although I'm a Paul supporter, I realistically I acknowledge that the front-runners at this point are Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani and Mike Huckabee (in that order). But there's still time.

Hey everyone, check out this site for a Times Square Ad to coincide with the 16 Dec Tea Party Money Bomb. The cutoff is the 12th (I know, not much time), but they only need $50,000.
Great advertising scheme that would reach lots of people.

The polls are manipulated, it doesn't matter what the polls say, and it never has. I vote for the person I think is best for the job.

Andrew Malcolm has sure turned into a grumpy old man.

Hey Andrew, we will stop coming on to your lawn if you stop driving 20 MPH in the fast lane. OK?

Another good informative article Malcolm written with some wit and flair, but I have to say Ron Paul is still a long way short of gaining fair mainstream media attention. As you rightly point out to Brian this, Top of the Ticket, is an online publication to which I might add George Stossle’s interview you mention is also only online.

So there's still the great digital divide of the haves and have-nots to cross when it comes to the mainstream media giving Ron Paul a level of exposure commensurate to the indubitable standing he has with people who do know, no thanks to the MSM.

Much of what has been written and aired reveals an undercurrent of unmitigated fear when it is not off topic monotonously droning the same inane misconceptions about his candidacy and stance on governance. You know there really has to be something fundamentally wrong with mainstream journalism when the readers’ comments are more informative in time and time again correcting and educating witless the reporter. Again it only online that there's really the opportunity to do this.

I don't agree with everything Paul says but there's too much at stake to vote for a democrat. By Democrat I mean Clinton,Giuliani,Edwards,Obama,Romney, or McCain. Im sorry but supporting a war on one hand even though you are pro big govt,anti-gun,pro-illegal,pro-abortion, pro-out of control spending, pro-govt knows best, and anti-fair tax on the other hand does not make you a Republican. It just doesn't work that way. Ron Paul is the only true conservative running. Huckabee is a pseudo-conservative who is soft on illegals and will not cut 1 trillion dollar per year needless spending on forcing America into a global welfarism scheme. Lets face it Paul is the obvious choice.

We are not rooting for the "underdog", we are campaigning for the only presidential candidate with a real plan to fix our great country. The more people that hear his message of freedom, the stronger his run for president will become.

Now with our blimp we have air superiority (along with idea superiority). Unfortunately it took segregationist Governor Wallace to reveal the truth that “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between” Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, detaining protesters, banning books like “America Deceived’ from Amazon, stealing private lands (Kelo decision), warrant-less wiretapping and refusing to investigate 9/11 properly. They are both guilty of treason.
Support Dr. Ron Paul and save this great nation.
Last link (before Google Books bends to gov’t Will and drops the title):

The only poll that counts is when the votes are counted in the primaries. Ron Paul will be on PBS this Friday at 8:30PM Eastern Time. The movement is growing.

Wow. I'm a bit at a loss here.... Somebody help me if I'm getting this wrong, but am I witnessing a MSM organization no less influential than the LA Times beginning to (a) take Ron Paul's campaign seriously, (b) recognize the unlikely, mind-warping truth that his supporters are actually... (gasp)... regular Americans who love their country and (c) giving Ron Paul's campaign at least a chance to actually succeed? This indeed could upset my psyche... If for some reason Ron Paul began being covered with seriousness and fairness, and the mighty LA Times courageously distinguished themselves from their piers by severing it's contract with Darth Vader to stop pounding "the drum" (you know that drum, just read any article by any other major news outlet and you'll hear them beat "the drum" at least once), then, indeed... all of us must rethink our world views and consider transitional therapy. Thank you, Mr. Malcolm.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that makes sense to me. Yes, he is out of the main stream but that does not radicule him, even just the apposite, it just makes sense. Why is this so hard for you to understand? People love him because he is simply talking strait forward rational.

Know that people get tired of corporate interests, which the biggest one is the goverment and its ties, and writers like you who does not even talk about real issues but just critism to impose their own opinions onto people. Just wake up and join the people. Do not be a part of corrupt system.

It is interesting...

First he was a "bottom tier" candidate...

then he was a "fringe candidate"...

then he was a "flake"...

then he was the "darkhorse" candidate...

now he's the "sleeper" candidate...

When I saw the Ron Paul supporters greet Al Gore at his hotel in Oslo, I knew things were going to change...

MSM: Stand by for something that will blow yor mind!

"The trouble with discrediting polls and the mainstream media so much over many months is what do Paulites do when their man's poll numbers start climbing and the same ignorant media start paying attention. Are the polls still frauds and the dim mainstream media still manipulated by evil corporate influences?"

Well, the polls are still frauds, or at the very least, narrowly focused on 04 Bush primary voters. It will be a big surprise when the VOTES start coming in and show the polls to be inaccurate.

As for the media, it has been our contention all along that the lack of coverage has made it difficult for the general public to hear about Ron Paul. If the media gives him more attention, it is because WE got his name out there and now viewers and readers are asking the media about him, which the media now believes will increase ratings. So, money is the real factor for MOST media orgs. I say most because Fox will still bash him because they are opposing anyone who will end the war. I don't get it either, why does anyone favor this war anymore? Do the 30% that support it, say they support it because they hate Democrats and Democrats voice opposition? I think that's a fair assumption. If Bush says its necessary it must be because God speaks to him. Please.

Can anyone at Fox tell me what a WIN would be? How will we know? What can I do to help us win? I want to win TODAY and bring the troops home. What is a WIN?

Ron Paul...Educator for Americans! He's got my vote!

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