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Paris Hilton not here

June 11, 2007 |  1:04 am

Today is Day One of a new conversation on

Today we launch Top of the Ticket, a new political blog with a twist. What can one more blogger bring to the nation's political discourse? Who cares? This one has two bloggers. Two veteran political reporters, one on each coast of this vast land combing the workings of U.S. politics, drawing on the vast resources of the Los Angeles Times' talented political staff to uncover the interesting nuggets of news, trends, insights and trivia that help reveal our democracy's inner workings as it moves through the next dramatic months of political history.

You'll find those nuggets right here, posted several times a day. Many of us talk back to our TV screens. Well, here you can be heard. Add your comments. Anytime. We'll even be commenting on your comments.

We'll all learn some things. We'll have some fun. We'll watch the circus unfold. So bookmark this page. Check back frequently. We'll be here. Let's get going.

Now, here's Top of the Ticket's first political tip: Keep checking back here today as we'll be breaking some new national polling information soon.