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Coming soon: a Ron Paul office near you?

Ron Paul opened a campaign office this afternoon in Charleston, S.C. -- his third in a state that traditionally has been crucial to deciding who Republicans nominate for president.

According to Brian Gentry, the South Carolina field coordinator for Paul, more than 150 people attended the event, where the candidate spoke for about 15 minutes, then answered questions for another 20.

The new digs join offices already operating in Greenville, S.C., and Columbia, S.C.

In Iowa, meanwhile, campaign aide John Zambenini reports that a couple of satellite operations soon will open, supplementing the work performed at the main headquarters in Des Moines.

In New Hampshire (a much smaller state, size-wise, than the other two), the one office in Concord probably will suffice. But state campaign coordinator Jared Chicoine says it's spacious -- 2,400 square feet -- and now includes telephone banks.

The point? Inexorably, Paul is establishing the type of infrastructure ...

that not so many months ago would have been hard to imagine for such a renegade politician. Presumably, the nuts and bolts being put in place give the campaign a chance to channel the obvious ardor that he has generated.

What it all will add to on caucus day in Iowa and in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, if -- and how -- support for Paul will skew the Republican race, have become a matter of growing conjecture (which is something few would have once anticipated).

Count Stuart Rothenberg, a long-established expert in the rudiments of U.S. politics, as a hardcore skeptic.

In a provocative column today, Rothenberg dismisses the Paul campaign as sound and fury that will amount to little. He writes: "Single-handedly, the quirky libertarian Republican from Texas has unintentionally exposed the over-hype that accompanies much of the talk about politics and the Internet."

Rothenberg asks: "How can we explain" the interest Paul has sparked, especially in cyberspace?

His answer: "This is a big country with hundreds of millions of people, some of whom are attracted to quirky, anti-establishment candidates. And some of those people are angry, looking for an outspoken leader and searching for an easy answer to the nation's problems.

"But there simply are not all that many of them."

Rothenberg anticipates that his critique will unleash a barrage of bashing from Paulites. But, as one of the candidate's aides commented to us, it may serve mainly to motivate them even more.

-- Don Frederick

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"But there simply are not all that many of them."
Oh Really? Another ill informed pundit.

It's too bad RealClearPolitics is afraid to include reader comments on its site. It would be rather enlightening.

Does Mr. Rothenberg realy think there aren't that many Ron Paul supporters?

Does he know that over 37,000 donated -- DONATED -- in just 24 hours on November 5th?

Does he know that over 100,000 have donated since October 1st?

Does he know that over 70,000 have signed up in local Meetup groups to VOLUNTEER for Ron Paul? That's more than all of the other candidates put together.

Does he know that Ron Paul has already raised almost $ 7 million -- in the month of November alone, with a big push coming on November 30th? He's raised over $17 million for the year so far, over half of it in the 4th quarter.

Does he know that Ron Paul supporters on their own dime are making signs, waving banners, handing out literature, and finding creative ways to promote their candidate, while the other candidates generate zero enthusiasm?

Ron Paul is not only going to "skew the results" -- he's going to win.

Poor Stuart Rothenberg, he still thinks he's relevant. Pity.

I wouldn't exactly count RON PAUL out......H e is gaining alot of support. He is
honest, not like all the other candidates and the people have take notice of that.
We will not get change with these other candidates and the american people
are angry......

Don Frederick is entitled to his opinion as to explaining the interest Dr. Paul has garnished in America. I disagree since I do not consider myself angry or anti-establishment but it may be the case for some people. So when Ross Perot ran for President there were 20,000,000 angry ,anti-establishment Americans?

I just got home from seeing Dr. Paul speak tonight in Charleston, SC.
He had a very large crowd of very enthusiastic supporters and gave one great speech. And yes the new office in Charleston for Dr. Paul is up and running and busy helping volunteers spread the word .

I am sure there are many "pundits" or supposed "experts" who do not think Dr. Paul has much of a following. I guess these folks do not venture very from home to see all the signs up everywhere in the country or in town.

Everyone laughed when the first speaker talked about how we were all crazy and kooks and nutty to support such a candidate as Dr. Paul and the crowd just loved it.

It was then mentioned that the crazy kooks and the extremists are the ones in the White House ruining our country . The crazies are the people like Sean Hannity and Fox News spouting off war propaganda and wanting to go bomb Iran .

