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A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy

Maybe you've heard rumors about an explosive newspaper expose on a major political figure that would rock the political world just as the presidential voting is about to begin.

We haven't either.

But we do know that today is when this newspaper blows the top off of the Ron Paul Conspiracy, that vast unorganized protest movement that has silently become one of the more interesting political phenomena of the current election season.

A Times reporter -- we'll call him James Rainey to protect his identity -- has managed to penetrate the Paul presidium.

In his story he recounts for the very first time the shockingly ordinary details of a movement of thousands of disparate, dissatisfied people, some of whom want an end to the Iraq war, an end to gun controls and the IRS, an end to laws banning marijuana and a return to the gold standard, whatever that means.

These Paulites believe the government has been hijacked by a bevy of big interests that threaten the freedoms of ordinary Americans. They're not going to take it anymore. Locally, they're even organizing a re-enactment of a brazenly defiant act, the BostonTea Party, except it'll be in Santa Monica and won't involve tea or white people dressed as Indians. And the protestors promise not to leave anything foreign floating in the water.

These committed partisans, bonded by their suspicion of authority and venal influences like the mainstream media that ignored them until they did something, have united behind a 72-year-old...

Air Force vet and ob-gyn from Texas who has managed to win 10 elections to the House of Representatives as a Republican with two first names and strongly libertarian leanings.

This man believes that U.S. sovereignity is threatened by many things, especially including consistently ignoring the Constitution and by a planned mystery superhighway that would unite with a ribbon of inexorable cement all three North American countries--Mexico, the United States and that other larger one on top that can only afford to have three downs in its football games.

Apparently he's not talking about I-15, which already does that.

"Rainey's" account describes how this man's followers appear to be ordinary citizens with jobs and family by day. But at night they gather openly in chat rooms and living rooms to plot how to promote a tiny unassuming man whom they call reverently Dr. Paul. With little central direction but tons of commitment, idealism and passion, Dr. Paul's followers do everything they can think of to mobilize voter support.

They patrol the internet day and night seeking Paul slights to right. They stand on windy interstate bridges holding inflammatory signs saying:

Even as you sleep at night some of the 1,200 Paul meet-up groups are handwriting letters to all 700,000 independent Iowa voters urging them to consider their long-shot leader. A couple of weeks ago Paulites raised $4.2 million on the internet in one day, a near-record, and a sum they intend to more than double on Dec. 16, the anniversary of that rebellious tea party. How's that for insignificance?

As one result, the ultra-lean Paul organization has been able to buy advertising in New Hampshire and to pump its poll numbers up near double-digits in some places. Rainey's story describes the commitment of one Ron Paul meet-up group in Southern California and the regular folks who drive it with their political beliefs and energies.

Few professionals -- well, to tell the truth, no one -- actually gives Paul any chance of winning the Republican nomination. But then up until Yorktown back in the 1700s, all the smart Vegas money was on the British.

--Andrew Malcolm

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"Air Force vet and ob-gyn from Texas who has managed to win 10 elections to the House of Representatives as a Republican"

MANAGED to win TEN elections. Funny. I feel the author's despair.

hello if you have the time take a look at the ron paul blimp at or at you also can have a hour ride in this on of a kind blimp .help support mr paul thank you wwelvis,

finally, someone that gets it!~

Very well done. Dr. Paul can cure your hopelessness. He did mine.

RON PAUL - that kook, racist, Nazi, xenophobe, ...???

Is he that Libertarian Republican presidential candidate who was first totally ignored, then cruelly ridiculed, and now viciously attacked by the Neo-Con Republican and Neo-Lib Democrat media elite, who regard him with fear and loathing; is he that exceptionally sensible and uncompromisingly honest leader, who has again won the Republican YouTube debate by landslide; that Ron Paul, who the World is cheering onto presidential victory?

Google: "CNN Debate Winner"; "Human Events Ron Paul Interview" and, "Who Would the World Elect"

Does this writing technique have a name? I see CNN using it a lot too. First 90% of the article is critical, biased, and factually wrong, to satisfy the editors, the establishment, and psy-op the folks who only read first few sentences of an article. The ending is then positive (to the subject), to satisfy the rest of us.
In any way, it's better to talk about these things negative, than not at all, as intelligent people will check the facts for themselves.
When will the US media learn that jumping onto the Ron Paul wagon RIGHT NOW might be the same kind of investment as buying Microsoft's stock in 1986? Oh, I forgot...
"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
~William Colby, former CIA Director~

It would do you well to understand the Gold Standard or other commodity backed currency and explain it to people instead of shrugging off economic theory with 'whatever that means'. America's Fiat currency is tantamount to IDOLATRY and the 2nd Commandment warns you of 3 or 4 Generations of Debt.

