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A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy

Maybe you've heard rumors about an explosive newspaper expose on a major political figure that would rock the political world just as the presidential voting is about to begin.

We haven't either.

But we do know that today is when this newspaper blows the top off of the Ron Paul Conspiracy, that vast unorganized protest movement that has silently become one of the more interesting political phenomena of the current election season.

A Times reporter -- we'll call him James Rainey to protect his identity -- has managed to penetrate the Paul presidium.

In his story he recounts for the very first time the shockingly ordinary details of a movement of thousands of disparate, dissatisfied people, some of whom want an end to the Iraq war, an end to gun controls and the IRS, an end to laws banning marijuana and a return to the gold standard, whatever that means.

These Paulites believe the government has been hijacked by a bevy of big interests that threaten the freedoms of ordinary Americans. They're not going to take it anymore. Locally, they're even organizing a re-enactment of a brazenly defiant act, the BostonTea Party, except it'll be in Santa Monica and won't involve tea or white people dressed as Indians. And the protestors promise not to leave anything foreign floating in the water.

These committed partisans, bonded by their suspicion of authority and venal influences like the mainstream media that ignored them until they did something, have united behind a 72-year-old...

Air Force vet and ob-gyn from Texas who has managed to win 10 elections to the House of Representatives as a Republican with two first names and strongly libertarian leanings.

This man believes that U.S. sovereignity is threatened by many things, especially including consistently ignoring the Constitution and by a planned mystery superhighway that would unite with a ribbon of inexorable cement all three North American countries--Mexico, the United States and that other larger one on top that can only afford to have three downs in its football games.

Apparently he's not talking about I-15, which already does that.

"Rainey's" account describes how this man's followers appear to be ordinary citizens with jobs and family by day. But at night they gather openly in chat rooms and living rooms to plot how to promote a tiny unassuming man whom they call reverently Dr. Paul. With little central direction but tons of commitment, idealism and passion, Dr. Paul's followers do everything they can think of to mobilize voter support.

They patrol the internet day and night seeking Paul slights to right. They stand on windy interstate bridges holding inflammatory signs saying:

Even as you sleep at night some of the 1,200 Paul meet-up groups are handwriting letters to all 700,000 independent Iowa voters urging them to consider their long-shot leader. A couple of weeks ago Paulites raised $4.2 million on the internet in one day, a near-record, and a sum they intend to more than double on Dec. 16, the anniversary of that rebellious tea party. How's that for insignificance?

As one result, the ultra-lean Paul organization has been able to buy advertising in New Hampshire and to pump its poll numbers up near double-digits in some places. Rainey's story describes the commitment of one Ron Paul meet-up group in Southern California and the regular folks who drive it with their political beliefs and energies.

Few professionals -- well, to tell the truth, no one -- actually gives Paul any chance of winning the Republican nomination. But then up until Yorktown back in the 1700s, all the smart Vegas money was on the British.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Andre, Here in Indiana, we're already paying tribute to the King Of Spain with double the price and half the service on I-80. I'm sure you know the story.

A very well written article. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has even pledged to end the war in Iraq, a position 77% of Americans agree with. I am urging all my friends and neighbors to donate as much as they can to his campaign on the 16th.

Really, the man wants to return to the constitution? I believe that is news to Mr. Paul himself - see this bill he sponsored - the We the People Act, House Bill 5739, which would remove the jurisdiction of federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from “any claim involving the laws, regulations, or policies of any State or unit of local government relating to the free exercise or establishment of religion.” Yeah, that really means that he would not allow the supreme court to hear separation of church and state cases. Don't let the digg community fool you into thinking this guy cares about the constitution - look for yourself. the man is a fraud.

Does anyone ever notice when the news media talks about RON PAUL, the usually comment about his strange supporters?????? That is because they don't have any dirt on RON PAUL like the controlled media
has for all the other IDIOTS running for President. ( Sorry, the other 2 exceptions are Gravel and Kucinich).
No one believes the meida and KNOW they are biased. You see, the american people don't LIKE Hitlery,
Obama, Edwards, Guiliani, Romney and McCain (the phony). The american people back RON PAUL 100%
whether the establishment likes it or not. The american people KNOW the democrats & republicans are one
of the same party. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good chances are, most of this garbage will be gone from Washington
in the next election. Pelosi and Reid need to be kicked out of their jobs too.

