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Football: It's prediction time for state bowl games

The well-organized people at Cal-Hi Sports have come up with predictions for this weekend's CIF state championship bowl games. Here's the link.

Having not seen any of the Northern California teams, I'm going to be a homer and pick Corona Centennial, Gardena Serra and Anaheim Servite. So trust the Cal-Hi Sports people's judgment this time.

Correction: I am picking Servite. I originally listed De La Salle as my choice. That's why I'm a SoCal homer.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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I saw both White and Fargas play. Both sat out quite a bit and could of piled up a lot more yardage. To say that White was best in the nation in 87 and 88 is ridiculous. I saw him looking helpless in 87 against Loyola. He averaged less than a yard a carry. Fargas meanwhile was a monster regardless of how good his line was. Remember he was the state champion in the 100 meters his junior year. White did not have anywhere near that type of speed. That's why he was waived out of the nfl. No question, Fargas was the better back in HS and of course the pros is no contest. White wins out in college because of Fargas treacherous injuries.

D Skane

Excuse Mr Scalia, please don't pose BOGUS INFO!
Russell finished his career with 5,998yds. Where do you come up with just shy of 7,000? Mr. Justin Fargas cracked the 6,0000yd barrier, going well past it with 6400 career yds. Again, Fargas averaged more yds per carry also so there is no issue w/ White having less carries. The numbers do not lie. Only you do Mr scalia.

D Skane

Russell always played the ENTIRE game against Loyola. Maybe Scalia needs to take another look at those numbers. SHUTDOWN

Not a Fan

when Fargas was doing his thing a back named Donte Clay was doing his, He was bigger, faster, stronger and finished just under fargas because he played in 1 less game, back then Clay was ranked 1, poor kid missed out on a lot, he couldn't pass his SAT.

Justice Scalia

I have given Eric Sondheimer a lot of grief on this blog, but perhaps he will chime in to settle the issue of the best high school running back.

As I said, you can preach the numbers all you like, but Russell White almost NEVER played a full game. Had he been let loose, he would have rushed for over 10,000 yards in his career, and not just shy of 7,000.

His numbers did drup in 87 and 88, but he was still head and shoulders above any one else out of any backfield in the country those two seasons.

ES, please to opine????

The Creek

Thank God DLS is NOT the same team it was in the past because it would have been a safety issue for Servite kids. How many times does DLS need to prove themselves before they get respect year in and year out from socal fans?

D Skane

You are the same Scalia that played fullback under legendary coach Eddie Mufler, aren't you?
Ranking you right behind Scott Napier of VN Grant is pretty high praise. The Napes machine was the outstanding fullback on the great Nebraska teams of the early '80's. After a fallout w/ Tom Osborne, he transferred to D-2 Redlands so he could play right away. Shattered all their records in one season. NFL career w/ Saints and Pats cut short due to injury. 2010 coach of the year at Windward.

D Skane

Top backs in valley history: halfbacks and fullbacks

1-Justin Fargas- most yards all time
2-Charles White- most yds per carry
3-Scott Napier- most feared fullback
4-Russell White- great w/great line in 86, then downhill
5-Justice Scalia- Mr. Crespi

D Skane

Russell White's career numbers vs Loyola:
'86- 67yds
'87- 25yds
'88- 17yds
White admitted that he was psyched out against the Cub D.
White's brilliant NFL career: 2 carries 10 yds
Fargas brilliant NFL career: 821 carries 3369 yds
Don't even think about telling us about White's sore ankle his senior yr. Fargas broke his leg 3 times in college.Losing world class speed, he adjusted to have an excellent NFL career. White? a bum!

D Skane

And dont tell me about White not playing in the 2nd half in many games. Not only did Fargas have more total yards, he averaged MORE YDS PER CARRY. Fargas is a millionaire and White coaches 8 boy football. LMAO

Justice Scalia

@D Skane

Loyola who??? We are talking 1986 here.

And Van and pro career???

But you are right about that team being more than White. Budge, Lasley, Carpenter, Puryear, Fauria, O'Byrne, etc.

Whoever thinks Justin Fargas was a better high school back than Russell are insane. He could be the best high school running back EVER!

His career at Cal wasn't too shabby either...Bill Redell was amazed that he never caught in in the NFL...I think RW just lost his passion for the game after college.


Ill pick Palo Alto,Serra and De La Salle.

JW in Redlands

LOL somebody finally took a bite out of the huge slab of red meat I left dangling at the end of my prior post.

That Crespi team had more than "just" Russell White.

That year, DLS had just moved up to what now is called Division I, and still was establishing a level of respect vis a vis its SoCal counterparts.

1986 DLS had an unbelievable defense, led by Tuan Van Le, who you had to see to believe. It would have made for a great bowl game.

