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Coulter vs. (Elizabeth) Edwards

Ann Coulter, she of the vicious right roundhouses, was on MSNBC's "Hardball" Tuesday, doing her thing with host Chris Matthews, when Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John, called in by pre-arrangement.

Coulter_2Coulter, you'll recall, disturbed even some of her conservative allies when she referred to John Edwards as a "faggot" during an appearance in March in Washington. She later tried to explain that she was using the term like a schoolyard taunt, meaning to cast Edwards as a "wuss."

In Tuesday's telephonic exchange, Elizabeth Edwards asked Coulter to start playing more nicely and stop using personal attacks. For the details, check out the video on MSNBC. But be patient. This morning, all the traffic had the server choking.

Elizabeth Edwards has been quite the presence this week, beginning with her stop Sunday at festivities surrounding San Francisco's annual gay pride parade and subsequent appearance the next night, with her husband, on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

To check out coverage of other politicking she did in various Western climes, check out here, (a Seattle visit), here (a Portland drop-by) and here (the view from Vegas).

-- Scott Martelle

Photo: Ann Coulter; Credit: Jim Cooper/AP

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Does getting into the sewer w/ Coulter help the cause? As much as I value ELizabeth's courage to take her on, particularly in discussing her deceased child, I have to believe the attention just elevates Coulter. To me, Coulter is the Bin Laden of the American right and she loves this kind of attention.

On another note, why does Matthews have her on? In what way is she a reputable political figure? Why not have Michael Richards come on to discuss rasicm?

Ann Coulter, is a prime example of the hate mongering politics running loose in this country. Ann, along with all who believe in and listen to her should be required to wear tin foil hats. This way they could be recognized and avoided. The same goes for the people who voted for Bush/Chaney. Same hat with the word (DUNCE) in bold face on the front.

Ann Coulter needs to have her right wing mouth sewn shut,FORVER!

Fine that one does not agree with Ann Coulter. However, if I did not know who Ann Coulter was, I would assume the individuals rants here are hate-mongering as well with left-wing tendencies!

I was in high school when JFK was assasinated. I had returned, as a soldier with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam, when Bobby Kennedy and MLK were assasinated.
Ann Coulter and Bill Maher(who gleed that someone almost killed VP Cheney in Afghanistan) should both go in for mental health treatment.
Supporting our democracy by vote, not by gun, is what seperate's us from dictitorial government.
I would like both of them to grow up..and shut up.

Mann Coulter says publicly that she wishes that Senator Edwards would have been killed in a terrorist attack, and that he had a bumper sticker on his car saying, "ask me about my dead son", and SHE is the victim?
She calls Senator Edwards a Faggot, and anything that explodes in her head about anyone she hates.
She can't help it; she is mentally ill. But the people who put her on the television, Chris Matthews, Larry King, Good Morning America, are to blame. They are supposed to be the face of America. America is really an ugly dog.

It is interesting that liberals only hear what serves their purpose. Did Bill Maher say that he wished the VP was assinated? How many libs have stated that they wished W was dead, W. Snipes goin' to get his 9mm and kill W. But of course you probably didn't know about that - you only watch CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, & PBS. You are ignorant - not stupid - just IGNORANT.

I pray this anorexic witch endures much pain and suffering from her broken jaw, and I hope John Edwards punches her flush in her wired jaw soon and save us all from ever hearing from this loser again.


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