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Boys' basketball: Fax error leaves Notre Dame out of playoffs

The Southern Section Division 4AA playoff pairings are out, and missing is Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, the No. 7-ranked team in the division. Notre Dame Coach Bill Bedgood says he saw his school athletic secretary fax the request for Notre Dame to be an at-large team. The Southern Section says it never received the fax.

Come on, people. Someone should have contacted Notre Dame. They were a ranked team and obviously wanted to be in playoffs. And Notre Dame should have called to confirm the fax. Mistakes were made but that's not enough to deny the team a playoff berth. Let's hope this gets fixed fast.

 -- Eric Sondheimer

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why didnt the coach or athletic director drive to the cif offices in los alamitos and turn the paperwork in themselves????? they wouldnt be the only ones doing such a thing !!!!! there are alot of programs that make the drive early saturday morning to get there before the 9 am cutoff.... the kids work hard all season to get to this point and the adults in the mix drop the ball.....not that im defending cif, because i think cif is garbage and they make alot of mistakes and are in it more for the money more than the kids,but the people at notre dame are the ones to blame on this one.




It's Notre Dames fault for not following up on the fax to make sure they received it, DUH, everyone knows that fax technology is old school and is highly unreliable. Why are they not using current technology such as on-line applications, e-mail, pdf etc. I agree that the CIF should of caught the error given their ranking, but it's not their responsibility to chase after schools for applications. Huge blunder on Notre Dame, maybe next year.

Do The Right Things

First of all, there shouldn't be any (requests) to be an at-large team, there should be a criteria if you quality and one if you don't, period. And why are we faxing? This is 2011, wouldn't an email be sufficient? The bottom line is kids are penalized for something extremely silly while CIF sits back and follows the letter of the law, knowing all along that in pursuing "victory with honor" the honorable thing would have been to check with Notre Dame since obviously there was some miscommunication involved. My advice for the future is to do it the opposite, all teams that quality under CIF guidelines will be considered for the playoffs unless you sent a fax to CIF telling them you DO NOT want to be included. That way, nobody ever gets penalized.


obviously the person who receives faxes at the cif offices is a crespi graduate.

Mayberry Dad

Typical CIF nonsense.

Valley BB Fan

Eric this really needs to be fixed. I just noticed that the Notre Dame Girls secured an at-large bid in the Girls 3A playoffs. I would think they (ND) would have faxed the paperwork for both at-large bids together.
Evidence seems to favor the ND Boys getting a Bid.
Like you said.....FIX IT FAST.....Give them their right place in the seedings and have a "Play in" game for the team they would replace and another team.

Valley BB Fan

Eric you are sooo right in your comments. Notre Dame is ranked number 7 in the 4AA Polls. Two things here. Notre dame should a fax receipt of transmission and if it show "received" then they should be in and YOU are right, if you are sitting down doing the pairings. shouldn't someone ask "where is ND our number 7 ranked team?" and then call them to confirm they had no interest.
Shame on you CIF. You give everyone the impression you are about the KIDS and all this is about is your rules and regulations. There are time you do "things right" and there are time you do the "right thing". What a disgrace.
My heart goes out to the kids and the parents. You play in a tough league you earn your ranking and you get left out. Can't make sense of it.
The two teams that finished below ND in league and the rankings are playing on Wed. Someone should do something. Call Egypt and get the blueprint for a revolution. This really stinks.


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