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Headline of the day

November 30, 2007 |  7:10 pm

Usually, a New York tabloid wins the contest, hands down. Sometimes, one of the more staid major dailies (like ours) claims the honor. But today, it goes to a magazine that, while influential within centrist and center-of-left circles, has a circulation well under 100,000: The New Republic.

The publication posted an article that thoughtfully examines a question that Democratic politicos have been mulling among themselves all year -- if Hillary Clinton snags the party's presidential nomination, to what degree would she harm other Democrats running for the Senate, the House, governorships or other offices next year?

The headline: "Drag Queen" (click here to check it out).

We can't help but wonder how the esteemed Walter Lippmann, who co-founded the New Republic 94 years ago, would have reacted.

The piece, by political science professor Thomas F. Schaller, goes on to make a persuasive case that a Clinton candidacy would NOT seriously jeopardize Democratic prospects in other races (the provocative head notwithstanding). Indeed, he states flatly: "... the fact is that neither she nor her main rivals will provide a significant drag or lift for Democratic office-seekers."

One quibble: Schaller impressively backs up his assertion, but it remains a thesis on his part, not a "fact."

-- Don Frederick