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Update: New L.A. Times/Bloomberg Poll now up

Hillary Clinton seems to have stablized her position in Iowa, but she has reason to be concerned about New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney, meanwhile, may be left hoping that the results in Iowa have a minimal impact on voters in New Hampshire.

Those are two of the trends captured in a new L.A. Times/Bloomberg Poll of voters in the two states that routinely make or break presidential candidacies. We won't reveal the precise numbers here; those will be available on our homepage later today (roughly 4 p.m. PST).

We can say this much: The results, in line with other recent surveys, indicate a Democratic race that remains up for grabs in Iowa among Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama (with the latter coming on strong in New Hampshire). Meanwhile, the poll contains no good cheer for the three Democrats -- Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd -- who have been banking on an Iowa "surprise."

Among the Republican White House contenders, the poll found that Romney's best-laid plans for the Hawkeye State appear to have gone awry, derailed by Mike Huckabee. But, also like other polls, it found no sign that Huckabee fever was widespread in New Hampshire (good news not only for Romney, but John McCain as well).

(UPDATE: Here it is now.)

-- Don Frederick

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Mike Huckabee's success may surprise the nation, but it's been expected by those of us from Arkansas who know and respect him.

If you believe in Mike Huckabee's message, I urge you to take my challenge by visiting:

Huckabee will gain momentum from the Iowa victory, and win in Michigan, South Carolina, and Florida, setting the stage for Super-duper tuesday.

Huchabe also leads in Oklahoma, and Georgia, as well as Alabama.

You are freaking late publishing poll. You could shut up and publish poll instead of false advertising about your timing of the poll release.

(Look before you complain. It's up and has been for quite a while. The link is in the item in plain view.)

I'd sooner not vote, or vote for a Democrat, than Huckabee. He's liberal, conniving, and most definitely NOT presidential material.

I don't believe that Mike Huckabee can win the national election based on decisions he made as governor ie illegal immegration educational benefits, his fiscal policy seems a more liberal than any of the other candidates. I think the democrats will love to go up agaist him.

Who cares about a folksy creationist flat-earther, or whether he's better than a robot from the land of the Stepford Wives?

Huckabee will wither after Iowa, where 40% of the electorate are religious conservatives. Romney looks the part, but he's a weasel who's got nothing but ambition, and he'll fade throwing a lot of his own wealth down down the campaign drain.

Guiliani will also flame out as his serial marriages and shady dealings become more known. Thompson looks like he's about to croak. Which leaves the panderer McCain, who is the best of a bad lot. Ron Paul has a few decent ideas, but many more are whacko.

All except Paul would give us more of the same Republican fantasy and ineptness that has screwed up our country and culture the past seven years.

But any Democrat would be ten times better for America than these mostly war-mongering fake patriots. I hope to God that we vote for a change from the fundamentalist nonsense that has hurt us in every possible way since the "compassionate conservative" and his sidekick Darth snuck into office.

Please get out there and not only vote, but work for change this year.

Still praying for Mitt. Looks like he will take New Hampshire, and it will be closer than you think in Iowa.

Huckabee, bless his heart, should be VP, and come back for President when he has more experience and learns a thing or two from Romney about execution on health care, social security, balancing the budget, solving the war in Iraq, immigration, and everything else that really matters.

Mitt Romney is the stronger candidate.


Raw FBI files, missing hard drives, pretty in pink and a vast right wing conspiracy, Rose law firm, bankrupt S and L. Well golly I don't recall.
Won't recall, is more like it. This is her experience, corruption , lies and coverups.
Hell, it got Bill a second term, it may work for her. Its the same
mindset that justied OJ, that may justify electing her, hating your
enemies so much, that you would let Barabas go, just to satisfy your basest

'Enough is enough" chortles Huckabee while he attacks Romney's Mormonism, panders to neochristians with a Holy Glowing Bookcase and panders to the NRA with his dime-store Elmer Fudd hunter photo op. In the meantime, his Holy war "against secularists" and to "take the Nation back for Christ" is more important than the most basic knowledge of foreign policy.

If joe-six-pack elects Pastor Huckabee after eight years of the "evangelical Christian" Bush, America deserves the continued consequences


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