The time has come to take back our country and throw the kooks out of the White House. ...

>> Rothenberg asks: "How can we explain" the interest Paul has sparked, especially in cyberspace?

It’s a question that more people should be asking.

It falls behind the following questions, however ...

1) How can a campaign for president be waged on the ideal of upholding the constitution? Shouldn't that be taken for granted since they are running for president of the United States of America? Better yet ... how can this be called a fringe idea while we still consider this America?

2) How can a candidate that has been proven bullet proof to special interests and big corporations be belittled as kooky for doing so?

3) How can a candidate that speaks so much like Thomas Jefferson and be recognized as the one of the best political civil right defenders in US history be so ignored by those that claim to be American.

"And some of those people are angry, looking for an outspoken leader and searching for an easy answer to the nation's problems."

Maybe. Though I think there might be more of us than you are guessing.

I'm not sure how you find Ron Paul's positions easy, but I will agree he actually addresses the nations problems with sound solutions unlike the others on both sides. Most people I am also guessing are not as fearfull of the outside world as you are so we are willing to risk democracy for liberty, but we are not willing to give up our liberty for democracy.

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter. I've donated close to the max allowed and spend about 20 hours a week with my local meetup. I think the polls are wrong based on the criteria of polling likely Republican voters from two years ago. I'm a democrat and many of my friends are as well. However, the truth is we don't really know how many of us there are. I see that about half of the current donations are from new donors and the campaign is growing in leaps and bounds. Our polling has gone up each quarter, fund raising has doubled and now will quadrouple(sic?) this quarter. There's every indication that we can win, but I think we need to keep getting the message out. Everyone has to understand that we're trying to win a primary for a party that doesn't want us. A very hard thing to do, especially with the intellect of the voters who in the Republican party, still give Bush a favorable rating. We have to stop talking about how he's going to do and get out there and tell people WHAT he can do.

What all these guys miss is so obvious....Ron Paul is popular because of THE MESSAGE....IT IS THE MESSAGE....nothing else....not a gimmick, not a fad, not a cult of personality....This is an idea whose time has come, AGAIN! Wake up!
Ron Paul 2008!

I am a 56 yr old Texan (born & raised) and have always voted Republican since day one......(that's been a while back)......

You folks can call me young, call me kooky, call me a computer nut, spammer, whatever....

I live on a farm with my wonderful wife....we share our space with Tennesee Walking Horses, Quarter Horses, Hereford Cattle, Saanen Dairy Goats, and a couple of nice old dogs.......with a 700 acre lake in the back yard.

Call me whatever you like, but I'M VOTING FOR DR RON 2008....

* I set up a billboard at the US Hwy...(12 ft x 24 ft)
* I stand on street corners with my Ron Paul Signs....
* I forward on Paul emails to friends from 35 years ago (old school friends)
* Some of them have told me they were now voting for Dr Paul too..
* I have bought LOTS of Yard Signs and given them away
* I bought a thousand Ron Paul DVDs and am giving them away
* I wish I could buy a thousand "A Nation of Sheep" books to give away..
* I 've a vinyl sign machine and am turning out magnetic signs at cost on Ebay
* I drove to Greenville, SC with the Ron Paul Motorhome to meet him
* I am a member of a Meetup Group for Ron Paul
* I make Tractor Trailer Ron Paul Signs and give them away too....
* I'm in the freight business and have been since 1974....
* I have lots of new friends who also appreciate Dr Paul's positions...

So call me whatever you like.......I'll just keep on feedin' the cows, and others and when the time is right I will VOTE FOR RON PAUL,
just as a lot of other "kooks"
Thank God......

ain't life great !

Not that many of us? Where do you live? Most of us in this country have been bled dry the past 8 years. Our raises can't meet the inflation. No matter how hard we work, we are losing. Our houses have just dropped in price, and we are sick of being treated like criminals.

This is not a fringe element. Unless you call most of the US a fringe element. We don't all live in huge houses and drive new cars, no, you folks took all that from us.

We are now broke, scared and no one except Ron Paul is offering any solutions, the rest just want us to accept more of the same. Well, you have taken all we have. My insurance payments have tripled, a trip to the grocery store almost always costs over 100 and I live with just my husband, the car takes 50 bucks to fill up and the prescriptions cost another 75 bucks. So, on a typical day I leave the house and spend 225 and bring home nothing except some water, toilet paper and cat food!

