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The Sunday shows: Open season on Huckabee

On Sunday morning, it was open season on Baptist minister-turned-presidential contender Mike Huckabee, who has surged to second among Republican candidates in the Iowa polls. Leading the onslaught was former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, whose campaign released no fewer than six e-mail statements denouncing Huckabee before the first National Football League games started at 10 a.m. PST (an important deadline for campaigns seeking to make news on the Lord’s day -- Republicans like their football).

Thompson, whose candidacy has failed to consolidate the support of social conservatives who are now moving to Huckabee, attacked on multiple fronts: taxation (Huckabee raised taxes while governor of Arkansas), immigration (Huckabee supported keeping illegal immigrants and their children eligible for college scholarships) and abortion.

That last issue provided ...

the hardest-to-follow twist. Huckabee has criticized Thompson’s lack of support for a constitutional amendment banning abortion. Thompson has argued that such an amendment is unlikely to pass. Instead, he argues for the overturning of Roe v. Wade to give states the ability to restrict abortion as they see fit.

In a heated exchange with "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace, Thompson set out his position this way: States that currently must keep abortion legal because of Roe v. Wade "could place restrictions on abortion that they can’t do now" because of the decision.

"I mean, you'd be making substantial progress," Thompson said. "Ultimately, do I think a state ultimately has to have the right to maybe do something that I would disagree with? If you can't carry the ball in those states, yes. Yes. There's no question. We live in a democratic society. But if we can't carry the argument, if we can't win the argument, which I think that we are winning nationwide now, we can never pass a constitutional amendment anyway."

Huckabee, appearing on CNN’s "Late Edition," ignored Thompson's remarks, but he showed he could dish it out as well as take it. Confronted by host Wolf Blitzer with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s charge that Huckabee is "a liberal," the former Arkansas governor called Romney a flip-flopper.

"He has been all over the board," Huckabee said, "but my conservatism has been consistent: When he was pro-abortion, I was still pro-life and always have been. When he was for gun control, I was against it. When he was against the Bush tax cuts, I was for them."

-- Joe Mathews

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I've noticed (like everyone else) that Huckabee has been rising in the polls. It seems like the media actually believes he has the opportunity to win now.

Huckabee is just a regular guy with an incredible message. I checked out:

and got some good info. I didn't know that Huckabee was a supporter of the fair tax...kinda cool.

Hitwise came out last week with information on website traffic showing just how disinterested America is in Fred Thompson. Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, is becoming the man of the hour.

For recent poll numbers, statistics, and graphs, check out:

Great site!

Anyone interested in a funny (but it really happened) column about what Huckabee is really like face-to-face should try:

We love Mike Huckabee and resent this article referring to him as a Baptist minister-turned-presidential contender. Governor Huckabee is a former minister; however, he is also former Lt. Gov and former Governor. He has many years of experience in the political arena. He did not just decide one day that he was going to stop being a pastor to run for President! The only reason he is not the current Governor of Arkansas is because of term limits. Be honest in your reporting.

Mike Huckabee’s Political Career: A Brief Summary
1992: Left pastorate to run for US Senate seat in Arkansas. He lost the election.
Providentially, he did not need to wait long for his next campaign.
1992: Arkansas’ Lt Governor became Governor when Bill Clinton was elected President.
1993: Mike Huckabee won a special election to become Lt Governor of Arkansas.
1994: Mike Huckabee was elected to a full term as the Lt Governor of Arkansas.
1996: Mike Huckabee began another run for the US Senate but it was not to be.
1996: Mike Huckabee became Governor of Arkansas when the elected Governor was convicted of a felony and resigned.
1998: Mike Huckabee was elected to a full term as the Governor of Arkansas by the largest margin of victory for a Republican in an Arkansas statewide election. Part of the reason was that he received 48% of the African-American vote.
2002: Mike Huckabee was re-elected to a second term as the Governor of Arkansas. (There is a two-term limit for Governors in Arkansas.)
January 2007: Mike Huckabee announces his candidacy for President of the United States

Huckabee will win next year not because he has appeared on the television screen, on the Hollywood scene, or part of a big money scheme.He will win because he exudes proven leadership, exemplary character and brilliant ideas.

This guy is right on the money.....

