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High school football: Regional bowl games approved for 2012

Get ready for a 16-week season in high school football starting with the 2012 season. The CIF Federated Council on Friday gave approval to regional bowl games in the North and South, starting in December of 2012.

All sections will be required to end their playoffs by Dec. 1 in 2012. It means the regular season will begin a week earlier in August. Regional playoff games will be held the weekend of Dec. 7-8 in five divisions. The winners will advance to the state championship bowl games the following weekend.

The regional format was approved despite unanimous opposition from the largest section in the state, the Southern Section. The Southern Section gets only 36 votes out of 137 (26%) on the Federated Council because of a weighted voting system even though it has 582 schools out of 1,494 (39%).

Now the question becomes whether the membership of the Southern Section will choose to opt out of the state playoffs in football. That would seem unlikely, because schools would then be passing up on television opportunities and the chance to play for a state championship. But some schools were adamant that 16 weeks is too long for a football season.

Ventura St. Bonaventure Coach Todd Therrien said: "It's a lot of games for 16, 17, 18-year-olds. In '07, when we won state, after the game in the locker room, my linebacker said, 'I'm excited we won state, but I don't know if I could have played another week.' He was so banged up."

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Sorry Sammy Culture - that idea is way over the top for me.....besides, they have taken away two more stipends from the already pathetic coaches pay for city schools - I'd be happy if they used a little $ from the bowl games to put it back! lol


Sammy Culture is right! Even TJ Simers pointed out today in his column a number of high profile players who never stepped foot on a college campus, Tyson Chandler, Dirk Nowitiski, Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum...all millionaires!

If we are to give our kids the best chance at that opportunity, and lifestyle for us parents, then we need to have these types of freedoms at the high school level.

I want my son to get a good education, sure, but is he really gonna need it if he is making Kobe kinda money? He will have people to help him with contracts and endorsements and stuff.

The CIF is right to have these extra games...the kids want them, and it is a great chance to show what they can do against the best...look at it as an audition for the next level..and if they are really good, the level past that. Let them learn now, and as parents we need to learn how to help our kids the best deal possible.

Plus, we are making the sacrifice of taking our kids to all these practices, and games and allows us to get ours like a whole 4 years earlier than if they went to college..and if these high schools are willing to hook the kids up, they should be willing to hook the parents up as well...because I can always pull my kid to another school who will take care of mine needs, if the first school don't.

sammy culture

Valley Fan,

you missed my point...I am saying take the reigns off completely...I never stated that these changes were part of the original proposal...I am proposing these changes for the good of the kids, and the schools, and the administrators, the parents and the CIF.

As for the recruiting, again, I have been against it, but I have changed my mind....I say let there be social Darwinism in high school sports...only the strong survive! Let's extend this to a conclusion that allows everyone to be get more games, coaches, make more more money and win more games for their resume's, administrators get to have lots of trophies in the case, parents get to walk around with pride, alumni get to be happy, the CIF makes bank and kids get to play against top competition, and get scholarships and is competition in the games and for the talent at its purist.

See, the schools would have to compete for these kids, like they are free agents....on a season by season scholarship...if the schools don't keep up with their athletic performance, why should the kid stay when there is a better opportunity to play elsewhere...or, let's say the kid has a great season, shouldn't he be worth more? I think so..he should be able to renegotiate his deal at the end of the season so he can get ...I don't know....the $400.00 Dr. Dre Beats headphones and not the $200.00 version all the other kids get... or a larger stipend, better parking, free prom, something, and if the school doesn't have it to give or they don't believe he brings that value, then the kid can go elsewhere. And if the kid doesn't perform the school doesn't have to keep fosters a competetive spirit all around..great real world life lessons for the kids, I think.

All of this is funded by the extra games, sponsorship revenue, naming rights, merch. sales, etc. So, if the school has a successful program, they can easily afford these players, and their perks and education, because alumni will donate BIG TIME for will these other entities!

So, tell me, who loses in this proposition? And don't tell me the schools who can't compete....they get a chance to compete in the Relegation leagues and play their way out to the Premiere leagues....EVERYBODY WINS!