I can't go on like this. I need Ron Paul. I cannot afford your wars anymore. Sorry. And now the dollar is dropping so fast I am terrified. That's what happens when you don't tie your dollar to anything. It can become absolutely worthless and you folks call his sound money idea foolish? How out of it are you?

Media fossils like Stuart Rothenberg reveal their ignorance when they point to Ron Paul's support on the internet as 'over-hype' and use other outdated nad innacurate sobriquets to evaluate 'the internet's' influence on the Ron Paul campaign. Much has changed since DARPANET first connected researchers and scientists lo those long years ago. Heck, the internet has radically changed just since Howard Dean's much vaunted 'use' of the internet in his campaign.

Millions of Americans today utilize the internet as a massive 'Town Square'- where they meet to share interests, opinions and to debate issues. Comparing even Howard Dean's internet campaign to Ron Paul's is akin to saying the old Sears Catalog is equivalent to Ebay in 2007. Behind every username, email address and Myspace and Facebook profile is a real flesh-and-blood person! Yes, hard for dinosaurs like Mr. Rothenberg to get their furrowed brow around, but these people actually meet in the real world, cmpaign, vote and donate to campaigns! Ron Paul continues to garner much larger support from a much broader base than most Mainstream Media outlets and tlking-head pundits can or are willing to realize.

'Can Ron Paul translate his 'internet' support into real-world votes' is the mantra of the disbelievers in the reality of Ron Paul's support. Apparently real-world money on the scale of over 4 million dollars in 24 hours doesn't register. Nor does the massive and overwhelming support and DONATIONS FROM U.S. Military personell t the Paul campaign (more than ANY other candidate!). And massive numbers of Individual, small donors don't mean much to MSM script-readers, as it appears only massive corporate, lobbyist and Big-Money PAC contributions are all that matters to them!

The Grass-Roots support for Ron Paul is confusing to most Media Types, since it results from a bottom-up organization, so there is no 'fund-raising guru' to put on their talk shows- no Karl Rove Svengali that can twist facts lies and spin into pretty origami-like facades that play so well on the evening news. Have we come to the point in American Media where a person of integrity, who actually BELIEVES what he SAYS, and ACT on his beliefs is so confounding as to be incomprehensible? While the media have apparently become addicted to infotainment and poll-driven American-Idol-style beauty contest coverage of elections, the American people care more about Character, integrity and ISSUES that mean something to them personally than they ever could care about 'who's ahead' and 'who's most electable'.

Many of the American people may be ignorant due to the lack of real news being presented by the mainstream media outlets, but they are not stupid. They know a lie when they hear it, and they know when someone is directly answering their questions, and addressing their concerns with knowledge, isnsight and an eye on SOLVING problems, rather than avoiding them or talking around them, as most of the candidates are so skilled at doing.

Ron Paul is a statesman- not a bureaucrat; a straight shoooting orator- not a silver-tongued liar; a man of consistent values- not someone whose core values shift with whatever way the political winds blow.

America doesn't need another party hack to lead this country. America needs the Good Doctor, who has the tough cures for our nation's maladies. Ron Paul's support is just as real as his integrity and character. What other candidate can you REALLY say that about?


Rothenberg asks: "How can we explain" the interest Paul has sparked, especially in cyberspace?

His answer: "This is a big country with hundreds of millions of people, some of whom are attracted to quirky, anti-establishment candidates. And some of those people are angry,

Mr. Rothenberg, I wish it were as simple as "anger". The emotions running across this land
are far stronger than any one word can define. Coast to coast we all share similar feelings......
.......and because of those feelings
the American people are about to stand up. Not in anger mind you, but with
purpose and resolve. I am so proud.

Many thanks to Don Frederick and (Mr. Rothenbergs comments )for the article.

Ron Paul is rising while his competitors tread water and drown...

Thank you for the informative article.
I too am apparently a bit off my rocker : )... enough so that I plan to vote for the kind of honest statesman that is needed for us to rise above partisan politics and work with all of Congress - not just half of it - to craft meaningful, long-term reforms that will help us avoid what is now a looming civil and economic implosion.

I'm proud to be a part of the Ron Paul campaign.

