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Boys' basketball: Cezar Guerrero picks Oklahoma State

Cezar Guerrero of Bellflower St. John Bosco has made Oklahoma State his college choice.

Guerrero was one of the most prolific scorers in Southern California this season, averaging 28 points. He had been committed to Western Kentucky before deciding to open up his recruiting.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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TO SCLA Finallysomeone understand what I have been talking about.
The kid has been a PHENOM since 9th grade. Race plays alot in Basketball cmon America open your eyes.


Well i here alot of rant about the race card in bball...the fact is that is does exist and will continue for a long time. If you're a coach and get a list of names to recruit and "guerrero" pops'll be like what did you give me a soccer list. I know because i went through it and seen and heared it many times. I too was part of a big program and was always considered weak eventhough i gave to my teammates each and much that eventually i was a starter...enough of me and now Cj...has broken through all these stereotypes. Regarding all his college choices...well people outside of his circle don't know the truth and therefore begin rumors of why he didn't go there or here etc...but trust me he will be ready and he will make the MExican baskeball community proud.

west coast best coast

so should all the blakk kids in LA be made because they didnt get recruited by howland or oneill???? there is a reason why he first was going to western kentucky...players going to wku usually DO NOT get recruited by ucla, usc, arizona or matter their color

Just Sayin'

Hey Sammy, thanks for commenting and your social and political insight


Sammy, I agree and I too am done with this conversation. However before checking out I must say that as well as CJ played this year with all his high scoring games, SJB's team was not deep enough - period. A good example was when CJ went down against JSerra and then Bosco proceeded to lose a game they win easily with him on the floor. The kids on the stronger, more successful "teams" will always get more looks from colleges/university’s and ink from the press; it does not matter if the kid is orange. Good luck CJ - Go Braves.

sammy culture

Really? The kid from Loyola is the real deal and I have been brought up to hate Loyola...but that kid has got the goods...AND he led his team to a CIF Championship...PLUS, dude checked Jordan Daniels from Etiwanda, who is a senior, headed to BC, and out played him....I have never seen this SJB kid play, but he can fill it up, evidently. It isn't race that drives is the fact that Loyola has been ranked all year and SJB has Cezar...and well...they got Cezar...that isn't a shot, it is the truth...which is why they weren't getting a lot of ink short other than this kid. Cartwright ain't all hype...that kid can bring it!

JUS SAYIN...dude, try to keep up...Cathedral and Salesian are irrelevant....and to this conversation as well. lol

Just Sayin'

Why don't you guys stop ragging on a teenage boy and get on with it! What does Salesian, Cathedral, Hamilton or any other school have to do with this kid?


All this talk about race is ridiculous. Why can't Cesar just be a HS basketball player from SJB? Why can’t the posts just be about Cesar the basketball player, not Cesar, the Latino basketball player. SJB has a very diverse student body and I know for a fact that the school promotes racial harmony and nowhere on campus are kids talking about Cesar the Latino basketball player, or DaVonte the African-American football player, or Ray, the Latino QB; they are all Brave brothers/family so why do the adults have to ruin it with all the race talk. Go Braves!


RACE TO THE TOP.....Nobody is putting negative thoughts on the KID. He knows it also. You-tube it RACE TO THE TOP even Cezar saids it himself. Example 1 Freshman kid from Loyola is getting all this hype. Flashback Cezar as a freshman doing the same thing as this kid from Loyola. Cezar NO HYPE, Kid from Loyola all this HYPE. THE DIFFERENCE IS ONE IS LATINO THE OTHER WELL YOU KNOW. Cezar has been doing all since freshman year and you dont hear about it. COLOR LINE HOMEY


SEE NOT SCFAN...I told you we would find that ONE Salesian fan who had internet access and read the paper...and he's all buttered!!

This is what happens when you mention Cathedral

What's next, ya gonna mention Cantwell, St. Paul or St. Genevieve? Talk about a Holy Trinity of mediocrity....

just kidding guys...a little catholic school smack, never hurt anyone.

Balldont Lie

Cut it out! Cezar isn't even the best Latino player in the Southland! I see this kid get burned during the summer. NO DEFENSE, CAN'T RUN THE POINT! There are kids at Hamilton High who can lock him down and shoot just as well! He'll go to Okie St and disappear in the Big joke or whatever they call it now.

Race to the Top

Us as Latinos need to stop using the race card as a factor. Everytime I hear about this kid someone always brings up the race card. Dont let anybody put these negative thoughts in your head. Race is not a factor Stop giving him excuses to fail.. Sky is the limit Cezar! GOOD LUCK!!!!!


TO JUST SAYING....You have to admit the race card. Talented kid that scored 40 pts on Mater Dei and not getting love from the UCs. Cmon its the race brother. Go Cezar go. Latino culture is soo proud of you. Salesian and Cathedral are great programs but need new coaches in Basketball.

Just Sayin'

It wouldn't be a Times blog without the race card. Give me a break. Good for the kid and good for OK St.


salesian fans have internet access. to think otherwise (even in jest) is ignorant.
both salesian AND cathedral matter. theyve produced some pretty good talent. CHS in FB, SHS in soccer as of late.


I have known CJ for a long time and seen him working out in the middle of the night. Is work ethic is unbelieveble. He is a perfectionist and is always trying to get better. He has began to get ready for the following year on a mission to destroy all competition along side the LeBryan NAsh watch out!!! Big 12

sammy culture

Non SC Fan,

Agreed on Ben Howland....between Guerrero and Gelaun Wheelright out at Corona Centennial along with Dominque Dunning...all should be heading to UCLA...thing is the kids from CC already play defense like beasts, and Howland likes that....

BTW, keep the Cathedral fan thing quiet on this blog, you might find that one Salesian fan out there who, somehow has internet access and reads the paper, will take offense and then it will be another 'catholic schools that don't matter' skirmish that we are all going to have to isn't pretty....


To Non SC Fan, WOW CATHEDRAL still has a basketball team. I thought the coach was letting everyone transfer to other schools. I heard 3 of your best players at Cathedral didnt PLAY DO TO YOUR COACH THIS PAST YEAR . what a joke.

Non SC Fan

I am a Cathedral High Fan and We beat You your sophmore year at Workman High school. You are a Great player and I can't believe Ben Howland at UCLA let you go. He is a bad evaluator of talent look at the UCLA bench. Cesar you would have helped the bruins and it's a shame you are going out of state. Good luck to you.


Good for him, 1 of the talented players I've seen. If he would have been a different color trust me all the schools would have wanted him. Good job Cezar and represent your Latino culture and prove them that we can ball it up as well. Go Cezar Go.


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