Great Comments Sammy Culture - Once again you have taken the facts and grossly overstated them with your little extras regarding games on August first and stretching the season out to the first week of February...all of which were facts not actually in the prosal. And lets not forget you have spring practice starting in March and ending in June so seniors can play till they graduate - all of which were never actually in the original bowl game proposal. Lets not forget you have also very elooquently stated your persoanl ideas for the addition of marketing schemes regarding likeness, autographs and jerseys....again - not in the original bowl game proposal. And of course, you finish off you blog with yet hit on transfers - once again, not actually part of the bowl game proposal. An extra round has been added to the playoffs....its not the end of the world! And it is certainly a far cry from the sarcastic tyraid you blogged about -

Yes - $ will be made - and thats a bad thing? Especially if the $ goes back into athletics. Will some people take advantage for persanal gain - probably. Will some people transfer to bowl game schools - probably. But they do that now without the bowl games. Do you really believe that there is absolutely nothing good that can be found in an extra opportunity for kids to play in a game that they love?

sammy culture

Valley Fan,

I agree with you. Let's have the kids start games August 1st, they are practicing year round anyway...have the games go to the end of November and the playoffs begin first week of December and run to the end of the year. And, if there is enough support for it, let's run games into December with playoffs throughout the month of January and state bowl games first week of February.

Kids who play two or more sports can go from one sport to the other, easily, they do it now anyway, right.

Again, as for it being a money maker, again, I have come full circle on this, Valley the hell out of the kids, their likeness, their jersey's, have autograph seesions and Fan Fest's...all money makers...that way, the more money raised, the better uniforms, better travel accomodations, better facilities, and the kids could play more games, and if the CIF is smart, they could even fill the spring time void for all football fans. The kids can take a month off in February and start again in March for the spring session, with playoffs ending last week of June. That way a senior can play all the way until he graduates...we could do the same with other sports who could accomodate the fan base....and even if they couldn't, football year round could pay for those non revenue producing sports....

And, if a kid realizes that his team didn't meet his standards during the fall season, he could transfer, without penalty, to a school that has a chance to win now, so he could fulfill what you so elooquently stated is an "opportunity of a life time to compete at a championship level that they may never get to experience again".

sammy culture

Here's the interesting thing about this additional bowl game.

Many schools now schedule "week 0" games as a way of getting a sort of practice game, or a marquee game for strength of schedule. Now that this fiasco is in place, many schools may schedule a game a week earlier than the 'week 0' game for similar reasons.

Let's say that the CIF gets a buck a ticket for all games. If all schools played a pre week 0 game that is 747 additional games that the CIF will take a buck a let's say that each game drew 1000 fans....that is almost $750,000.00 in the pockets of the CIF, and we haven't even dealt with the 8 or so regional bowl games from which the CIF will rake in money...and that is in each region! Those tickets cost what, $15.00 per ticket..and the CIF will probably give the participating schools $5.00 per ticket...each school probably bringing in 1000 fans....

it is all about the benjamins!!!

I think, however, that the CIF is missing the point on the marketing of this...they need to start sponsoring these all star games, and they need to begin marketing the merchandise better...force the schools to sell jerseys and warm ups, even go retro with let's say Matt Leinarts Mater Dei jersey replica, or Renaldo Sidney's jersey....and then they can take a cut outta that...make CIF apparel...I mean why're already making big bucks off these kids anyway, why not just pander this the the nth degree


Sammy Culture - I don't agree with you at all. Most of your posts are spent whining about one thing or another - they are almost always negative or pointing the conspiratorial finger at CIF, private schools, administration, parents, coaches, etc... I think adding an extra game in August isn't gonna hurt - The kids are already practicing in the heat at that time of year and the games are in the the whole heat related illness stuff is a reach. Most of these kids are going from one sport right into the the whole doing homework and practicing too much really is reaching a bit as well. More bowl games obviously bring $ - what's wrong with that? The schools and kids playing in these games have an opportunity of a life time to compete at a championship level that they may never get to experience again. I believe most kids would love the opportunity to play a little more high school football in December.


Agree with you Sammy...Tail is wagging dog except this tail (CIF) thinks it's the head and it's #$%*?! doesn't smell..Upper division CIF school sports are already approaching D1 college standards in how programs are run and the time commitment required by the kids to compete at that level...As a fan, I marvel at the athletes' abilities-as a parent, I feel that alot of the fun of HS athletics has been sucked out...There's only winning and misery (and $$$ for CIF)...

