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Breaking News: Rudy Giuliani hospitalized in Missouri

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani aborted a campaign flight from Missouri to New York late tonight because of illness.

A spokesman said the former New York mayor developed flu-like symptoms earlier Wednesday, but persevered with his campaigning in one of the later-voting states that he has focused on. However, the symptoms worsened and shortly after takeoff for New York this evening, the plane was ordered turned around and returned to Chesterfield, Mo. There, Giuliani consulted by phone with his personal physician in New York.

Shortly after, the GOP candidate entered Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for observation and at least an overnight stay. A spokesman said further decisions on his travels would be postponed until Thursday and the return of test results.

Earlier in the day Giuliani's airplane experienced mechanical difficulties and an overflow crowd of several hundred waited in Columbia while Giuliani was driven across the state.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Sadly, for too many in America with such symptoms, they must take aspirin
and get by with that--or go to an accessible hospital emergency room.
In the end, you live or die as a consequence.
Of course, with Hizzoner Rudy, it's not a problem!!!

I find this whole story odd. He had his plane turned around because his "symptoms became worse" and now he's spending the night in a hospital bed. Either he is seriously ill, or he just has outstanding medical care that only money can buy. Who could afford to spend the night in a hospital with the flu? Insurance companies wouldn't cover it. Taking a bed from someone who needs it. Hospital beds are always full. Then again, he might actually be seriously ill, in which case this could be the end if his run. This story prompts a lot questions in my mind.

Hmmm....wonder if any of healthcare is covered by tax money?

I hope Rudy is okay and doesn't drop out: the more people spreading the Neocon vote thin, the better. Gives Ron Paul a better chance of winning.

Godspeed, Rudy, get well soon.

PRAISE THE LORD! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

Geez people, I'm glad there's some room for sympathy in your hearts about this. I doubt he'd want to go to the hospital (inviting negative questions about health, etc.) if he didn't absolutely have to. Kicking a man when he's down, even a Republican, that's just low.


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