500,000 people die from cancer in the US each year. Only 4,000 died in 9/11. Yet we trust the media and we hand over our Constitution and our rights because we need endless protection without end???

The Bilderbergers are now successfully using the news media, and the public's remaining trust of the news media, to turn public anger toward people who are only interested in protecting the Constitution and what remains of personal freedoms from the elites who have gone crazy with POWER LUST.

Dr. Paul has my vote and I am trying to spread ther word down here. We NEED a Paul REVOLUTION to save America!!!!!

Where or where will all of you people go when Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination? Please tell me it doesn't involve a remote Wyoming location and a giant spaceship.

I shall miss the laughter that you bring.

The Ron Paul Revolution is changing America. He has clearly surpassed John McCain and is now a "top tier" candidate. Ron Paul dominates in straw polls, debate polls, fund raising, web traffic and grass roots networking. I have gathered the evidence and created a website to support this statement.

Please visit and judge for yourself.

Hey, I just realized what Ron Paul can do to imnprove his chances: Pick Santa Claus as his running mate. Claus has a great record on international relations, he's got name recognition, and he and Ron Paul have something in common: Most of America doesn't think either one truly exists.

Right on! Thanks for the article.

From yet another ordinary citizen who believes in the values of the founding fathers and supports Ron Paul.

Nice article!

I'm no this by day / that by night kinda guy.
I'm no fevered supporter, investing my evenings to the cause.
But I'm thinking perhaps I should become one.

thus far - from all I see - Ron's the MAN

I would like to help explain why Paul polls are constantly lower than what his fundraising and supporters would expect.

Most of the media and polling companies get their list of people they call from previous voting years' voter registrations. And if youve been to any of these RP meetups and rallies, youll notice almost none of Ron Pauls supporters were registered voting republicans last voting cycle. We are in for a big suprise soon as these early states' results come in.

I guess our cover is now blown-- THANKS A LOT, LA Times (lol)!

Though being a Texan I would question "your questioning" of the Super Highway, as even our own Governor has publicly backed the project, but I enjoyed the "angle" of your article. Talk to folks in San Antonio and Austin who stand to lose their homes and businesses with this being planned where their homes and businesses now sit. They don't think it's much of a joke or myth as they've already been notified by the "powers that be" that they need to start looking for new digs.

Ron Paul is like Sanford from Sanford and Son. He tries to get rich on junk. Every few years the good Dr. sets up the structures to have some (he has others that are still full from the last go around, probably) of his coffers filled up to the brim by the unlucky, the wacky, the disenchanted. A compelling cocktail is brewed and wafted through the internet to result in piles of cash for he and his close cronies to enjoy. This is the "real" reason he does not seek matching funds. He would have to account for his money.

I like some of the stuff he says, so he needs to hang around. But watchout to see if he is spending your money or not.

Thank you for putting the Ron Paul supporters in their true light. It is such a relief to see an article that doesn't accuse us of being terrorists or insane or what ever other shock word du jour that they are having their little fun with. Truly a breath of fresh air.

Ok, because there's always at least one supporter that gets mad if you don't compare Ron Paul to Thomas Jefferson 10 times in a story piece, I implore you to send any hate email you get from this story to me. This was very entertaining. Thank you.

I just want to say to everyone reading this. Look at all of these posts! Does that tell you anything?

Hi Andrew. My name is Cory Doctorow and I love Ron Paul. He will finally get rid of the idiotic "floating" system our economy has been ruled by and return it to something that we can all agree is worth value: sweet sweet GOLD. Thank you for the fair, even post -- it's the start of a revPAULution!!!


u seem a be a little hysterical, Paulities surely are ordinary people, they happen to have the same belief on liberty and freedom, why do u think Paul's supporters voluntarily organize event as an conspiracy? they do what all the other candidates' campaign teams do, why do you do that? you fear the people? or you just cant believe all these "disparate" personnel spontaneously enthusiastically promote a candidate? so r you just jealous of his success?
stop the joke. Ron paul and his supporters is the real deal!

Great article. At least you mentioned some of his platform instead of just insulting his supporters, which most of the media seems to do.

The Ron Paul candidacy will be a success if some of the other candidates start actually talking about the freedom agenda.

And the important thing about the gold standard is not the gold part - it is about preventing governments from printing money to pay for deficits, wars, etc (this is known as "inflation"). Do a bit of wikipedia research on classic inflations in history to see how bad it can get.