Phill Dacosta: Huckabee is best choice in the presidential field
| | Story updated at 10:22 PM on Saturday, October 6, 2007
I'm tired of hearing both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates using each other as scapegoats for everything that is wrong. Scapegoating is the last thing this nation needs. It polarizes a society, preventing those involved in wrongdoing from realizing and admitting their wrongs. It does nothing to solve the problems at hand, but only leaves them to worsen.

Republican Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate who is seeking solutions to problems, not scapegoats on which to place the blame. He is the only candidate with a proven track record in working with both parties to get things done without compromising his core values. Now more than ever, America needs a leader like Mike Huckabee, with proven leadership skills and commonsense vision to move our great country forward again.

Phill Dacosta

Ball Ground

The Huckster hasn't ben consistent at all!

See for yourself;

On 2/12/95 an article Ralph Z. Harlow from the Washington Times wrote under the caption “Conservatives Hold Fire On Abortion” the Huckster said this:
“In the spirit of federalism, the proposed GOP revision also would replace the abortion amendment with a statement saying the issue should be left up to the individual state legislatures to deal with as each sees fit. 'That's exactly what we have looked for, and if it's left up to the states, more of them are going to put some restrictions on abortion,' Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mike Huckabee said in an interview after appearing on a conference panel yesterday."

On 4/ 2006 in an interview with John Hawkins on RightWing News the Huckster was talking the same talk:

“It would please me because I think Roe v. Wade is based on a real stretch of Constitutional application — that somehow there is a greater privacy issue in the abortion concern — than there is a human life issue — and that the federal government should be making that decision as opposed to states making that decision. So, I’ve never felt that it was a legitimate manner in which to address this and, first of all, it should be left to the states, the 10th Amendment, but secondly, to somehow believe that the taking of an innocent, unborn human life is about privacy and not about that unborn life is ludicrous.”

BUT then on 11/19/07;
Huckabee Rejects Letting States Decide Whether to Allow Abortions,2933,312107,00.html

“If morality is the point here, and if it’s right or wrong, not just a political question, then you can’t have 50 different versions of what’s right and what’s wrong.”

“For those of us for whom this is a moral question, you can’t simply have 50 different versions of what’s right,” he said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

“But my surprise was nothing compared to the surprise of people across America who had been faithful supporters of right to life,” said Huckabee, who is challenging Thompson’s claim that he is the most reliable conservative in the GOP field.

“Fred’s never had a 100 percent record on right to life in his Senate career. The records reflect that. And he doesn’t support the human life amendment which is most amazing because that’s been a part of the Republican platform since 1980,” Huckabee said.

So, not only did the Huckster used to follow the correct Federalist approach on finding limits to abortion on demand but, he also has the audacity to ridicule Fred for keeping that stance.

I don't think you can get any lower than changing your view just to be able to say what others want to hear.

I'm an independant, and I tried to get into Thompson, but he's just plain TIRED. I don't know what he stands for, and when he speaks there's no passion, no vision. Seems like all he can do is tear down others. No thanks, I've had enough of that with Hillary and the others, that's all they do.

However, I don't see Mike Huckabee doing this and that says something.

I'm a Democrat who's contributed about $80 to Obama and...also $5 for Huckabee.

Huckabee is awesome. I like how this article twists the truth. He should get elected, if he doesn't I think we'll be doomed.

Governor Huckabee has been consistently rising in poll numbers, web-site traffic, contributions, and support. Why?
Because he's like one of us (average) , not one of them (privileged)
Because he has conviction, integrity and relates to OUR values. AAALLL the other candidates: read a speech prepared by an aid; speak their "minds" based on who the audience is, are flip-floppers, and, for the most part, do not address issues with their ideas of a solution - Mike does.
That's why we love Mike, and that's why as more people get to know who he is, are instant supporters - mostly anyway.
and yes - he is a Baptist minister - but he was also Lt. Governor and 2 term Governor of Arkansas - he DOES HAVE A RECORD!

Huckabee's Baptist affiliation is every bit in need of as much scrutiny as Mitt Romney's Latter-Day Saint affiliation - simply to keep up with the religious bigotry issues. The LDS Church refuses to endorse or promote, from any pulpit or as general policy, any candidate or political party. Huckabee and his followers could care less about snipping their evangelical umbilical cords. Mitt Romney has sustained a gentlemanly disposition while undergoing very dirty and bigoted barrages. Welcome to the big time Huck Fans. Mitt Romney exceeds all expectations as a future president. His brilliance - in every sense of the word - is what this country needs.