Ron Paul will win in a landslide.

The candidate videos on the CNN debate were telling.

Ron Paul’s video displayed more citizens displaying their current enthusiasm for his candidacy then the number of citizens shown in all the other candidate videos combined. Giuliani’s video was obviously dated as he still had hair as he shook citizens hands.

Paul knows the President’s job is to represent and serve the citizens. The other candidates’ videos mostly displayed their own talking heads to represent themselves and serve their own egos’ ambitions.

Check out the recent elections for prime minister in Australia. The fiscally conservative and Iraq withdrawal candidate won in a landslide. The same will happen here in U.S.

Nah, lets pick a democrat Rudy, who would have NY bubbleized and the FEDS walking the Long Islanders kids to school on our dime, or Mr Amnesty John McCain the Chamber of Commerce best friend or Mitt, certainly a striking resemblence to the lead in the "Flipper show" from days past. Far better choices than Ron Paul who gets booed in front of the preselected Neocon crowds.

I'm Canadian, and a couple years ago I resolved never to travel to the U.S. for any reason whatsoever -- not for business, not personal -- while the Bush administration was still in power. I don't think I have to explain my reasons -- I think you all know them.

I may actually consider MOVING to the U.S. if you elect Ron Paul.

We at AXJ-Latinos for Dr. Ron Paul stand behind the good Dr. and are spreading the news in Spanish world wide!

Paul's momentum is building so perfectly. It's fun to see he hit peices and watch the Ron Paul supporters respond. I can't wait to see what happens in New Hampshire! Donate today!!!

Wow. First to MTY poster: uhhh, yeah, not quite sure why you question another person's question about the writer stating "...a return to the gold standard, whatever that means." It's not an open question; as in if that's what the writer meant to make it, then he needs to write better. I'm not sure how you can get anything else out of that quote than, 'I have no clue what the gold standard is.' And from your comment, I'm going to guess that you don't either. Let's turn now to our Wikipedia Gold Standard lesson 101 class, in which Wikipedia states (and as you read this remember to use a monotone professor voice in your head): "The gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of gold. Under the gold standard, currency issuers guarantee to redeem notes, upon demand, in that amount of gold. Governments that employ such a fixed unit of account, which will redeem their notes to other governments in gold, share a fixed-currency relationship. The gold standard is not currently used by any government or central bank, having been replaced completely by fiat currency. However, private currency, backed by gold, is in use." So just in case you still don't get it, Dr. Ron Paul isn't saying that we should use gold doubloons. It means that he is saying that for every dollar in circulation, there should be a fixed amount of gold in a vault somewhere for that dollar. The USA only recently stopped doing this in 1971. So why is this such a strange concept?? And why would anyone believe in a system where our government can just print out more money when they need it? And if you still don't get it, then I feel very sorry for you.

Second, to the writer: It's funny how Dr. Ron Paul supporters are considered vile, aggressive kooks, who's sole intent is to defame anyone who considers saying something wrong about Ron Paul. And yet your article, even though hailed as finally being a piece that is not totally spun about Ron Paul by most of the Dr. Ron Paul supporter commentators, still puts Ron Paul supporters down. Hmmm, I would think crazy kooks wouldn't be as a happy as they are with your piece, would they? If you are so worried about the current paradigm shift that is occuring in politics concerning Ron Paul, then do some research. Take note of the copious amounts of disinfo and hidden agenda attacks against Dr. Ron Paul and lay all the facts out on the table. Then use some of the writing talent that you do appear to have and write a decent article. Just to illustrate, all I have to do is ask you to go and watch the Lou Dobbs video that has been linked several times in the comments and then see if you still say that the NAU is a conspiracy? Because of course we don't have anything in the Free World that is like the NAU. Ooops. Oh yeah, there is the European Union. Oh, and the African Union. Guess I should have done my homework like you should have done, huhhh?

It's satisfying to see a truthful piece about Ron Paul and his supporters, one that does not disparrage, misinform, and use strawman arguments to denigrate a truly principled individual. Hopefully other media outlets will begin to respond with the same integrity that you have.