Thank you for the positive (and fun) article!

Few professionals -- well, to tell the truth, no one -- actually gives Paul any chance of winning the Republican nomination. But then up until Yorktown back in the 1700s, all the smart Vegas money was on the British.

--Andrew Malcolm


Canadians play 3 downs because we set our standards higher than the U.S.

That's also why we're not in Iraq.

Maybe if Mr. Malcolm's job could get outsorced to another country, and he now started having to work for less, or loose his job, would he then start figuring it out !

Mr. Malcolm:

Clever article, great writing. And here I thought you were an old guy who had lost his belief. I myself thought that the American people did not care. I despaired while watching this country over the last seven years under the Bush administration.

The supporters of Ron Paul have brought me faith in America again. It is a wonderful, energizing feeling. Hope is powerful. Our power when we work together is stronger then any defense contractors or lobbying groups.

We will work relentlessly to take America back for Americans. And we will not stop with Ron Paul. We will see this revolution until it's end! God Bless America!

You mean the superhighway mention House resolution HCON 40 IH? All you have to do is do a House search for HCON 40 IH

You find Congress has dealt with the superhighway. On the House Website it shows:
Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North... (Introduced in House)[H.CON.RES.40.IH]

The Congress has taken up the issue of a NAFT Superhighway. Maybe you should stop thinking everything is a conspiracy and research Congress!

The big country above the US, as most may not know is called Canada...., and it's about time someone takes a stand to try to fix one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” -Abraham Lincoln

Are those who somehow aren't yet aware of the Ron Paul movement or know only what the mainstream media have painted of it having that nagging feeling you get when the checkbook just won't balance? Something a little like that persistent agitation of hearing a familiar song and struggling to remember who the artist is?

Something is clearly amiss, or at the edge of memory, but you just can't quite put your finger on it.

There’s an underdog campaign that has set a GOP fundraising record – and all from small, individual contributors – which is also receiving the most contributions from military men and women of any presidential campaign while inspiring a true ‘rainbow coalition’ to join up with a commitment and passion undreamt in modern political history.

But something is wrong.

TV news keeps assuring us that it's just a fringe movement while they report with glee on a brothel owner's 'endorsement'. They go all out over some neo-nazi screwball paypaling $500 to the campaign website (who even knew who this guy was until the media broke it as a story?) all the while more or less ignoring the college campuses all over America abuzz with creative energy and ideas to further the movement.

In fact, attacking the supporters seems to be all they have – usually it’s a candidates record or checkered past that’s put under the microscope. That it’s the supporters getting the media black eye in many cases should tell you a great deal about Ron Paul’s impeccable record over ten terms in congress. In my research I’ve only been able to confirm one ‘flip-flop’ and this was on capital punishment which he no longer supports for the unfair manner in which it is meted out.

John Stewart quipped on the Daily Show, “You’re known as an honest man of integrity and principle….American voters don’t usually go for that.” And Bill Maher, not known for endorsing republicans, said recently that Ron Paul is “his new hero.”

From USC to Harvard to MIT to U of M and OSU, we see a spectacular display of patriotism and democracy vibrating with a cool intensity and determination. From the planes flying over Wolverine Stadium to the planes flying over St. Petersburg Florida to the rooftops of Manhattan and now to the airship - all 200 feet of her - something very unexpected and very big is going on in America.

And yet, inexplicably, our alphabet soup of media is curiously silent about the phenomenon when not openly mocking it.


We hear of Mitt's flip-flops, Giuliani's mistress’s cab fare, Huckabee's likeability and Hillary’s plausible deniability but these campaigns are a yawn for the most part when there's not fresh dirt – there is little to nothing new being offered us and we Americans clearly want change! They report with enthusiasm every spat and squabble like they're looking for a rousing chant of "Jerry, Jerry..." but on a real and genuine movement expanding exponentially we hear only that a fringe element of the internet has made some noise. "Don't look over there" they tell us, "it's just some cyberpunks, skinheads and prostitutes." They’ve even made the complaint that too many of us are voting in their polls!


And then I watch the CNN debate - Tancredo and Hunter are still there and stranger still, they're getting more face time than Ron Paul despite Ron Paul polling 4th in New Hampshire, and nearing double-digits in Nevada and Iowa. It gets worse when CNN spits up their selected question to Ron Paul and from the 5,000 or so video questions submitted it's an odd question about conspiracies. We find out immediately after the debate that the man given a microphone and perhaps more airtime than Ron Paul at the debate is co-chairman of a Hillary Clinton steering committee.


