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A look at CIF democracy

Last week, the CIF Federated Council, which is composed of the 10 sections representing 1,494 high schools in California, voted to establish a regional football bowl system effective in 2012.

So how did it pass when three of the five largest sections in the state voted no? Those three sections were the Southern Section, with 582 schools, the North Coast Section, with 174 schools, and the San Diego Section, with 122 schools.

That's 878 schools, or 59% of the total member schools in the state. That's a majority in my math. And yet, despite representing fewer schools, the other seven sections outnumbered the dissenters in the vote.

That's ridiculous. Based on this flawed decision, changes need to be made.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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In The SFV

To all the arm chair experts that say "let them play" and that a "few extra games" is not going to matter.
Try this: Go to your local high school starting in July and every day there is a football practice get your lard butt out on the track and run just one mile. Do this through the end of the season in December. Most of you would not make it to game one because of the heat. Throw in a few bruises and sprains that normally occur in football and then let me know how long the season is.
Give the kids break.


How come ES isn't complaining about the length of basketball and baseball seasons? They each have leagues outside of a regular high school season that go year round. Who ever wins the city championship in baseball this spring will actually begin summer baseball leagues late! Why all the whining now that football gets a few extra games? Off season football is nothing like the full blown games other sports maintain year round - football has 7 on 7 and thats it. I just don't see why ES and a few others are so dead against this.


He is saying that because the season is too long with those changes!!! And what about the multi-sport athletes?


Probably because he's in good with new CIF commish Rob Wigod and he's going to be Rob's lil trumpet in the court of public opinion. I say go for it and let them play too!

james gossett

If this is a flawed decision, what is the need for sections?


Why is that Mr. Sondheimer is the only one complaining about the bowl games? Just let them play.


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