This is the first time in my life I have felt driven enough to fully stand behind and cry to the heavens my support for a candidate. Growing up, all I saw on the news was affirmation that politicians time and time again cannot be trusted. Congressmen, senators, and anyone with a scrap of power routinely selling their souls to lobbyists & towing party lines. I was filled with disgust for our government . . . what it had become. Then I hear about Dr. Paul. I was skeptical. I had to research him. Nothing is that good. So, with a cynic's heart I scoured for the proof I needed to debunk him and reaffirm in my mind that honesty and integrity were dead. No dice. The man is solid. I do not back every single viewpoint he holds, but that is true of anyone. What's most important is that this man can restore dignity and respect to an office and branch that has become little more than a puppet theatre for corporate interests. The fact that the mainstream media is going out of its way to ignore or outright slander this honest man disgusts me. Hearing people say they agree with his views, but won't vote for him because he's not a "big name" disgusts me. What has happened to America?

I am not a "kook."

I am not a pimp.

I am an American citizen who is PROUD to speak out for Dr. Ron Paul.

KISS: it's the message! When will the media "GET IT"? Perhaps only after they are faced with embarrassing results from the primaries that they NEVER predicted. Ron Paul 2008!!!!

The American people can be trusted with freedom. Our framers believed so, why doesn't the current "establishment"?

Ho-Hum when o' when are these people going to realize that these don't work. I see these take a cursory glance (to see if there may be some positive aspects, usually not) then see-ya! The thing that I keep in mind is that if Dr Paul weren't enormously popular they'd never write the piece in the first place, case closed! To think of Ron Paul as unsavory in any respect makes me laugh out loud.

Some of these pundits need to get out from behind their computers and get out into the streets. There is a revolution taking place and they are oblivious to it. Ron Paul dominates in straw polls, debate polls, fund raising, web traffic and grass roots networking. I have gathered the evidence to support this statement and created a website.

Please visit and judge for yourself.

It is the status quo politicians and spokesmen who are hanging on by a thread. After all, Ron Paul's supporters and money are coming from somewhere--certainly from the disaffected, the disgusted, and others who simply want change. The non-voters, the independents, the new voters, and many others who have "dropped out" could be a very large voting bloc that most definitely is not being picked up in the polling data. And the mainstream politicians know this.

Almost daily we see more metrics that show Paul's growing support, from the number of independent and mainstream papers who recognize his presence, to the scope and breadth of attacks by the "establishment" who are trying to beat him and his supporters down.

The Paul campaign is like a house on fire. And all the status quo fire brigade can do is fetch more buckets of water to put it out.

Stuart Who?

The American People are once again given scant choices when it comes to another election; in fact, we only have one choice among the cadre of regurgitated spectacle of candidates presented by the Entrenchment Political Apparatus of the Republican and Democratic Parties and that choice is Ron Paul.

Each party have had their respective turns at the ruination of this Country for decades with no solutions to the problems that they themselves have caused; every four years we have been given choices that amount to no choice and their staged production continues to recycle the same type of candidate time and time again.

The Entrenchment Parasitic Ticks from both political parties have spent the last 60 or so years sucking the Life Blood from this Nation and have asked the People to keep smiling and supporting their feckless leadership decision-makers. While they present different Actors, the screenplay is the same. Each election they get on their stage, their lines are well-rehearsed and their emotional plea to the voters rings out with a façade of sincerity, they cry out their empty promises and give no real answers to real issues faced by this Nation.

Every four years this nation is swung to the Republicans or the Democrats, all hoping that this time it will be different, but it never is, it is always the same because the agendas are always the same. They care nothing for the People of this Country and at times, witnessed by the folly of their legislations, it appears that they care little for the Country itself.

Until I read Ron Paul’s book: A Foreign Policy of Freedom, I had no idea just how twisted our government really was. Ron Paul has proven to be a voice of clarity in a mass of confusion, misjudgment, miscalculation and mismanagement in government. His writings and knowledge of what is considered by many to be esoteric subjects like monetary policy, economics and the misapplication of a misdirected and broadly applied foreign policy is absolutely astounding and right on target. Ron Paul has correctly interpreted the consequences of these governments’ actions time and time again. He predicted how the events would unfold years before they did and he was correct in his predictions.

