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Comedian George Lopez to buy baseball championship rings for San Fernando High

Comedian and talk-show host George Lopez, who briefly played baseball at San Fernando High, has decided to pay for the players' championship rings won last weekend at Dodger Stadium, Coach Armando Gomez said Wednesday.

San Fernando won its first City Section Division I baseball title since 1991 on Saturday with an 8-6 victory over Chatsworth at Dodger Stadium.

"It's unbelievable, because the kids couldn't afford it," Gomez said.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Christine Williamson

Another sign of a class act. Congratulations Mr. Lopez for setting a good example. Others should follow your lead.

Mister Chris

I teach at San Fernando and was lucky enough to attend the championship game at Dodger Stadium vs Chatsworth. It was a GREAT game. San Fernando took a commanding lead, but Chatsworth just kept coming, so the issue was in doubt the entire game---a real nail biter. I've been to a lot of games in my life from every venue in LA, but when that entire San Fernando section of fans stood up in the last inning at Dodger Stadium last Saturday afternoon to root and will their team to the championship, it was as exciting as anything in sports.





Wow, not only are you a bitter critic and a cynic, but you're a mind reader as well huh? Whether or not he chooses to donate anonymously or not, he is contributing back to his alma mater. That doesn't negate the sincerity of donation/gesture, even if his core business is to promote himself as an entertainer.

Now go back to your glass house and crystal ball.

Ignacio Rojas - Educator

Reward those that do well with praise and recognition for their merits. These great student athletes demonstrated what it takes to win, Courage and Sacrifice.

They have earned what ever recognition comes their way!

Right On George! Our community says "Muchas Gracias Señor Lopez!".

don't test me

@ Eva- How do you know it was Mr. Lopez that promoted his gift? I think it's reasonable to assume that if he offered to pay for the rings, the coach or one of the team parents might have thought his gesture was worthy of some acknowledgement.

Why do some people (like you) have to find negativity in every situation? It's sad, really.

Eva Slade

You are all falling into his trap.
George Lopez is a publicity hound.
If this was such an important act of kindness, why not do it anonymously.
He enjoys everyone kissing up to him.


There still good people in this word thank you George Lopez


its nice to see some one giving back and not being just a publicity stunt.

Larry Black

I have looked for a way to send a personal thanks to Mr. Lopez but can't seem to find a link. So I will just say here, thank you Mr. Lopez for that warm and heartfelt sentiment. This is the kind of thing that America needs to see. As opposed to entertainment(bad) news out of FOX and MSNBC. I played baseball as a youth and hardly a day goes by that I do not rememeber my baseball years. The game can have a lasting impression on players later on in their lives. And you Mr. Lopez have helped to add a sparkle to it; and to what human beings are capable of when they allow their hearts to guide their paths. Muchas Gracias Señor Lopez

Reynaldo Salcedo

George this find gesture shows the commitment everyone should have towards the children of the greater Los Angeles area, this is a great story to remember. LA Times you ddid good this time.



Bill G

Good for him. He can afford it, those kids and their families can't.


Its nice to see those that have financially succeeded in life to remember their roots and give back. George you have been blessed, stay ground, keep doing what your doing. You lead by example, you make us proud.

Nataly Garcia

Yey GO TIGERS! I was at the game and my little cousin is on the team! Second Baseman! Im so happy that he gets to go all out his senior year! This is very exciting for me because I know and I saw those boys work very hard for that win! Thank You so much for George Lopez that is about the best thing someone has ever done for those boys! They truly deserve it!!<3


Common George its your show bring the kids to your show and talk to them.

Luis G

Really classy move George lopez!!

Wayne Kurtz

Thank you, George Lopez, for being a kind and generous person in our daily news because you have the dignity to give back to our local community and to these very-deserving baseball players...Wayne Kurtz.


That's why G-Lo is the comedian of the year!

Nice Gesture

That's cool but you inow what will be cooler - have them come on your show. The way scouts are looking are only private schools this will probably be the only exposure these kids get.


I see ya workin' George! Very nice!

Patricia Belgum

I was at that game, I am from Chatsworth, I was praying for those kids and that unbeleiveable pitcher Jose Reyes was the epitome of cool - that he was able to pitch the entire game against the powerhouse (though not that day) Chatsworth which is intimidating enough - but in the last inning with two on base - no outs - and this kid and the
shortstop made quick work. I LOVED THAT GAME. The coach Armando Gomez told Reyes to `Beleive' ... he did - boy did he. That was the best game I have ever been to in my life. Bless their hearts - it meant so much to each kid, the team, the community - and I loved that they beat the Chatsworth champs - I mean this means so much to them.

I love the fact that George is recognizing and honoring these kids. Great - bless his heart too!


Very nice gesture,


Nice to see a celebrity giving something back to his HS...


Don't be spending all that money, George!

I don't know how much longer that show's gonna last.


Wow thats awesome totally awesome. Good job Lopez.


Nice..thats why your the King of Late Night GEORGE...good deed


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