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Keyes vs. Giuliani

December 12, 2007 | 12:36 pm

Don't look for Alan Keyes to serve as a surrogate for Rudy Giuliani during next year's general election campaign, should the latter claim the Republican presidential nomination.

Keyes pointedly remarked toward the end of today's GOP debate in Iowa that, given his commitment to human life from "the womb to the tomb," he could not back Giuliani (in case anyone was wondering).

Giuliani hardly seemed shaken by the revelation. In one of the clearer answers he's provided at various forums on abortion, he responded that although he personally opposes it, he believes the ultimate decision should be left "to a woman and her conscience."

He added that "I'm not going to change" to win over Keyes (whose inclusion in the forum remains, itself, worthy of debate).

-- Don Frederick