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Football: Notre Dame to play (Ariz.) Hamilton in Ireland

Sherman Oaks Notre Dame will play Hamilton High from Chandler, Ariz. in its 2012 football opener in Ireland.

Hamilton was 15-0 this past season. The game will take place on Aug. 31, 2012 and be part of the weekend that features college teams Notre Dame and Navy playing in Dublin on Sept. 1.

Notre Dame has begun fundraising for the trip, and the school will auction off use of Magic Johnson's suite at the Staples Center for the March 18 Lakers games against the Timberwolves. Ten people can see the game from the suite.

The auction will take place via eBay. To bid on the suite, you can go to Notre Dame's website here.

-- Eric Sondheimer


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The ND Crespi game is a great rivalry and this years game should be just as exciting.Crespi had a real gamebreaker in Devin Lucien last year. Noter Dame had a player #2 who was outstanding.The match up should be great this season.

Ronaldus Magnus

I'll take Hamilton and give 14 points...

Optimus Prime

I'm not trying out for the job of "fact police" or anything. I do love high school football. I don't love some of the personal Crespi/ND stuff with Scalia et al. BUT...if the guy never said the mexicans/bullfighting thing, It's not fair to publish that. All you guys do a good enough job actually saying things that don't sound good. Use that stuff. Or is the truth that only 3 or 4 of us are on this board?



Your comment shows alot of class, thank you. You must've played the game and understand the rivalry

Justice Scalia

When did I say that Notre Dame should play the Mexican National team in a bullfighting arena?

As to the comments about the "far superior" Crespi team, Crespi was a far superior team. However, you can never underestimate the emotion and energy in a rivalry game...and just like when teams play the Lakers or USC -- even the cruddy teams bring it and play hard until the final whistle, which has cost the Lakers a lot of victories over crappy teams over the years, and has cost USC more than one national championship.

Hopefully, ND plays the Celts the week after their return from I said about rivalry games, they are unpredicatable -- the far superior Celts will take every advantage they can get.



Let's be serious. The high school has had a relationship with the university especially with the football team. How many times has the NDHS (really outstanding) band represented the university at the Coliseum when the Irish take on the Trojans?

It will be a once in a lifetime experience for those students who will play on that team. We should support that effort. Even this Crespi grad understands and supports that.

The Truth

NDHS is a class school with a great pedigree. Rooney's kudos are well deserved. NDH8R, yeah, seriously.....the school has a down year and misses the playoffs for the first time in 20 years, just barely mind you and almost upsets what was supposed to be a "far superior" Crespi team. How about we support all our local teams when opportunities arise? ND/Crespi is a great rivalry and the successes of each only raises the value of the other. Your pettiness and bitterness is what's truly deplorable and represents all that has gone wrong with high school sports.

Just Think

ND is not being rewarded.. Just how you going to riase $2700.00 per person to Ireland. It's not free. Maybe you can write a check for your school but some schools know how to plan and get the job done. Winning is not always on field or floor but in overall life examples. Some schools have class and some don"t along with people when post..


After ND's deplorable season last year, should they be rewarded with a trip to Ireland?

Should Magic Johnson auction his suite off to pay for the trip? Not just no, but H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks-NO!!!!!

As Scalia said, they should be playing the Mexican National High School team in a bullfighting arena in Tijuana...

Rooney gets a pass time and time again on these boards, while Redell, Mack and Troy Thomas get thrashed, much to the delight of's about time ND answers for that last play of last season, especially that one player spinning in circles like a ballet dancer or a Marionette puppet.

Ireland? Seriously???


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