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Football: How many games are too many? CIF says there's no good answer

There's a proposal to create California regional high school football playoffs starting in 2012, which would add a 16th game to the schedule of a select number of teams, and the California Interscholastic Federation is saying there are no specific data to answer the question, "How many games are too many?"

With schools expressing concern that 16 games are too many, the CIF recently consulted a panel of doctors to get their opinion.

CIF Associate Director Roger Blake said although doctors noted that how a coach conducts practices can greatly affect players (number of practices, intensity and length having a likely effect), they said as far as number of games, there was ÔÇťabsolutely no medical or scientific data that supports a recommendation in any direction," Blake said.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Joseph Figueroa

With all star games being played in January, and Police games starting in Febuary, and Women's games in March through June, then more all star games in the summer, we have year round football just like most other sports so I am fine with the 15 games of the high school season. Joe Figueroa

sammy culture

I love high school football as much as anyone....probably more than most...and as a greedy old bastard, I would love nothing more than for these kids to play 20 games a year...but that would be for my enjoyment...not their best interest....and it is THEIR BEST INTEREST that the CIF has to keep in mind.

The schools, are also charged with the best interest of their student-athletes, and as such are required to do so, even if it means a financial loss. Having said that, I would imagine that a RESPONSIBLE ADMINISTRATOR would kindly say to the CIF..."We appreciate the opportunity the CIF has provided us to extend our football season, however, in the best interest of the children whom we have been charged to protect, we respectfully decline to participate in any additional football games this season. Furthermore, we apologize, in advance, if our consideration of our childrens' best interest somehow impedes your ability to make money off our kids, or if it somehow inhibits the
efforts of parents from other schools to vicariously live through their children".

It's principles, people! I remember reading about how, back in the 40's, John Wooden wouldn't take his Indiana college team to the NIT because they wouldn't allow a black player that Wooden had on his team to play. Wooden, standing on principle said , " No thank you" to, what was then, the national championship of college basketball. If enough high school administrators stand for principle, like Wooden did, the CIF would be forced to stop this kind of nonsense.

Conversely, it would be nice to see the CIF step up to make and ENFORCE rules prohibiting the blatant recruiting that is running rampant in high school sports. For goodness sakes, I coach an 8th grader who "has OFFERS" from THREE HIGH SCHOOLS!IT IS PAST RIDICULOUS!


There is only one reason why the CIF wants to add another game and it's the exact same reason why they started the state bowl games in the first place: They want the money.

The state CIF has no other way to make any money besides the state bowl games. They lose money on everything else.

If the NFL players association can argue that adding more games to THEIR season is unhealthy and that the owners are doing it solely because they can and it will make them more money then wouldn't that logic at least SEEM to be applicable to high school football?

One sad aspect of all of this is that the very people who are supposed to be watching out for our children who play these games are people like Roger Blake and Marie Ishida and they're the ones who want to extend the season. Hey Roger, whatever happened to Character Counts? It shows a clear lack of character to trade an educational tool like high school football for money as you are doing by trying to extend the season.

The high school football coaches in the state of California need to band together and start a state coaches association. They need to have a loud and sound voice in all of this. After all, the person closest to the situation is the one best equipped to deal with the situation.

Stating that a "panel of Doctors" can find nothing wrong in playing more football games is a specious and disengenious argument. What kind of Doctors were they? How did they do their research? Who picked them for the panel, the guy who wants to have an additional game?

If the CIF cannot say how many games are too many then how do we know that they don't already play too many games? It would seem to be prudent to NOT play more games until it can be said with no uncertainty how many games are too many. This is the health and welfare of our young people that we're talking about here.

basketball purist

The CIF does not need state championship games for football. A max of 14 games is sufficient. The longer the season (15 games, now possibly 16 games & the advent of zero week), then the worse the weather conditions as football is played in December. Also, many football players also play soccer or basketball. A 16th game will only further delay the time these football players can join their soccer or basketball teams. Many of these football players need at least 1 week to heal from football injuries, get in proper shape, etc.
16 games = bad decision
Marmonte League breaking into 2 divisions = bad decision. Let Calabasas drop down to a lower division for football only, problem solved.


I'm sure they have financial data that supports it.


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