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But who would pick up the check?

November 20, 2007 |  4:39 pm

During a 1999 debate of Republican presidential contenders, George Bush famously cited Jesus when he and other candidates were asked to identify the "political philosopher or thinker" who had most influenced them. Barack Obama today broached Christ in answering a different question, picking him as one of three historic figures with whom he would like to have dinner.

The query was posed to Obama by a reporter with the Conway, N.H., Daily Sun (the Democratic presidential candidate dropped by the newspaper's offices while stumping in the state). Making Obama's cut, along with Jesus, were Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

He then stated the obvious: "Not a bad list" (though we notice that it lacks any of his party's legends; can a whispering campaign about such an omission be far behind?).

Times reporter Michael Finnegan was with Obama during the newsroom visit, which was marked by another oddity; the candidate was asked to autograph a refrigerator. Whipping out a magic marker, he complied, adding his name to those of Democrats Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd and Republican Tom Tancredo.

The Sun intends to collect as many candidate signatures on the appliance as possible during the buildup to New Hampshire's primary. After the vote (at which point candidate visits to the state will become virtually nonexistent), the refrigerator will be auctioned on EBay, with the proceeds donated to charity.

Obama, in another example of stating the obvious, told the Sun's staff: “I have never signed a refrigerator before.”

-- Don Frederick