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Football: Crenshaw's Thomas schedules announcement

Crenshaw Athletic Director Sonya Neely said there have been TV news crews outside campus Wednesday trying to get information about what college De'Anthony Thomas will be selecting.

The hype is building, and Thomas will make an announcement at 6 p.m. at Crenshaw. He has been committed to USC since May but Oregon is now considered the favorite by many.

I have no idea where Thomas is going, but the media circus is picking up steam.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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In reference to Mr. CEC FAN comments you need to go and watch some film. Two years ago Momba hit kid from Dorsey so hard that everyone in the stadium that it was Hayes Pollard (6'1 220 inside backer who signed with USC ) but,it was Momba. Additionally, have you ever heard of the weightroom? That's a place where young slight freshman football players built like De Anthony are turned into monsters. Give him time to fill out. I'll tell you this much I would take him over that non-hitting, no tackling about to be an NFL bust Taylor Mays that never came down hill to hit a soul.......


Good job Mamba way to be your own man. Your one of the best that I've seen next to the late Kevin Copeland. God Bless young man.


the man

he picked ducks

Poly fan

Oregon his final choice good job

Pit Crew

Atta kid! Welcome to the flock!

Mark Gentry

I still think he's using Oregon to get what he wants from USC. He's probably got Kiffin on one phone and Kelly on another, auctioning off his services. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up at USC as a tailback...and gets hurt almost instantly.


We played against De Anthony Thomas a few times. He is tough as Nails, fast as light, quick and hard to bring down. Superman among men. I would like to see him as a Bruin or a Duck, maybe Washington or a Trojan. At the next level he will be starting as a freshman at defense for sure. Phenoms


I was at the NG game and yes he was awesome in the first half but the second half NG was laying hat and he some how get craps? yeah ok if you say so. I saw the same thing when he played in the open championship game last year, got hurt. Never questioned his talent I only stated he is a bit small and asked the question if he could take the every down pounding against 300lbs lineman and linebackers 230lbs running 4.5's. You brought up his heart so maybe its an issue huh?


watch film and see how tough he really is. he cramped up in NG from going hard on both sides of the ball and the humidity. NG doctor took him out the game and wouldn't let him back in. He ran over and through lineman, Lb's and Db's and also came up and hit some really big backs. Maybe you didn't watch the Army game where he lead team in tackles from the corner back position. He has only left the field because of cramps, ankle and fatigue from giving 100% on both sides of ball. Ask the coach and players from any team the shaw played how tough he is

shaw coug

CEC FAN get your facts straight, Mr. Thomas did not and repeat did not take himself out of the game @ North Gwinnett because of a hard hit. the young man cramped up so bad he couldn't move. they had to give him an IV because of the cramps. Yes he wanted to continue to play but the doctors would not clear him. Don't you dare judge De Anthony that way until u have your facts straight. That young man has more heart than you probably had when or if you ever played the game.


Since when did Oregon fans start reading the LA Times? Last time I checked, it was based out of LOS ANGELES


It really won't be a lost to USC if he does switch. The young man is blazing fast and can change direction on the stop of a dime. However, he is 150lbs soaking wet so he surely wont be running in between the tackles. He may be good in that spread offense or trick plays. Even playing DB at USC is a reach, he is too small for the big WR's that are common now. Also I question his toughness as when he played agaisnt the North Gwinnett GA team this year after getting hit pretty hard he took himself out of the game. I admit he is an amazing talent never seen anyone that fast at that level but can he take a hit or hits that come from playing RB.


Thomas would make a great fit at Oregon. With his running skills and the pistol Oregon runs he could split time at running back as a freshman and when he becomes a sophomore the job will be his.

Oregon really embraces their players. They will take good care of him!

Football Fan 1

Theonly Reason kids go to SC,No Classroom Attendence.


Danny, you are a clown. Let the players decide where they play and support their choice of school. How can you say he will be smashed if Oregon has beaten SC the past 3 years straight. By the way SC goes to Oregon this year again, check the score of the last time SC was there...

Pit Crew

DeAnthony Thomas (clap clap clap clap clap) Come to Oregon (clap clap clap clap clap) Come to Oregon (clap clap clap clap clap)


No he's not!! He'll win the heisman If he come to Oregon!

Danny Trojan

I think Mr Thomas is making a HUGE mistake if he signs with Oregon! "If" he stays and I mean "stays"? He will be surrounded by family, friends, and his God Brother which I thought was one of the big reason he picked USC? If decudes to make his way to Oregon then we will just have to SMASH him on the field! FIGHT ON!


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