What? The American People are beginning to wake up? They aren't believing the controlled press anymore? Have we reached a crossroads, like the Russian people reached when the Soviet empire collapsed and they no longer believed in the CRAP they were being "spoon fed" by PRAVDA?

Yes, the American people are rising up and supporting Ron Paul, because they no longer trust their corrupted officials in Washington.

The ELITE are beginning to fear WE, THE PEOPLE.

Gotta love it!!! GO RON PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!

cmon Koh Choon Lin,

reread what you just wrote

Elections are not lotterys - it's not about 'picking the winner' it's about making your voice heard by voting your conscious. So it's really quite simple... if you believe in the freedoms described in the constitution, vote Ron Paul - if you believe in globalization, which is really just another word for corporate control of society - vote whoever - they've all been bought...

I'm going to vote for Ron Paul.

How funny! "..patrol the internet..."

What a great piece, not just because it is about Ron Paul supporters and gives Ron Paul some facetime in the newspapers. But it is funny, it is informative, and frankly, it's good prose.

Wow. Alex Jones has been lying to us. Ron Paul has lied to us. I thought there was a Trans-Texas Corridor in the works. As a mattar of fact, I was standing on the capital (Austin) steps when we FOUGHT it and WON (a small battle, not the war). I guess that was all in all of our imaginations. Heck, I guess these are all lies too:

La Entrada al Pacifico Corridor
The purpose of the La Entrada al Pacifico Corridor is to increase the efficiency of transportation of goods and people from Pacific Coast ports in Mexico northeast to Midland-Odessa, Texas. Mexican ports, such as the Port of Topolobampo, are potentially viable alternatives to the congested ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Additionally, the underutilized border crossing at Presidio, Texas is an opportunity to divert traffic from the already overburdened crossing at El Paso.

Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor
The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor is a proposed divided highway corridor stretching from Laredo through West Texas to Denver, Colorado. Designated as a High Priority Corridor by Congress in 1998, the Ports-to-Plains corridor will facilitate the efficient transportation of goods and services from Mexico, through West Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and ultimately on into Canada and the Pacific Northwest.
Together, the communities along the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor are becoming the gateway to trade throughout the nation and with Mexico and Canada. The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor will provide a vast number of benefits for communities along the corridor. It will:
allow for the development of less congested ports of entry along the Texas-Mexico border.
provide alternatives to other congested corridors that run through major metropolitan areas.
help to increase trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, contributing to a rise in regional mobility and economic status for all three nations.

Some imagination!

Fantastic!!! RON PAUL 2008!!!....Thanks for the great article!

Why would you write a decent article and have links in it to articles that state this
A border-spanning "NAFTA highway" now on the drawing board, Paul said, would link the U.S., Mexico and Canada, worsening illegal immigration and threatening American independence. "Our national sovereignty is under threat," Paul warned.

Federal and state highway and trade officials and transportation consultants reacted Thursday with befuddlement and amusement. The fearsome secret international highway project Paul described does not exist, they said.

"There is no such superhighway like the one he's talking about," said Ian Grossman, a spokesman with the Federal Highway Administration. "It doesn't exist, in plans or anywhere else." END QUOTE

FOR YOUR INFO: 18 states have introduced resolutions calling on their federal representatives to halt work on the North American Union (they include Virginia and South Carolina). Three of these states (Idaho, Montana and Oklahoma) have passed their resolutions.
22 U.S. Congressmen, including NC's Virginia Foxx and Walter Jones, along with all three Republican Congressmen running for President, have signed on as co-sponsors of HCR40, which calls on the executive branch to end all work on the North American Union and NAFTA superhighway.

Please do some research before you reference false article's and propaganda
because thats what it is.

But what will Dr. Paul do for me as a gay American?
And as a disabled person?

Will he end discrimination against gay people and enact laws like ENDA and pass Hate Crimes legislation and make it illegal in every state to fire from a job or evict from an apartment or kick out of a business establishment someone simply because they happened to be born gay? (Yes this is true in many states, Missouri is one of them, and I was kicked out of a place recently simply because the owner found out I'm gay -- they were actually afraid I might molest people in there!!)

Will he give any more than just a passing thought (if that) about the fact that the average person on disability makes less than $600 per month and that this is not only below the poverty line, but is only two-thirds of it?

