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Keeping tabs: Taylor King

Former Santa Ana Mater Dei standout Taylor King is averaging 15.0 points and 6.0 rebounds a game for Concordia University in Irvine.

King, who committed to UCLA as a freshman, ended up playing for Duke and Villanova. He's getting lots of attention in his final season of collegiate eligibility.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Too bad

And this kid makes a stain on California's all-time top scorers' list....1. Jacobsen (Glendora)...2. KING...3. T. Murray (Glendora)...4. C. Murray (Glendora)...!

west coast best coast

schea ohhh man....all i gotta say

The Guild

Sorry to say, Dennis....weak, if one measures success as the period of high school involvement and not carry that judgement, as it weighs in, to an entire body of work. The amount of talent that steps on campus at MD and then evaporates after their high school experience is amazing and I would state that most any CIFSS hsbb coach would have a more lasting and positive effect on those student athletes than McKnight. Something's afoul over on Bristol and Edinger.

Dennis Halloran

It makes even more credible the success of McKnight at MD, when you realize he had less than great players, as defined by NBA Success

Dennis Halloran

King is a Junior in eligibility


And don't forget Schea Cotton, their best player ever. If anyone was projected to be in the NBA it was him. Don't think he ever played a single NBA game though.

basketball purist

Mater Dei has been a dominant team under McKnight since 1982. 6 of his players have made the NBA & everyone one of them was in & out of the NBA in no time. The 6 are Strawberry, Sampson, Ellis, Simon, Geary & Bozeman, played a grand total of 325 games over 13 years. That's not impressive considering their incredible high school record. Something is wrong when not 1 player has had any success in the NBA.


Look at all the past Mater Dei supposedly high school stars they don't stay long in most programs. They don't have the work ethic, the toughness to play with the best. They might be good at the high school level, but that's about it. Besides Miles Simon at Arizona and national champion, I can't think of anyone else toughing it out..

basketball purist

Another high school "standout" who played travel ball his whole life, got pampered, yet never learned how to really play the game. The number of former Mater Dei basketball players who fit this model? Too many to name. Seems that this is the rule, and not the exception when it come to former Monarchs.


this kid couldn't play for Coack K AND Jay Wright at Nova....two of the best coaches in the country, and he is only averaging 15 points a game a Concordia....WHO????... and he is getting interest? From who? The Sparks?

What is his and hospitality?

Sorry, but I have a hard time believing this kid has the mental toughness to play at the next level...anywhere. He left these other two fine institutions and top flight basketball programs but no one seems to know why....did he get his delicate sensibilities hurt cuz they weren't gonna just feed him the ball the entire game? Coach K knows more about basketball on accident than this kid knows on purpose....somewhere down the road, son, ya gotta do what your coaches tell you to do and shut up about it.


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