Nice To See A Good Game

Sammy, I completely agree with your sentiments. However, I have to say that your arguments, for the most part, only hold up for most private schools and some suburban public schools. Even then, it is true only for football and basketball.

How many kids are being abused/misused in track, water polo, softball or volleyball? Aren't the vast majority of student athletes simply students who enjoy playing a sport? And wouldn't most of those kids kill to have their seasons extended by a few weeks? I sure as hell would have liked to play an extra ten matches of volleyball when I was a kid. Or, better yet, I would have liked to have been taught the game in sixth grade instead of ninth.

Again, I agree with your sentiments, but I also would say that you're using the "STUDENT comes first in student-athlete" argument waaay too much when you should be finding better ammunition.

How many of the top football and basketball students at Notre Dame, Loyola, Mater Dei, Orange Lutheran, Alemany, Crespi, Harvard-Westlake, Oaks Christian, Bishop Amat, or any of the other private powerhouses are truly serious students? Could they get in to those schools (and pay for them) without their athletic talents? Uhh, no...or at least very few could. Most of those kids are mediocre students at best.

So, let's examine the private school football and basketball culture and debate how healthy that is. And while we are at it, let's also pick up the escape-from-the-inner-city angle as well. CIF is already treating football differently than other sports, so let's examine and change that.

Oh no, can't do that! Football, football, football...there's only Fall football and offseason football.

sammy culture

For anyone who has read my opinions on this blog in the past, you would recognize that I have been steadfastly against recruiting and for academics above athletics. Although, being the happy hypocrite that I am, I would love to see 40 high school football games a year and 60 basketball games a year...but, you see...I don't want to see each TEAM play that many games a year! These are high school kids...not professional athletes!

I am grown man with lots of opportunities to see games, and I take those opportunites happily. But...I don't have to study for a test, or turn in homework for my AP Algebra 2 class, or write an essay about "Of Mice and Men" or some other book that would bore the hell out of me. These kids do have those responsibilities and we expect them to get good grades and give a few hours...minimum a whatever sport they play...

And now, the CIF Federated Council...whoever the hell they are...has decided to make the schools schedule games in August, jeez, nobody ever dies from heat related illness in August, do the CIF Federated Council...and they have created regional bowl games...thank goodness the CIF is all about the kids, huh...this wouldn't be about more money, would it?

So, because we clearly have a void of leadership in the governing bodies, and the California Teachers Association, PTA, or any other educational advocacy groups seem to be silent on the subject, I say we ask the CIF to remove all recruiting restrictions and any academic minimum standards, and let's move forward with a BUSINESS PLAN to change the face of high school athletics! Let's take the lead from the CIF and turn this thing into a total profit center, independent of the kids education, or where with all to withstand the physical rigors placed on the body of youths who effort to play any and all sports year round.

To hell with the well being of the kids on a academic or health basis. Afterall, parents, administrators, coaches, and alumin want to see winners, and the CIF wants money...let's make it a win win for all concerned. Naming rights on high school gyms and football fields, shoe deals, stipends for the kids,...and the kids can really learn about competition at an early stage...schools can raise unlimited amounts of funds for tuitions in private schools, or clothes and cars in public schools, tutors would be provided for each kid, and kids that just didn't have enough time to do their homework or study for a test would be allowed to have their tutors do the work for them, thus insuring good GPA's for all of the kids...and the schools that don't raise enough money or who under perform athletically, we can use what the English Soccer Leagues use...we can send them to a RELEGATION LEAGUE! YES, VIOLA!!!! THAT'S IT!!! The CIF can punish the underperforming schools by relegating them to some league where the schools play on grass fields, with last years uniforms, and the results of these games would be reported to the Times by carrier pigeons that fly directly to Sondheimers house, drop the results on his door step and then fly away into oblivion, and Eric could post the results, if he felt compelled!

Perfect, I have solved all of those pesky recruiting problems and minimum GPA standards, and we made a hefty profit, all while placing a big scarlet "R" on those loser underperforimng schools! I am bleeping brilliant!


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