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Football: Servite has everything going right

Prep-blog_400 In his sixth year as coach, Troy Thomas has Anaheim Servite at a level few can top. A 25-game win streak. Consecutive Pac-5 Division championships. Consecutive CIF state championship bowl appearances.

What's so impressive about the Friars is they keep finding new players to contribute. Malik Felton, the senior running back who scored four touchdowns in Saturday's 41-27 triumph over Mission Viejo, keeps getting better and better.

"He just doesn't want to let his team down," cornerback Karlton Dennis said. "He has that character that drives him through every game."

We're likely to get a Catholic school showdown next Saturday at Home Depot Center between Servite and De La Salle. Now that should be a game to get excited about.

-- Eric Sondheimer

Photo: Servite Coach Troy Thomas and running back Malik Felton. Credit: Eric Sondheimer / Los Angeles Times

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@Press Box John

You're partly right about Chris Hyduke.

But Bill Redell DID coach at Crespi in 1982. Ed Mulflur left in 1981, and Redell was hired. He went 6-0 that season, before falling to Alemany and Loyola. They got the wild card in the BIG-5 Playoffs and fell to Edison in the first round.

Redell then left to coach in the USFL. When that went down in flames, he returned to replace Hyduke and coach his three sons in high school -- and Russell White, winning the big prize in 1986.

Source on 1982 coaching:

Press Box John

Escalante has No Clue - I might be mistaken but I believe Mulflur left Crespi after the 1982 Season. Chris Hyduke replaced him in 1983 and 1984 and went something like
1-19. Bill Redell took over in 1985 and won the CIF Division 1 (PAC 5) Championship in 1986.
Stats are an interesing thing - you can look at them in different ways. ND has beaten Crespi in 18 of the last 20 games. Crespi has beaten ND in 2 of the last 3 years.


Mr Scalia:
Thanks for talking to yourself and getting your brilliant career straightened out!


Servite yellowed their pants. They will not being going to state next year or even win their league...their done!

Escalante Has No Clue

I spoke with Scalia today and he denies that he EVER played for Ed Mulflur.

I do know for a fact though that he played for Bill Redell in 1982 and graduated thereafter.

I also know that he never recovered a fumble, and was not All-CIF.

I also know that the Celts beat the Sherman Oaks Boys in 1982 with a stellar goal line stand as time expired, with big John Kidder (UCLA) knocking down a pass on the final play of the game.

BTW, John Laufenberg (Babe's brother) was the starting QB for that team until he broke his throwing wrist in week #2 and was out for the season.

Scalia has no clue

greg- one more thing about your boy laufenberg: jeff pearlman of SI named him the 3rd WORST PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

Scalia has no clue

greg: you are the one that needs to get your facts straight. you insisted several times laufenberg won a super bowl ring with the 1983 redskins. BOGUS! the '83 skins lost to the raiders in the super bowl. laufenberg's rookie season. the '82 skins won the super bowl while laufenberg was a senior at IU. please get your facts straight! BTW, your crespi celts have lost 18 of 20 to notre dame.


Laufenberg was undefeated against the Sherman Oaks Boys. The first loss by Crespi to ND was in 1978 at the home of the Celts (after Laufenberg, Sullivan, Curran - all professional players - graduated). Coach Muffler was the coach of that team that suffered the first indignity. And the SOBs showed true class and started fights at the end of that game. I was on the sidelines when it happened (not as a player).

Please get your facts straight.

Justice Scalia

Yeah, Servite let us down, but not before two GREAT SEASONS!!!

Weak CIF-SS??? Who are you kidding? The CIF-SS produces more Div. I and NFL players than any other high school conference in the nation.

One thing is for sure -- NorCal teams are much better at playing in the mud.

And don't take things so's high school football for God's sake.

Scalia has no clue

Almost forgot, justice scalia once claimed that he played for his now "good friend" Bill Redell." Actually, scalia was on the crespi roster in the late 70's when Babe Laufenberg was the QB and Eddie Muffler was the coach. He got into one game, when the celts were taking their annual beating from Notre Dame. Scalia, I won't mention his real name, had a fumble bounce into his arms. He was so scared he ran backwards about 10 yds then sprinted out of bounds. Muffler told me it was his most embarrassing moment as a coach. Imagine how little scalia felt. And if he denies this I will post his real name!

Scalia has no clue

What team in the U.S. could handle Servite? How 'bout De La Salle dude. what was the final? 48-7? The game was over in the 1st qtr. Servite plays in the WEAK southern section. Any top 50 northern section team would destroy Troy Thomas, the most overrated coach in H.S. football. Obviously you never played the game scalia. Your comments and obsession with thomas and weak crespi reflect that.