Will Dr. Paul do anything at all for this country's forgotten disabled people on Social Security and SSI, once honorable hard-working people, now treated as society's forgotten castoffs... nothing more than old, useless, broken products that would be tossed in the trash if they were something bought from a store ... people considered to have no worth whatsoever and are therefore provided with a level of support (commenserate with this country's Puritan foundation which values hard work and and treats with disdain and derision those who don't work) that is only two-thirds of the federal poverty line, and less than a person making minimum wage working full time? For people with college and advanced degrees who are now disabled and making less than a person who didn't even finish high school, this makes our conditions even worse.

We NEED to have the minimum levels of Social Security raised and/or include a state supplement as states like California do to combat the high cost of living, rising prices of necessary goods, and the simple fact that one cannot live on $600 per month. In Europe, disabled people are given two, three, four times this amount per month.

We cannot be misled or sidetracked by those who say we cannot afford this. We can EASILY afford this... it's simply a matter of PRIORITIES. What do we CHOOSE to make a priority? Do we want to provde our disabled citizens with a safe, decent, basic standard of living, or do we want to spend tens of millions of dollars on things like bridges to nowhere and illegal wars that kill innocent people?

Every other Western civilized country provides a higher level of support for the disabled, yet we treat ours as if they're welfare recipients who _choose_ to be disabled. If we have what seems to be an endless supply of money for a million different programs of lesser priority and for wars that are founded on outright lies and have the money to occupy countries indefinitely, then we certainly have the money to provide the disabled with a level of support where they don't have to also go to food banks and beg churches to pay their utility bills so we're not freezing in the winter and getting even sicker from the heat in the summer. Sometimes it seems like a full-time job just calling and begging groups & organizations for help that we're supposed to already have. We have military bases in over 130 countries in the world. Nobody can tell me this is more important than taking care of our disabled American citizens. And that's just one example of many that one could cite.

Oh, and lest I forget... we don't even get enough to buy toilet paper.

How would YOU like to live like this?

Better not get sick or be involved in a major accident or join the military and get PTSD then... because it's what's in store ahead for you, especially if you're young like I was when I became disabled.

Yeah, this whole Ron Paul thing is pretty scary. Where the heck does a guy get off suggesting peace and freedom and a stable currency - not to mention "allowing" us to smoke pot. Sheesh! Big nanny state would have to assume we're adults and God alone knows where that might lead.

Looking forward to vote Ron Paul in 2008-!

HURRAY! It is ABOUT TIME SOMEONE had the guts to stand up and MAKE SENSE! Many thanks to you!

Also, it was nice to see that someone took the time to remind those who like to throw slanderous labels on people just because they are threatened by our beliefs, that WE are A PART of WE THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA and WE DESERVE the same respect.

zotzabyte, it's not the job of the government to provide you with a comfortable life. that's your responsibility. stop looking for handouts and earn your living like a paulite... i mean normal person.

Andrew Malcolm has to be mentally slow. who do you support andrew? big government? perhaps a candidate that will completely ignore the constitution and erode every last liberty you have. You prefer to have big government? you prefer to pay 50% of your wages back to the government? you prefer to have a devalued currency because of either endless wars on the right or endless social programs on the left?

that wasnt interesting, if you have been following ron paul with any interest you already knew what was in the article, pointless

Why the hell is he a member of the Republican party? He ran for President twice as a libertarian. Why isn't he running as an independent? Doesn't believe in reproductive choice, stem cell research, civil rights for gays and is bound by the Republican platform. He's the Ross Perot of this race. He wants small government for financial and foreign policy issues but great big government on social issues. He'll only add numbers to the Republican voter rolls which in the end won't really help him. Most of his supporters appear to latch on to one or two issues he speaks to them with but don't bother to look at the entire candidate and all his positions.Whether it should be that way or not, he has no chance of winning even the nomination let alone the election.

If anyone has questions about the Gold Standard issue, this is the best video I've seen so far

Money, Banking and The Federal Reserve

There's also all kinds of information at

I know you were being sarcastic about there not being a North American Union, but for everyone else here's a bunch of links on what Lou Dobbs had to say about it

North American Union

I will be laughing at the media all the way to the polls!
Ron Paul in 08!

