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More on Gore

Well, now we have some explanation for why former vice president Al Gore is delaying the announcement of his 2008 presidential campaign. He's making a big bundle off the environment by talking about it.

Thanks to website, we have access to a copy of the contract for the recent speech by Gore at the University of California, San Diego. It's an inconvenient truth that he got $100,000 for the 75-minute environmental slide presentation at the public school and agreed to an extra 10 minutes of questions.

Among the other requirements set out by Gore:

First-class roundtrip air transportation for himself and one traveling companion, who is also to receive $1,000 per day in expenses; all meal, phone and other expenses to be covered for both; a security guard for every minute of his visit; a sedan, preferably a hybrid but definitely not an SUV, for all transportation; no press access or interviews; no video or audio taping or broadcast of the event; no photographs; approval of all scenery, logos, banners and settings for the appearance; approval of all communications and mailings regarding the appearance; Gore agrees only to a brief reception with sponsors and invited guests; and the contents of the contract must be kept strictly confidential.

Other than that, the university was free to do as it pleased with the May 21 event.

As far as we can discern, Gore did not announce his presidential candidacy during that visit. But then again, because the press was barred, there's no word that he ruled one out either. There are, however, still 13 months left before the Democratic National Convention picks its nominee in Denver.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Al Gore is a fraud and a disgusting example of a human being.

He is spreading fear and hysteria for the sole purpose of putting MORE money into his already huge bank account.

How anyone can give Al Gore any credibility is mind boggling. He has 3 mansions, one of which uses 20 times the amount of electricity as an average home. He travels around the world in private jets. And he charges $100,000 for just over an hour's work.


When is big Al going to release his film as a comedy?
According to Al, the Mayans must of driven SUV's because the evviornment killed them off.
How many "green assoccations" have big Al on their payrolls?
Wll Al ever debate global warming with the leading scientists?


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