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POLITICAL SHOCKER: Angels owner endorses Yankees fan!

Is there no shame in politics? Or even Mudville?

Top of the Ticket has learned that the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani will announce overnight that the former New York mayor and lifelong insane Yankees fan has been endorsed by Angels owner Arte Moreno.

Whether you consider them the Anaheim Angels or the Los Angeles Angels, what, Moreno couldn't go outside the American League to find a presidential candidate to endorse? What are the playoff implications of this?

"Arte Moreno is a good friend," explains Giuliani, who is attending tonight's Angels-Yankees tilt. "And one of the most respected owners in Major League Baseball." Giuliani, who is constructing a national campaign strategy that counts less on the earliest voting states, is in the state on his ninth campaign trip to California this year.

We're not into endorsing candidates here. We try to be equal opportunity offenders. But, politics aside, teams are something else. May the Angels give the New Yorkers a huge "endorsement" of another kind tonight, in other words, a major league whupping.

(UPDATE: Final score Angels 18 Yankees 9. heh heh)

--Andrew Malcolm

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We Yankee fans welcome the endorsement from here out east. The only thing we don't welcome is another wallup!

(Ans: Fair enough. It's the playoffs that count anyway. P.S. Looks like your boys are getting revenge tonight.--AM)

That must be precedent, and who says baseball dosen't matter!

The combined attack on Sarah Palin from the democrats, republicans and other low life seems to be a coordinated effort to eliminate her from any political consideration in the imediate future.It appears to me that she is an honest,inteligent and straight thinking politician- a rare combination in todays snake infested political environment.


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