I suspect that many are beginning to realize - if only at the periphery - that there is some injustice going on and they are not getting the whole story and that, somehow, they’re being manipulated rather than informed.

I believe very strongly that there are those who feel we’ll all be better off if they do the thinking for us.

I have no doubt that anyone reading this will disagree.

And so I issue a call to those who still do their own thinking: Join us and let liberty, peace and prosperity be the adjectives of our age and our legacy to those who will follow us.

We cannot long continue plodding along more or less unchanging – tweaking a few subtleties here and there - as we continue to count the casualties on both sides in the middle-east while making new enemies faster than we kill the old ones, push near 10,000,000,000,000 in national debt while the dollar collapses, legislate away our freedoms for, ostensibly, security, and watch the last American manufacturing job disappear over the horizon.

Who will answer the call?

Some might simply feel too old for revolution and so take comfort in its media dismissal. I say you’re never too old for a worthy and admirable revolution! I call to those who cling to status quo government as the panacea to an uncertain world – you don’t need more government, you need more freedom! I call especially to those who identified themselves with a party at some point and stopped caring really where that party is heading - what that party has become. If you view everyone opposed to your views as either a lefty loon or a neo-con, I’m talking to you. Join us – it’s better over here!

I believe we’re at a precipice in US history and as a nation and a people we need to take a collective intellectual walkabout and ask the questions: What would Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and Paine think of our republic in 2007? What would they say of our stewardship of The America Experiment? What is it we love most about America? What do we as Americans and even the rest of the world admire most about the idea of America?

And why are we not standing up for it?

Consider this: 70% of Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq and presidential and congressional approval ratings are at historic lows and yet media darlings - and so, it follows, front-runners - Giuliani, Romney and Hillary are for expanding our middle-east military blitz and are more or less status quo party insiders. It seems fair to say that the only changes we can expect from them are positions on issues in the run-up to the election. Romney goes as far as refusing to condemn torture carried out in the name of America!

“Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.” -John F. Kennedy

There’s a disconnect here and it's a serious one. On an issue as profound and important as war, many people seem to prefer comforting lip service, partisanship, or worse, escalation, to a peaceful revolution and change.

How can this be?

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” -James Madison

If you’re for empire America and all the death, misery, isolationism and staggering resources that entails you’ll do fine with the candidates brought to you by CNN and Fox.

But, if you believe as our founding fathers – that playing favorites with nations and entangling alliances are the road to corruption and ruin, that “commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto” and that “that government is best who governs least” – there is only one candidate:

Ron Paul.

Google George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1779 for a far more prosaic expression of this warning against favoring nations at the expense of others than I could ever hope to compose.

Carl Sagan once said that the people of the world want peace and someday governments are going to have to get out of their way and let them have it.

Sounds like something Ron Paul would say.

Just two choices this time around - Ron Paul wins the presidency OR this country blows apart. The various "Big Interests" who HAVE hijacked this country think they are going to remain distant and aloof, safe from the havoc to come, but they will NOT be. Things have progressed too far. This is a final chance. Take it - or else.

I've never figured out how Ron Paul supporters in general (there are exceptions, of course) get branded wckos?

I'm pretty normal. In fact, I am middle of the road normal.

I'm so middle of the road normal I have cars whizzing by both ears.

The thing is, for me, really quite simple. We have a "decider" in the White House who isn't even as smart as I am. We have a Congress that knows only how to "create" programs and laws and regulations. We have so many laws and rules now, that our ignorance IS an excuse for the law. We have a tax code that is three inches thick. We have a military that is stationed around the world, spending HUGE amounts of taxpayer money just burning fuel and tooling around like giant sharks, in an effort to impress lord knows who.

We are embroiled in a war that was mismanaged from the very first month, and we are being told lies to keep the funding flowing.

The dollar just dropped on the world stage.



Posted by: James R | December 01, 2007 at 01:50 AM

Are you completely braindead - or do you work for the SPP?

wow! Washington is terrible but I don't think anarchy is the answer...

Great article, great discussion. Thanks LA Times! Looking forward to more. Remember everyone, you must be registered as a Republican in order to vote for Dr. Paul in the CA primaries. I re-registered--it didn't hurt that bad.

Peace and Freedom



1st Best Ron Paul Video
I am delighted, proud and honored to post this...