@ Guild Like I said before the De La game, two things line spead and conditioning. De La was dominating in all aspects of the game. Servite hasnt played a team like De La, De La is just to quick and they just know one speed go, go ,go. Better luck next year Servite.


No one here knows what is going to happen or will have no effect on game. It's just an opinion.. The players and play calling will determine the outcome. All teams playing are here for a reason. To say any team is going to dominate is absurd, most if not all games have been close in the past. They are champions for a reason..

The Guild



Has DLS seen a team like Servite yet? We (as fans) can throw many things into the mix but the common fact remains. Both coaching staff gets their players to execute and play at a 100% level for 4qtrs.

Last night MV had no idea what do with Servite mainly because most of the playcalling/plays NOBODY has seen yet this year. Servite doesn't blow teams out with everything in their playbook. They only use what is necessary to win.


Two comments for the guild, conditioning and line quickness. I can tell you that Servite will have a tough time with the quickness of De La lines and come the 4th qt they will have a very difficult time keeping up with De La. Overrated LOL, your boyz havent seen a team like De La yet this year.

D Skane

Any coach who wins a section title with a roster dominated by freshmen and sophomores no matter the level is brilliant. Coach Napier has taken his experience playing for Nebraska and in the NFL and has started a dynasty at Windward. With all starters returning for at least 2 more years, this team will continue to dominate. Windward had better not let this great coach get away. Tremendous interview with Jay Schroeder and Napier at halftime of Pac 5 final.

The Guild

There is no question that CC has a boatload of talented players on offense and showed how it produces points. That being said, they played against nobody that had the prowess on defense like Servite. The Friars, as defending CIF and Bowl Champs, faced an extra bit of incentive from opposing teams eac week and came out on top. They defeated 2 current CIF champs (LH, O'side) and destroyed a Crespi team that put over 40 on VM, just as CC did Fri eve. To top it off, they carried the fight to a great MV team, which was higher rated nationally than any Ca hsfb team. They deserved a shot at overrated DLS last year and deserve the opportunity this season, without doubt.

D Skane

Scott Napier is the best CIF SS coach. That's why he is the highest paid.

Not a Fan

PS. Centennial beat Norco 45 - 0 Norco beat up Crenshaw, they beat Mater Dei, Chaparral, Roosavelt, Chino, Vista M, all by Big deficits they have a big argument.


Congratulations to Servite, Centennial, Serra, De La Salle and all of the CIF Section Champions! Looking forward to some great matchups in the State Bowl Games. We, Crenshaw, will not be going to the State Bowls this year, but we will take our Section title and wish the best to those teams that make it.

Not a fan

I dont know fellas, Servite? Centennial? Both teams are soooooo unbelievably good. Vista is no joke and got worked by Centennial, Servite has by fAR THE TOUGHEST schedule in cali, but I do think Centennial would of done the same thing as Servite with the same schedule, not to mention Centennials schedule ain't no joke either. I dont think it matters who goes open and who goes D 1 they're both gonna win and represent so cal equally as good. One thing ... the year Centennial lost to De La Salle Birmingham should of gone to represent the Open Div. I'm still a little bitter bout that. This year it might be the other way around.


Watch for De La to win another cif open against Servite. De La lines are extremely fast and there conditioning is off the charts. Servite will be worn down by the 4th qt. Servite fans are going to be in for a long night.


MV overrated? Alemany's coach predicted a 17 point difference that seemed absurd to some - close enough at 14. No doubt the Alemany v Servite ame had many turning points that could have changed game.

Congrats to Servite for beating Mr. Nice guy at MV! :>

bob rocklin

De La Salle 31 Servite 21

Justice Scalia

Everyone thinks that Servite v. Centennial would be the game to see, but after watching what the Servite D did to the #1 team in the State, who was averaging over 40 points a game, I think Servite would handle Centennial too.

So the question now becomes: What team in the U.S. could handle Servite???


WOW...Just think, not too long ago, Servite was more well known for not being able to beat Mater-Dei...They handled the powerful Mission Viejo Diablos with alot more ease than most anticipated.

Congratulations Servite! Take it to the State and the cherry on top should be a victory over De La Salle! C'mon now!


The matchups should be announced tomorrow Sunday, by noon, should be on this web-site

Go Friars beat DLS, BY 14!!!


I just want to see Serra vs Servite. Then ill be happy!


ES, what's your early prediction for Servite vs DLS?





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