Do i smell scum?
Andrew! you seem quite desssparate writing about DR. Pau in your opinion he's not a worthy candidate but than who is?
King Bush 1,2? Giuliani? Romney? WHO IS? Tell me!
Obviously you guys are frightened by DR.Paul and his message of Liberty! WHY?
What are you affraid of?
NOBODY belives the Mainstream Meadia ANYMORE!
There's a mass awakening of what is happening!
You'll be exposed!
RON PAUL 2008 to oo

It's unbelievable how many suckers there are in this country. Ron Paul is nothing more than a panderer to the paranoid and delusionally conspiratorial. They understand so little about government and foreign policy that they would rather just dismantle most of it (with the snap of their fingers, preferably) and achieve some Randian nirvana free of the so-called collectivists.

As for the man to whom you all reverently refer as Dr. Paul... I don't care how many times he can cram the words Constitution and Freedom into one sentence, it doesn't change that he's a horrible person. His voting record is truly awful. His economic and foreign policies, should he somehow assume the dictatorial powers necessary to enact them, would surely lead to the destruction of the middle class and the annihilation of America by opportunistic nations unencumbered by stupid naiveté.

What's more, his rhetoric is tiresome and his delivery is grating. Seriously, you watch any of his speeches/debates... he recycles the same 40-year-old anti-Establishment banalities. I thought all that stuff went out of style decades ago. I mean, really, it makes you want to pat him on the head and be like, "there, there now."

Is this really Sean Hannity?

I see what you did here.

Another point I thought I'd make: Ron Paul is *not* looking for
- the Cuban vote
- the Female vote
- the Military vote
- the Latino vote
- the White middle-class vote
- the Gay vote
- the Black vote
- the Retired vote
etc, but he *wants*

He's a 'Uniter' & we need *you* to join us! Give it a chance; you will enjoy it. Everybody's welcome.

Excellent article. Something of monumental significance is happening in this country...I smell LIBER-TEA brewing.....

Ron Paul is the GOP frontrunner... #1 in grassroots support and #1 in Q4 money (just passed 10.4m). The media is totally asleep to what is happening in this country.

its time for America to wake up before it can't get up. I love Ron Paul and his message. You can not find a man with more integrity than Ron Paul. He actions speak well of his ideals. Have you watched some of the videos on youtube of the meetups and conventions that Ron Paul has spoken at? The crowds are so enthusiastic and hungry for his message that it is contagious. I find myself searching the web over and over again for the latest Ron Paul tidbit, news, or video blog. This isn't typical for me so I know that if I have caught the vision many others have as well. If MSM wants ratings and viewers they would be wise to get informed. The Internet is quickly making them irrelevant.

Good article L.A Times, I think more people are realizing the mainstream media can't be trusted to be "Fair and Balanced" We just have to make sure the media aren't selling the candidates they like.

It's not about Democrats and Republicans, they're both the same. The main stream media is their partner in crime.

It's time for change, Ron Paul represents that change. The media and other politicians will continue to try down playing Ron Paul, by treating him as a nut and/or irrelevent, however the nation will wake-up and finally elect a president who is willing to represent the people, not special interest.

Thank you for the great article on Ron Paul BUT I would like to apologize for any Ron Paul supporter who didn't "get it".

I got it and appreciate it but don't take offense to any supporter who misunderstands what you're saying. We are so use to being slamed and ignored by the media that this comes across very

You have a very creative writting style and I enjoyed this piece...Thanks again.

Btw....I bet you've never had so many web hits on an article. Welcome to the power of Ron Paul!


Dear LA Times,

So, you imply that the NAFTA Superhighway isn't real?

Tell me, then, why Rudy Giuliani's law firm feels the need to represent the people who are planning the supposedly fantastic monstrosity?


"Giuliani's Houston-based law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, is identified by the Texas Department of Transportation as the sole law firm representing Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A., the Spanish investment consortium that has joined with Zachry Construction Company in San Antonio on the TTC project.

"WND previously reported that TTC-35 is the new four-football-fields-wide car-truck-train-pipeline corridor to be built parallel to the existing I-35 as the Texas segment of the emerging Mexico-to-Canada I-35 NAFTA Superhighway."

But let's not focus on the statist authoritarian with all the baggage. Let's attack the man of the people — the libertarian constitutionalist — and his supporters, for they threaten our narrow, greedy, statist, corporate interests.

