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Football: Derwin Henderson named South East coach

Derwin Henderson, a former assisant coach at Los Angeles Cathedral and Woodland Hills Taft, has been named coach at Los Angeles South East. Henderson also works for LAPD.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Eastern League

So I did some reserch and found out that this is a great guy. All the nay sayers can take a back seat. This guy is going to be a tremendous impact in this Eastern League which has been dominated by Latino Coaches (Who have proven to be great within their own right). With Reginald Grant leaving a distinct stain on the South Gate community they deserve to see what a goal driven African American man can really do. But thanks to Coaches like Henderson, Asante, and Butler who believes in these kids to excel is a true blessing to have. Wow this is a incredible showing of diversity Eastern League. Keep it up!
Here's an article on Henderson.


Teaching P.E and coaching are not the same thing. P.E. teachers go into teaching P.E. because that's what they want to do, not necessarily to coach. Coaches go into teaching (P.E. or any other subject) because they want to be able to be on campus and teach.

Besides, you can't force someone to coach, it has to be a passion otherwise the individual will fail.

Coaching has changed dramatically over even the last five years. It's a killer. I've been coaching and teaching on the high school level for over 32 years now and I can say with certainty that it is not something for the dilettante or Johnny-come-lately, nor is it for the feint of heart.


Coach Henderson is a great coach and to him the game of football is about winning. However, it is important to him to also turn these group of young boys into men. I have known him since he headed his own Pop Warner league and throughout high school. He has learned from the best and will bring good things to South East. This is a guy you can trust with your kids and trust to make the game of high school football exciting! Good Pick South East!

Coach J

I Say congratulations to Mr. Henderson who from what I can see is a truly upstanding member of the Los Angeles community.

To take nothing away from Coach Henderson, I am wondering why a coach with 5 plus years of head coach experience, a winning record, and the ability to work for free doesn't even garner an interview?


There is a disturbing trend lately with new hires in LAUSD; hiring non-teachers. This trend is being fueled by P.E. coaches stepping down as Head Coaches at a young age (30's and 40's) yet still occupying the P.E. position. I would like to see P.E. coaches have to coach 1 to 2 sports mandatory until the age of 50-55. If they decided to major in P.E., staying after school and coaching is their correcting papers and preparing lesson plans.

Eastern League

Can anyone tell me who this guy is? Whats his record? Why him over Mojarro? Will he take this school to the next level?


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