Here, check this article out,...At the end of the day, Mike Huckabee may be a nice guy, but he's another far right social conservaitve, which is exactly what this country does NOT need....

Barry Goldwater would turn over in his grave if he saw the how invasive his party has become on social issues...

"Governor Huckabee has been consistently rising in poll numbers, web-site traffic, contributions, and support. Why?
Because he's like one of us (average) , not one of them (privileged)
Because he has conviction, integrity and relates to OUR values. AAALLL the other candidates: read a speech prepared by an aid; speak their "minds" based on who the audience is, are flip-floppers, and, for the most part, do not address issues with their ideas of a solution - Mike does.
That's why we love Mike, and that's why as more people get to know who he is, are instant supporters - mostly anyway.
and yes - he is a Baptist minister - but he was also Lt. Governor and 2 term Governor of Arkansas - he DOES HAVE A RECORD!"

This is how I feel about AVERAGE: Mike Huckabee has risen too fast in the Iowa polls to make me comfortable. This is indicative of a popular vote more than issue based. I can't believe it is Huckabee's record that is moving him in the polls...I submit he is just the Christian Right's "second pick of the litter". Thompson was the chosen heir, but he didn't live up to his birth right and so now Huckabee gets the popular vote. Why wasn't Huckabee being supported like this from the beginning? He has been in all the debates. He has stated his views for the last eleven months. Why the sudden surge in the Iowa polls? I hoped to get away from popular voting when I left High School.

The challenges facing America will not be solved by a charismatic....can sell snake oil to anyone....type. I have to agree with Huckabee being a "good ole boy" and he would be a great neighbor, little league coach, Walmart greeter, football booster, cornhole partner, Pastor, Talent Show MC. I doubt that he is qualified to be a medical surgeon, chemical engineer, farmer, pharmacist, etc. I don't believe Huckabee has the strongest resume' for facing the job description and challgenges placed before the President of the United States. We are in essence hiring someone to handle the job of President of United States. We wouldn't hire some one on only his character, and personality. The job requires that for certain and so much more. Huckabee might do well delivering the State of the Union Address, but what would the text of his message say about the decisions he made?

The bottom line: citizens are very much like the the candidates they are supporting. If you like order and organization, vision, purpose, planning, success, change, results, hard work, growth, and a chance at a better future plus character, love of family, willingness to make necessary changes, intellect, education, and lots of experience ; you'll vote for a candidate whose has and does conduct his life that way. If you like layed back, comfortable as an old shoe, wit, a wishin', a hopin', a dreamin' and lots talking and shooting the breeze, plus charisma, musical talent, your prefered religion, then you'll probably vote for an all together different candidate than the one first mentioned. That is what I see happening in the Iowa race. Two different mind sets and two different can of voters. Human Nature and upbringing at work here. One not better than the other.....just not the same.....the world is waiting to see who we pick!

I hope we will all remember that money is not the root of all evil. The love of money is. Huckabee's children now register as "priviledged". Are you going to hold that against them when their turn to lead comes. Most parents work hard so their children can have a better life than they had. If they are successful in this attempt then their children will be more "priviledged" than the generation before them. It works that way. Every State in the Union has people with money and people who wish they had money.
Added note:
Things are not always as they appear....."I also read this comment the other day.....
I recently sat next to Mr. Huckabee on an American Airlines flight. Not only did he fail to introduce himself, but he was also ill tempered, self centered, and rude to the flight crew. While the flight was running late, that's no excuse. I face the same situation almost weekly and I don't take it out on the flight attendants; I wouldn't exactly call his behavior "amazing grace." His public personna doesn't seem to match his behavior when the klieg lights go off, which smacks of hypocrisy. He didn't attempt to get my vote, and after that episode, he surely won't.
Posted by: jimlans | November 21, 2007 11:43 PM

We need HUCK abee !! We need God and His WORD; thats our only hope. I saw his knowledge on the T V with Ken Copeland. We can win with HUCK. I hope christians will get behind him, along with all good citizens. We need a God Amendment for prayer, Bible, christian principles,--; to stop Court Tyranny and anti christs. wayne


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