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Kucinich faces a threat to his day job

His personal life may be going swimmingly, but there's trouble on the political front for Dennis Kucinich.

More precisely, there's trouble in his political backyard. Earlier this week, Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for the House seat that Kucinich -- busy with his quixotic Democratic presidential bid -- has held since 1996.

Cimperman's bid sparked speculation that Kucinich, along with playing out the string of his White House campaign, would retire from the House. But he has insisted otherwise, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

After his 2004 presidential campaign and again in '06, Kucinich overwhelmed primary opponents and went on to easy reelection wins in his heavily Democratic district. But Cimperman stands as a potentially strong challenger. As we've noted before, the ghost of Californian Bob Dornan's political career could end up haunting Kucinich.

-- Don Frederick

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