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How many days until the Oaks Christian-St. Bonaventure football game?

To say that Westlake Village Oaks Christian and Ventura St. Bonaventure have a rivalry might be an understatement.

"I want to play them tomorrow," St. Bonaventure football Coach Todd Therrien said in a text message.

On Thursday, the two schools played in a tense baseball game in which the fans were yelling at each other and players left their benches for one incident, according to observers. And none other than Therrien was on the public address system and happened to blurt out "bush-league play" after an Oaks Christian runner ran into the St. Bonaventure first baseman.

That triggered some anger from Oaks Christian fans.

St. Bonaventure won on Tuesday, 11-0, and Oaks Christian won on Thursday, 6-0. Come fall, the pads come on and the fun really begins.

-- Eric Sondheimer



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St. Bonny is a head scratcher!! Losing to teams like Grace Brethren, Nordhoff and Oak Park, yet beating a D1 school like LB Wilson says something about underachieving and/or coaching.


Well, since Bonny gave their best Lineup thursday and Radke shut them down and grajeda shut down OC's half starting lineup it would be safe (wise) to say that radke would beat grajeda if OC were to score a run with their regular lineup. By the way i don't want to sound mean, but Bonaventure good luck against Bishop amat in the second round if you beat temple city. in all honesty, good luck!


Thanks for the player update (the kid is a top-flite 2013 prospect). As I said in my earlier post, I don't have a dog in the fight. No school alliance either way. I'm a disappointed fan who was looking forward to a Radke vs. Grajeda, full line-up showdown between the two schools which didn't happen this year.
Division 4 has some awesome teams this year with Bishop Amat, Palm Desert and Torrance and players like Rio Ruiz, Ryan Garvey and Trent Gilbert, so it will be curious to see how the Tri-Valley squads stack up in the playoffs.


RbLev6 what OC did on Tuesday for their seniors show how class which is more than your school will ever have as winning is their only care, not developing players. As for our third baseman, he broke his leg before the season and it wasn't healing properly so some titanium things had to be inserted which delayed his getting up the game. He was cleared to play on the series just before we played your team. hope this help you.


I don't have a dog in the fight, but I did go to both games.

As far as the Tuesday game went, it was OC's choice to roll out a "Senior Night" line-up and they happened to get smoked by a kid who's been the staff ace for three years and who's ERA is less than a run a game. It's a shame that Grajeda and Radke didn't hook-up with full line-ups intact. OC's play-off seeding might be hurt by that loss.

Farris had an awesome game and certainly didn't win any fans over with his chest pumping and taunting. After winning, St. Bonny celebrated like they'd won the World Series, which was bound to cause hard feelings for the rematch.

St. Bonny got schooled by an intact OC squad on Thursday and showed why they've been a horribly underachieving for the past two years (leadership and attitude).

BTW, what's the matter with OC's sophomore 3rd baseman who's relegated to pinch-hitting duties?


Rb Lev6 you do know that tuesday OC was missing their number two and 3 pitchers right? so your no. 1 faced our no. 4 tuesday and our no. 1 faced your no. 2 thrusday...


Sue Smith is correct...the Head Football Coach should not be announcing such a high profile game like he were a color commentator for ESPN! Comments over the PA system like "that's a bush league play" will start a fight at any game. He should have been relieved of his duties immediately after making the remark - and if not - he definately should have been removed after inviting a parent up to the booth to "shut him up". Question: where were the administrators in charge while this was going on? Just goes to show that even though private school faculty, parents and players tend to give off the elite vibe....they can act just as ridiculous (perhaps ghetto would be more appropriate) as any "city school" they have worked so hard to get away from.


RbLev6 is funny how you forgot to mention that the OC team that lost on Tuesday 11-0 was comprised entirely of seniors as it was our senior night. Most of the starting guys sat for the game. The pitcher that night hardly pitches at all. He is not a starter. Can you explain what do your team do when they faced the real team and pitcher? Goose eggs (lucky for your team that they won on tuesday because with the loss on Thursday you could have been eliminated from playoffs--Only two years removed from you hayday and already fighting just to stay alive for the playoffs)You need to face the reality that baseball at your school has been in decline for the last two year and it will not be solved soon if you check your underclass teams. there is not a lot of talent to pick from starting with your varsity coach.


that wasn't a hard tag... the kid was off balance after swinging and missing a curveball so when tagged he almost fell. and how come no one's mentioning the main problem of both games. ...... Jordan Farris. Yes he had a spectacular game tuesday, but when thursday came his reputation turned sour. he acted immature and taunted OC and their dugout throughout the game especially in the top of the first after relaying an out at home. That kid has issues. Good thing he went O for 3 with a K

sammy culture

THIS is exactly what high school sports needs!!!!!

Great rivalries between religion based high schools with the ever present possibility of a bench clearing brawl? What are you kidding me? If they can simply turn it up a notch or two, we can turn this into pay per view!

The schools can make BIG MONEY, which will result in better facilities and more resources to go out and get the best players, which will only make the rivalry that much better! The kids will LOVE it...and afterall, isn't it ALL about the kids?


Oaks Christian was looking for a fight after getting smoked on their home field by the Seraphs earlier this week. IMO, the hard tag by the OC catcher on a dropped 3rd strike started everything. The umps lacked any control as well.

On a more positive note, Radke pitched a great game and Taylor & Gretzky had some very good at-bats.

Sue Smith

The real issue at the game was not what the boys were doing on the field or that fact that the announcer happend to be the St.Bonnie football coach. The issue was WHAT that announcer did. It was inappropriate for him to be acting as a color comentator while announcing a high school it for the radio.


bonnie started it and oaks finished it. ask the umpires, the collision at first wasn't dirty or illegal at all. the team even a coach started going after oaks' runner which is why the benches cleared. And james, there's no cookie cutter religious views or reputation. nowhere in the bible does it say to lay over and back down or turn the other cheek. Oaks didn't back down and last time I checked most all public schools say the lord's prayer before as well...We are all held to the same standard.


UH...funny there was no mention of Therrien asking a parent to come up and "shut him up" when asked to just annouce who is a bat. Play by play annoucing does not belong on the field in high school from a head football coach with a sore loser attitude.

james gossett

I hope Therrien has some sort of punishment coming to him if he actually said that on the public address system There is no place for that, especially from a staff member.

And if what is stated is true about both schools, nice Christian attitude from a Catholic and a Christian high school. It is actions like these from these types of schools which give religion a bad name and basically make themselves hypocrites.

HS fan

Uh... leaving the bench is supposed to result in automatic ejection. Funny there was no mention of that happening.


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