In numerous occasions, Ron Paul stood before the House of Representatives speaking out about the total lack of reason behind many, if not all of our foreign policies. He stated correctly that on most occasions this country has aided, armed, trained and entered into treaties with both sides of a conflict. He is correct when he states that this country has such an unfocused and broadly applied foreign policy that we fail to determine if our actions are actually in our Nations true best interest. In essence, we have no foreign policy, just a conglomeration of miscalculations that tend to bite us in the ass more times than it actually provides us with security or solutions. We have spent decades and billions upon billions of dollars on programs, policies and decisions that have failed to provide us with any real solutions.

Ron Paul understands that America is not the Social Worker of the World any more than we are the Policeman of the World. Most, if not all of our foreign policy actions have not only proved feckless, but many times harmful to the actual security interests of the American People and this Nation. It is time that we returned rational thought to this government, restrained by a reality that few politicians on either side of the political spectrum grasp.

I can guarantee you this, if Ron Paul is not elected in 2008, by 2012 we will all wish he had been. Our entire monetary system is on the brink of reaching its mathematical terminal point. Every Fiat Monetary System, the one this government and the Federal Reserve have YOKED us with, have a Maximum Possible Lifespan and will terminate. Every single dollar has been borrowed into existence and carries a full debt obligation. Since the entire system is totally built upon and created by debt there will come a time when the debt siphoned off more than the economy can produce. We are almost at that time period and have seen that the entire global economy, which is based solely upon the Fiat system, is having a hard time tolerating even minor disruptions, such as small interest rate increases. Mark my word, it is ending and nothing that the government or the Federal Reserve does can stop the system reaching its inherent termination point. Ron Paul is the only candidate that understands that fact and, it appears, he is the only candidate that has an understanding of monetary mechanics. The rest are simpletons who appear to lack understanding of the concepts that will affect this Nation and its People in ways that we would rather not experience. Yet, those candidates and their gullible supporters seem eager to consume their regurgitated tripe and happily promote their empty and unfulfilable promises.

I have been a successful businessman for 4 decades, I have seen these political hacks of special interests and corporate darlings decimate this Nation’s economy and manufacturing base. They have continued to drive the working man and woman of this Country into a slow road to being nothing more than productive serfs. I have witnessed the Administrations of 11 Presidents in this country, each have given this Nation precious little in the way of real leadership or common-sense decision making. Ron Paul is that voice of common-sense and a principled intellect beyond reproach.


There is also a Ron Paul campaign office in Arlington Hts. Illinois that is receiving a very large amount of traffic and activity.

When will Ron Paul open a Los Angeles office? :-) Go here to read an interesting article on The Fourth Turning and the 08 Presidential Candidates -- see why Ron Paul is the best candidate, no matter what framework his positions are applied to!

Each time I hear someone say "Paul can't win".
Each time I hear or watch a hit piece.
I push that much harder, I tell more people, about Dr. Ron Paul
If anyone asks you "Is there anything else I can do for you (Mr. Smith)"
I say "yes there is something else, do you know about Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul............................................."

I dunno. I think Stuart is a talking mouse who apparantly can write, or something.

Ron Paul stands by the Constitution, and is for the rights of American citizens. The mass media keeps trying to shove Huckabee, Romney and the other Republican neocons down the throat of the American people. The corporate run mainstream media (for instance Boeing sponsors Meet the Press) is pulling out all the stops to defeat Paul. Last night I watched the debate and was disgusted by how biased Anderson Cooper, host of the CNN/YouTube debate, is against Ron Paul. He gave so much more time to the other candidates. After the debate CNN brought out the same tired pundits to talk about how wonderful Paul's ideas are very mainstream. The new stategy of corporate run media appears to be slandering Paul supporters as fringe dwellers and conspiracy theorists. I am neither. I am simply part of a revolution taking place across this great nation.
I am registering as a Republican so I can vote for Paul.

we know where you get your check, Mr. Rothenberg. MSM is either in denial, deceiving, or detached. I pick the 2nd for Mr. R.

And if Forbes, Kudlow, Rogers, Schiff and Stansberry support his economic policies, I would suggest a second look for those still in doubt.

Expect the unexpected with Ron Paul's campaign.

Speaking for myself as an Engineer, Army Veteran, a husband and father I will say:

Although I differ on many issues with Dr. Paul in general, I am compelled to support him because of his obviously apparent integrity.