By the way Paly and Centennial made me look like the second coming of Nostradamus last night!

D Skane

Loyola shut down White his junior and senior years. He averaged 25 yds a game. His senior yr his longest run against the cubs was 2 yds. Justin Fargas is without question the best back to come out in the last 25 yrs. Three knee surgeries couldn't stop an excellent 10yr NFL career. Tell us about Russell and his pro career.

Justice Scalia

@JW in Redlands

Here is the problem with your conclusion that DLS would have beaten Crespi in 1986...

Russell White was unstoppable. Most games, he was out by halftime with 10 carries, over 200 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

He never really tore it up for a full game. If he had, he would have carried the ball 25 or so times for 450 yards and 6 or 7 touchdowns.

DLS is one of the top programs in the country. But that year, they would have played second fiddle to the Celts.

Must Read

I am from Socal, so I am going to call it like I see it.

Serra has too much D for Folsom. Grant's D shut them out earlier in the season. However grant had some injuries. Thats part of the game, so i am not taking nothing from Folsom. Serra's Defense is as good as any Defense in the state.
Serra 31, Folsom 21

Palo Alto has a a stable of Running Backs that are as good as Collins. Bono is also a great QB. Palo Alto Also has two great WR too. Corona Cent has a great QB , Collins, and Wr's. This game is going to come down to field position, Special teams, and turnovers. This will not be a high flying game. The advantage goes to Palo Alto, I am sure they have played in bad weather, up in norcal. Its raining, and Palo Alto has the running advantage.

Paly 21, CC 14

Servite and DLS are mirror images of each other. This will be a defensive game. Each Team knows if they get behind, it could be hard to come back. These two teams make Minimal mistakes. They will not beat themselves. Honestly this game is going to be decided by a block field goal or extra point. Or a safety from a bad snap into the end zone.
Servite 7 De La Salle 6


The toughest game to predict is Servite vs DLS. How can anyone here disagree on who is picked?? These are 2 tough, strong, fast, smart and nasty on D teams. This is the hardest game to pick in so many years. Win or lose these young men will always be winners especially in life..


Episode 1 Interior/Daytime...hey andy...yeah barn...did you hear dem folsom bulldogs are goin to da state finals?...ooh yea day beat up on evrybody..lets see um vacaville...umbuhach colony...roseville,sheldon,oakridge...oh andat powerhouse ponderosa team...who day playin?...ah dey goin be playin SERRA from barn,dats!! doze r sum scary boys...dey got dem big tongan kids wit all da hair under da helmet n a Woodson Grier n a Jason Gibson, Farmer ,Lee..well wit names like dat dey all goin to da pros....hey andy did folsom beat mayberry too?...barn may don't have a football team...OH??..........HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES......GODSPEED TO ALL THE TEAMS NOCAL & SOCAL.......


Stupid me. I meant Servite. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.


ES, I've been a big fan of your picks, Finally I have to DISAGREE with you.
I cannot believe you are picking DeLaSalle over Servite. You must not have played High School Sports when you were young. GO SERVITE and stick it to DeLa Salle and to ES.

JW in Redlands

On Wall Street, the addage goes "if all the experts are in agreement about something, then they usually are all wrong."

D-IV - Bishops will roll. I do not know what the CIF is thinking putting a school with a 100 kids in against anyone. Maybe there should be an 8-man division.

D-III - Escalon should lose, but my gut feeling says they will not. Escalon has a great football tradition, by the way.

D-II - Folsom and Serra got to where they are by playing both great offense and great defense. Serra will win a close game that will be surprisingly low-scoring.

D-I - Palo Alto will pull off the shocker of the year in the rain. CC puts the ball on the ground too often, and Paly might just make them pay tonight.

Open - If you think Troy Thomas looks like a formidable guy now, you should have seen him 20 years ago! I'm originally a NorCal guy and DLS is as reviled as it is revered up north. That being said, coach Lad is an excellent teacher of young men, and DLS does everything right. If I had a son, I would relocate to send him to Servite or DLS. Somehow, I think Servite will pull off the win. The Friars just will not let Coach T-Bone down.

By the way, the '86 DLS team would have taken the '86 Crespi team.


How is picking de la Salle being a homer?


Servite by 10
Serra by 6
Escalon by 10
DLS by 3
Brookside Christian by 14

The Guild

Just a bunch of NoCal bias, with no OC representation. Servite will continue to prove the naysayers wrong, as they have for the past 2 seasons. DLS is NOT in the same competive realm with this Friar squad. The predictions here are from folks loyal to NoCal and Mark Tennis and I'm not sure that any of them have seen Servite play a single game, much less a playoff game. This Saturday will make believers out of lots of doubters.


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