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Football: Serra League could challenge Trinity League

Every year, the Trinity League usually ranks No. 1 in football, but teams from the Serra League are showing early signs this summer of being very skilled and improved.

La Puente Bishop Amat finished second this past weekend at the San Diego State tournament behind Hamilton High from Chandler, Ariz.

Mission Hills Alemany won the Pierce College tournament. Los Angeles Loyola and Sherman Oaks Notre Dame have looked much improved in summer competitions. Encino Crespi is taking its dead period right now, but the Celts have some good receivers and excellent linemen.

Don't even ask me to make a prediction on who wins the Serra League this fall. It's too early and we'll have to see if there are any more transfers.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Bosco Fan, the reason that Amat8981 posted such a comment is that he did so without knowing the facts. Bosco was in the championship round @ Dana hills, and one win away from the final four, same as Loyola, but whatever (by the way, Bosco has dominated Loyola in recent years during the season, in pads, 11 vs. 11 - when it counts). Many people who post to this blog make the same mistake and trying to figure out why is a futile effort.

I like Servite95's post: "Bosco looks strong, but usually chokes in league." Cannot argue with that. Bosco (we) need to finish the job and win League games in order to earn respect - PAC-5 TRINITY LEAGE type RESPECT! The overtime SM game when Bosco was up 21 - 0 in the first half epitomizes the "choke." The Negro's are doing a great job and we made great strides in 2010; but nothing short of a playoff spot will suffice in 2011 – everyone connected to the program understands this point. Good luck to all & GO BRAVES!

Bosco Fan

Both league's are amazing. Every single game is a tough game. Look at the Bosco. They beat a CIF champion La Habra by almost 3td's and loose to the pac-5 champs servite by 8 and santa margarita in overtime by 1. but dont even make the playoffs.

and Amat8981 bosco was ran out of the tournament.??? while loyola "represented quite well"???
I am by no means saying bosco kicked butt at the airstrike but bosco scored more points than anyone in the tournament's morning pool play. finished 3-1, loyola was 2-2 and both teams lost in the bosco won 1 more game than loyola but u say bosco was ran out while loyola represent quite nicely??? just curious y u would say that.


Friar05....stay in your lane, there, son. DLS plays in the toughest league in No. Cal...the EBAL...and they will play anyone, anywhere at any time...normally winning. What they did to Servite last year was not a product of the weather...they played in the same conditions as Servite...and still dropped almost half a hundred on you...what they do is play with Pythagorean precision, break neck speed, rabid intensity and military discipline...then they politely pick you up off your butt that they just knocked you on, say good play and then come back and bust you in the mouth again on the next play...and they do it until you quit, or until the clock shows 000...then they kindly shake your hand, congratulate you on a good game, sing their alma mater, and head to the showers....where they probably celebrate for about 2 minutes before they start thinking about the next challenge....and son...they have been doing that since before you were even a glint in your daddy's eye....

And guess what...every year they hear the same thing....wait til next will be a reversed result...then they come in and hand your hat to you again, shake your hand and move onto the next..and they do it without nearly the talent level that you have

There is one coach in California who can match Ladocuer's attention to detail and precision at DLS and that is Harry Welch...not a shot at Troy Thomas...he is gonna get there one day...and he is smart enough to know he wants to be the DLS of the south....Everybody needs to worry about Santa Margarita....


Trinity league is much more physical than Serra league period. With all due respect to everyone De La Salle should not even be mentioned as being in a weak league. They're the cream of the crop, the top dogs, the measuring stick for elite football programs. It's been proven year after year. And I'll bet anything that they will be in the open game in state again in December. The only team that has been there on an annual basis. PAC 5 will be Servite, MV, LB Poly or SM.

warrior 818

Looks like Amat guys want to win bad. I think Amat will do great this year but Alemany will beat them with team speed and defense. Sorry that is just the facts!


Trinity is still the beast of Socal, and for that matter, in all of Ca. OK DeLaSalle is good, but they play in a weak league. You could say we flopped in the Open, but weather conditions did play a factor overall.

Serra is good, but still # 2 behind Trinity. We will prove that when we whoop Amat in game two of the season. Servite is still the class of Trinity, and Mater Dei might not be second, as I think Santa Margarita will topple the monarchs this season.

When it's all said and done, Servite will three peat, and face Delasalle, but the reults will be reversed.........Friars forever.


Every year its the same debate, who is going to win it all? who has the potential to win it all, who has the players to win it all, who has the coaches to win it all? Who has the fans to win it all (joking). Those are the questions that can be answered once the games begin and end. ALL these schools have the potiential to win it all, but who will? Some much talent, so much heart, so much desire to win, its anyones game, in fact it anyone's game to lose.


Serra League will be well represented this season. Bishop Amat will most likely take the top spot. Notre Dame will be in the cellar once again, and Crespi is still rebuilding. Loyola represented quite well at this past weekend's talent loaded Nike Airstrike Passing tourney at Dana Hills High (Bosco was run out of the tourney).... Long Beach Poly defeated Mater Dei in the Championship. However, the road for Poly was not easy, squeazing out victories over Santa Margarita and coming from behind to beat Upland to make the playoffs and win the Championship. Mater Dei is good not great. Servite will be up for the challenge.
Serra vs Trinity league for the title, maybe, but this season the Champ could emerge from elsewhere.


I've seen Amat and Alemany up close and they could both beat any Trinity team including us, on any given Friday. Crespi is always strong, and I don't know if Loyola and Notre Dame are going to challenge this year. In being objective, Jefe is just backing up his team, and that's cool. But to be realistic, the Serra league is right there with Trinity.

We will be strong again this year, but Mater Dei and Santa Margarita are right there neck and neck with us. Bosco looks strong, but usually chokes in league. OL and Jserra are still a little behind.

I think it's fair to say that both the Trinity and Serra leagues have excellent teams, and come Pac 5 playoffs, we'll see who shines......Servite, Mater Dei, Amat, Alemany, Mission Viejo, LB Poly, and maybe Santa Margarita have a chance to take it all this coming year.....That's the beauty of HS Football, and the pressure to deliver on the field.....I can't wait.........


Nice try, ES.

Trinity is still, top-to-bottom, head & shoulders above the Serra.

football fan

Bishop Amat will need to improve their their defense to be a play-off contender.

Offense is solid though. Great running game. Every other Sierra league team have taken big steps forward to improve.

warrior 818

Alemany will win the Serra league!!! Their defense will be better this year and they always put up points. Serra League champs again just watch.


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