2nd Best Ron Paul Video

"To calm fears, Americans accepted the patriot act and the doctrine of pre-emptive war. We tolerated new laws that allow the government to snoop on us, listen to our phone calls, track our financial dealings, make us strip down at airports and even limited the rights of habeas corpus and trial by jury. Like some dysfunctional episode of the twilight zone, we allowed the summit of our imagination to be linked up with the pit of our fears." Ron Paul 7/30/07

"None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
-- Goethe

Ron Paul hates Mexicans. He's out of his mind to think he can deport 20 million people, including those with US Citizen children.

Dear Wrong Paul, we ain't going nowhere!

Holy smokes, this is great! This is easily the best Ron Paul article I've seen from the MSM, and I've read...well, all of 'em, I think. :)

Ron Paul 2008

Let's face it, sooner or later the American people will get fed up with the dead-end solutions of both Democrats and Republicans. Perot's party gave it a whack and failed. Now it's Ron Paul's turn. And this time it looks like a third party candidate has a chance. Ron Paul is the only candidate out there who really wants to take the country in a totally new direction. Forget about policing the world and sending our kids to die for someone else's freedom...and oil. Forget about trying to fix the Internal Revenue Code-and we'll never be able to nail all the rich tax cheats, only make honest taxpayers pay more.

Get Ron Paul in the White House and let's make some real changes this time!

Nice piece of writing. We are poised to be the top GOP fundraiser of this Q.

Keep watching!

Thank you for one of the first reasonable (and funny) articles I have seen about Dr. Paul in the "mainstream" media. I am a citizen with a job and I pay all my taxes (including the inflation tax). If I am also a "kook" for supporting a principled man who wants to stop murdering innocent people (while losing American lives) in Iraq, then I am proud to be a kook! I registered Republican to vote for Paul, even though I am not a Republican.

Ron Paul 2008!

You don't know what "Return to the gold standard" means? What an idiot. Maybe you should finish your general ed. requirements before pretending to be a writer.

Thank you, Mr Malcolm, for not calling me names or insulting my intelligence. It is so nice to be treated with any degree of respect for a change.

And to the knee-jerk "NICE HIT PIECE" humorless Paulbots, try reading an article before you cut and paste your whiny, butthurt comments! You're the reason all of us who AREN'T continually on autopilot have constant migraines. You don't need to reply to every single negative article about Ron Paul, and you're certainly not helping at all by replying so defensively to a tongue-in-cheek article like this one. An article that finally gives us a fair shake and what do you do? You virtually insist that the media keep treating us like mindless spammers by being mindless spammers. Cut it out already.


Thank you so much. You have earned my respect, and I am so glad that Ron Paul is starting to be recognized. THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED.

Great article; a very enjoyable read. Put a smile on my face.

Congressman Paul wants to remove the enforced government monopoly on currency. In other words, he want freedom to allow other currencies to circulate, including metal-backed currency (where you can take your note in to a bank and exchange it for gold or silver). The gold standard in its simplist terms means being able to redeem your paper note (dollar bill) for gold. This prevents the inflation we have become used to thinking is a normal part of life.

I look forward to the future article. And as a military man, I look forward to Ron Paul's successful candidacy!

I agree with mty, except that I haven't grown accustomed to being called a 'crack pot' by the media. Fact remains, during my entire life no one has ever even called me a name once, so I am enjoying the new experience which the media is extending to me. Indeed, this is stretching my understanding of the link between politics and the media, not to mention strengthening my desire to support Ron Paul. Imagine it! The media insults people who have not been insulted before. However, I did once receive the following type of comment from from a woman who didn't know me, "You aren't REALLY going to vote for Ron Paul, are you?" That's when I smiled sweetly, and replied, "I hope I will have the opportunity."

Ron Paul stands for small government, civil liberties, and RESPECT for the Individual. Respect, now this is a BIG concept for me, and one I stand behind. America needs more respect for individuals, more optimism, and less negativity. It astonishes me that the media irresponsibly and unconscionably creates and perpetuates negative stereotypes in order to frighten people into remaining silent. And as Czeslaw Milosz once wrote: "... the union of color and harmony with fear is as difficult to imagine as brilliant plumage on birds living in the northern tundras."

Let's bring color and harmony back to America. Vote Ron Paul!

Thanks for the article. The six voters in this household had not even heard of Ron Paul till we read your article. We'd been wondering if there was an American in the presidential race, and now we see that Ron Paul certainly is the only American in the race. The others are anti-American, open borders, Amnesty featherheads,

James, he was being ironic about calling it "secret" - he knows it's not.

The reason that Ron Paul supporters are called crazy is because we exist. Where are the mass hoards supporting Romney or Rudy, writing to defend them? THERE ARE NONE.

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