It;s not so much that I like Ron Paul, but more that I trust him more than any other candidate in politics today.

I'll choose an honest man any day!

"...there simply are not all that many of them."

Maybe, but I am a Republican activist and I have seen most of the GOP candidates speak. I can tell you from experience that it is at Ron Paul rallies where I have found the most -- and most enthusiastic -- supporters. I have never seen anything like it.

Looking forward to vote Ron Paul in 2008!

I am getting sick and tired of being called a kook, anti-establishment , anti-semeitic,etc. for supporting Ron Paul. If this continues, I think Ron Paul supporters should consider filing law suits against the media for harrassment, dafamation of character and discrimination.

Rothenberg obviously has no clue about liberty. Anti-establishment is exactly what every American should be. Freedom is what the U.S. is about, and if it gets trampled, then yes, we get angry. Ron Paul's answers are not easy, in fact they’re just the opposite. Ron Paul actually addresses the tough issues with ideas that work & have worked for over 230 years. He doesn't side step questions and he tells the truth, without sound bytes. And if Ron Paul's answers are so "easy" then why haven't people like Gouliani, Clinton, and Rothenberg gotten them by now? Ron Paul advocates individual liberty, which means more responsibility in the hands of the people. Seems to me the easy answers come from Gouliani & Obama when they insist the government take care of people instead.

It's the MESSAGE....STUPID!!!

I'm 56 and have voted in every election since 1976, but I've NEVER voted for a Republican OR a Democrat. I found out about the Libertarian Party then and have always voted Libertarian. I voted for Paul in '88. I'm going to hold my nose and register Republican so I can vote for Paul again in the '08 primary. Since the Democrats and Republicans have gotten together to make it essentially illegal to run as a third party, I can see all liberty leaning voters in this country getting together and taking over one of the two "legal" parties, and in the case of the Republicans, sending the war mongering, big government neo-cons packing. They have ruined this country and deserve to be on the "outside fringe". Maybe they can start their own party, the "Looser-cons!" (to coin a phrase from one of the leading looser-cons, Michael Medved.)

I am a Evangelical Christian Pastor. I not only am a black helicopter kook, and not only a shill for Jesus, I am a former navy vet who swore to defend the constitution and I will do that by voting for Ron Paul.

Want to see REAL-TIME statistics of Dr. Ron Paul's support?

Dr. Ron Paul has stated that his heroes include Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

He speaks truthfully, wisely and with experience. Don't forget he has been in Congress for a long time and knows how the game works. His sound economic principles are so welcome in this dollar-dead economy.

This is a civil rights movement for our generation. This is about restoring our trust in what a leader should be, some are a bit thrown off by his honestly. We're not used to that, right? Dr. Paul is a true statesman and Founding Father material. Ignore his message at your own peril. Liberty and REAL freedom is possible, but not by discounting the good Doctor.

"But there simply are not all that many of them."

The pundits have no clue. Congressman Paul's true support can not be judged by just the number of supporters active in "cyberspace". I am an active Ron Paul supporter both online and offline but I represent at least six votes because five of my friends and family members will be voting for Ron Paul in February though they are not active online supporters - and those are just the five I'm completely certain about.

'Rothenberg anticipates that his critique will unleash a barrage of bashing from Paulites. "

If there "are not all that many", what's the big deal? That final sentence contradicts and shines a spotlight on Rothenberg's lies and bias in the rest of his comments.

It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of the mass media in particular Rothenburg. They try to put quick labels on people that they don't have a clue. Well Rothenburg we are people just like you that work for a living and are internet savy, We support Ron Paul who is the only candidate with integrity. Sure I might not agree with his total platform, but he is honest pure and simple. We are blessed and fortunate to have someone like Ron Paul to run for President and get America back in order. Whats really interesting is this whole presidential race has really opened my eyes to the dishonesty, manipulation and white lies that come from the mass media.
I am not angry, or anti-establishment...I am part of the establishment.
I am voting for Dr.Ron Paul 2008.

i don't think provacative is the right word for the rothenberg hit piece that linked paul and his supporters with pot smoking grateful dead fans (the traditional republican base, right?) and "kooks" .provocative means thought-provoking. rothenberg's yellow journalism is just more msm thought-stifling, dissent-killing, sheeple-follow-the-leader shinola.


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