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(Republican) Party in the desert

With the California Republican Party gathering in Indian Wells today for its semi-annual convention, we thought it might be useful to sum up the most recent poll in the GOP presidential race.  Rudy Giuliani led the pack a month ago in the Field Poll with 35%.  Mitt Romney had 14% and Fred Thompson 13% -- this was before he had announced. John McCain drew just under 11%.

What might be more interesting to watch will be the interplay tonight between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the party leadership, as the governor gives the opening-night address at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa.  As our colleague Evan Halper points out in today's paper, there's not a whole lot of warm-and-fuzzy between the state's most recognizable Republican and his party.

What's also interesting is who will not be at the convention this weekend: Most of the Republican presidential candidates.  Only Sen. John McCain and Duncan Hunter -- the San Diego-area congressman -- are scheduled to talk.

-- Scott Martelle

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I can see why the party is angry. After all, Arnold has great numbers, broad bipartisan approval, is well liked by the electorate, and he's getting a lot done.

How can California Republicans allow such an OUTRAGE to continue?


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