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Football: Westlake receiver Nelson Spruce hit with marijuana possession citation

Nelson Spruce, 18, a standout senior receiver at Westlake Village Westlake who signed with Colorado, was cited on April 27 for alleged adult possession of marijuana at school, a misdemeanor, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office in Thousand Oaks.

Senior Deputy Jim DeSoto said a drug-sniffing dog supplied by a private company detected marijuana in Spruce's vehicle on campus.

Spruce has been given a court date.

-- Eric Sondheimer


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This has absolutely nothing to do with sports besides the fact that an athlete was involved. This is more of a gossip celebrity blog than a sports news report with some real substance. So, by insinuating that I know nothing about sports because of my comment on a completely separate topic just shows your presumptuous, pretentious character, and your attempt at humor just amplifies it. I feel sorry for the people who pretend to be your friends and have to put up with your know-it-all comments. Also, you just gave your opinion scolding me for giving my opinion, who's the hypocrite? I'd hate to be that guy too. And lastly, it's marijuana -- a substance that is only categorized as a "drug" because big business ran America struck a deal with lumber industries as hemp greatly threatened their revenue -- so maybe there are some people besides Nelson who need to take a hit and chill out!

sammy culture


I understand that sometimes our co workers will use our computers and leave with the article they were just reading still open. I get all buttered up about that as well.

Well, you not only read the article, but you opined on it., for the love of god and all that's good, go back to your normal viewing, like and, or leave the sports to people who actually like them and understand them. I am certain there is a some sort of backgammon/canasta website that is just dying to hear from you.



Are you an industrious, cash strapped student at Westlake looking for a little extra cash for prom or maybe a new iPod or iPhone, and those crummy parents won't cough up the cash?

Do what they did up in San Francisco when Tim Lincecum got caught with weed in his car....make a bunch of "LET NELSON SMOKE" T SHIRTS...sell them on the internet and just off campus, even over at Oaks Christian. It will be great fun and profitable too. Great lesson in capitalism, boys and girls!

You're welcome.


You want a real article? How about the tyrannical politics of high school football and how its power extends to ruin not only the lives of its players, but also school wide programs across the board. When you have a despot like Bankert -- who holds a position of nearly zero educational value -- you're both wasting tax payers money and jeopardizing the democratic sincerity of the public school system. Now that could be a catchy article!


Drug sniffing dogs may be needed in k-8 too, not just high school.


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