Other than that and the gold standard swipe, you wrote a nice piece. Thank you. Now, how do you like your blackbird prepared?

A cute, funny article that makes the Paulites well up with hope. Yet a serious discussion would question Paul and all so-called libertarians how any of them think a "free market" will solve all of, or any of, our problems. 1st: we have no "free market"; 2nd: even if we did, it would only allow greed to run rampant, destroying our planet further, and allowing the ultra rich to own everything, including all the houses we will be renting from them. (A libertarian like Paul will let the market take its course, putting millions out of jobs and their homes, until possibly a few years later the market will "correct" everything, leaving ownership in the hands of the most wealthy and the biggest banks.)

So have fun with this article, but after yous stop laughing, start asking some serious questions about the lunacy and delusions of libertarianism.

"Canadians play 3 downs because we set our standards higher than the U.S. That's also why we're not in Iraq."

And yet, why do your hockey teams keep moving to the U.S.? Here's why: Canada is lame.

If the mainstream media is so blind, irrelevant and owned by big business, how did this item on Ron Paul get in here? And where are all these readers coming from?

Andrew, I think you and James did a fantastic job. I'm not sure what the Times policy is on this would be, but if you started writing for a television show I would consider getting a television. At this point Colbert and reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies isn't enough to motivate me.


Ron Paul to Win It All!

Hold it right there!
Not one mention of neo-nazi, white supermacy, 911 nut jobs or porsitutes in Nevada?
What kind of Ron Paul story is that? This will never get you that CNNFOXCBSNBCABC job. Guess you don't get the RTNDA newsletter, huh?

Go Dr. Paul!

Los Vegas Presidental odds.

It shows Ron Paul as 6/1 to win the presidency now. It shows him at
around 2.5/1 to get the nomination, which is 2nd only now to Rudy.
Hillary is still the odds-on favorite (according to this site) to win the
presidency at around 1.5/1. Shows Rudy 2nd with appx 2/1. Close.

Now we know the LATimes is owned by the neo-cons.

How hard it must be for the MSM finally to have to take some notice of Ron Paul.

I have seen some blatant political bias in the MSM for a long time, but that which is to be seen surrounding Ron Paul's candidacy is the most incredible ever.

Much as this piece is better than the average, it's blatant attempt to trivialize at every turn is obvious to anyone who already has woken up to your tricks. That is what you MSM types need to realize, you have not lost our trust for a while, you have lost all legitimacy, and rank as nothing more than another source and one which can be checked and usually unfavorably as easily as any other.

Article which was not trying to trivialize might have mentioned the following facts.

Ron Paul has convincingly won almost every after debate poll, whether by phone or internet polling.
He has won more than 20 of the official straw polls and has placed in the top tier of all the rest.
His fund raising is not merely extraordinary but is breaking records and being due to private small donations mostly is the most impressive by far of anyone. Most significant is the exponential rise in fund raising.
He receives the largest contribution, by far of any other candidate from the MILITARY, active duty and retired.
He is winning all overseas polls of whom others, like ME and Australian, want to see as President in 2008!

Your article is at best a grudging admission that Ron Paul is still not going away, despite your wish it were so. At worst may be seen as just another attempt to trivialize true grass roots sentiment and genuine democracy.

It must really scare you mugs to think he just might win?

Just think of it, the majority of Americans waking up, actually living what they have been preaching at the world for the last sixty years, actually making an informed and determined choice to resort to the Constitution and to the founding principles of the fantasy land nation you have become.

Where will the MSM whores find themselves then?
Do you think the PEOPLE will forgive and let bygones be bygones once your treachery is laid bare?

Hmmm, I wonder.

Wallace: "Canada is lame."


Canada has been like Britain during WW2 standing alone against the vast tide of fascism in Europe now spreading through North America. Canada is holding the beacon of liberty aloft above the raging waters of despair that has been sinking the US ship. Canada is the light of democracy at the end of the tunnel of the humiliation of individual human rights.

Canada welcomes the renewal of the democratic instinct in the USa as seen in the Ron Paul campaign. We have a torch to pass to you. Welcome to the light. Take this torch and light the fire of liberty in 2008 by voting Ron Paul.

Canadian friend.

Bill Maher from HBO says... Ron Paul "Is My New Hero"

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