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Baseball: Thousand Oaks looking for new coach

Jim Stueve has resigned as baseball coach at Thousand Oaks.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Easy There

So Drootin knows how to beat the Marmonte League coaches? This according to Drootin? Come on Drootin, you must have better things to do then post on here, with multiple names only minutes apart, about how great a fit you'd be at T.O.

bear pit

VERN!! better start looking for a new job


Drootin is the only logical choice if T.O. wants to win. Drootin knows the league and opposing coaches and he knows how to beat them! Barrington?? Heard he went to coach a city team....... Check and see how that worked out for him and the poor school that he coached at!


Although TOHS might not be the place, I'm wondering when a high school is going to hire a "private" coach or scout team coach to run their program?

Guys like Rocky Hall, Darren Spiller, etc. come to mind.

Easy There

Job is going to an insider?

Does this mean Drootin can stop posting here numerous times about how great Drootin would be for the job?


Heard the job is going to an insider. On campus guy. Good luck losing.

Lompoc baller

Re: Retreads huh! Agoura went after a new young coach instead of a retread how did that work out.

big vern

I know none the Marmonte Coaches want Drootin at T.O. it's been to easy over the last few years to beat the lancers.Where Berrington!!!!


Nobody works harder than Drootin to get the kids to the next level!


If you want to win they need to get DROOTIN. It's funny he has coached for years and always wins. Players want to play for him . He does a better job then anyone on contacting colleges and getting kids to play at the next level. You say he is a retread 4 school in 22+ years of coaching .And still winning. I say all the sour grapes are from guys who want the job and have nothing to back it up.Thousand needs a winner someone who will work for the kids get them to colleges and make them better players.We all laugh kids, from Simi ,Camarillo, hahaha guess kids want to play for the guy. Nobody says anything about Tom Muesborn his number 1 in the Country had only 1 player who lived in the Chatsworth area. Players want to play for good coaches.


How about Reitz/Sizemore???? They work pretty well together.

Just Sayin

Let the bashing begin. Lets see if we can reach the 100 plus comment mark as last years Reitz article did. Drootin wouldnt want this job Golden Valley is much further along than Thousand Oaks. Seyler I bet all the other Marmonte coaches are pulling for him that would be a guaranteed 2 wins. Shaw wouldnt be able to pay him enough. Sizemore helped ruin Agoura then left. Simi's coach Arishon is it? Never heard of him. Ortega from Royal then who would take over his job at Royal as hitting coach/ recruiting coordinator/ bat roller. I dont know who they should hire and the name wont appear in these comments just like the Agoura coach wasnt apart of last years comments but lets keep on bashing.

Baseball Dad

No doubt Drootin would eventually win but it will be how he goes about doing it. He will have a pitcher from Camarillo a first baseman from Ventura a shortstop from Newbury Park and an outfielder from Reseda. Hire somebody fresh not a retread.

Baseball Dad

The young kid at Simi is Coach Arishon. The asst. at Royal is Coach Ortega. Both young men would be ideal and should be at the top of Thousand Oaks list.

In The Grease

Drootin is the only guy capable of taking that team back to the top of the Marmonte League! In only three seasons, he has been able to take GV out of the gutter and turn them into contenders in the very tough Foothill League.


The names being thrown out here are hilarious! Seyler just throws at you if your team is beating his. Drootin just can't stay anywhere for more than a couple years. Has to be some rule about coaching 4 teams in the same league. Sizemore, well, at least he is competent but he doesnt want to do this does he? If they don't want to hire a teacher, which they won't, your going to have problems. Not one school in this league has a competent assistant coach to hire? Young kid at Simi Valley? Assistant coach at Royal? Get off the retreads and find somebody with some energy that will rebuild this place. Facility could be outstanding, just need someone to take care of it and do the job.


Coach PC Shaw out of Harvard-Westlake/UCLA.


How about getting Tom Seyler from Agoura HS to take over? Great run at Palisades and probably ready to return as a head coach.



T.O. alumni '96

Lets bring T.O. baseball back to the top of the Marmonte. Who are the possible replacements? I suggest someone give Coach Sizemore a call first and hopefully the search will end with him.


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