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Football: Centennial can't overcome early miscues

This was not the ending Corona Centennial head coach Matt Logan had envisioned for his team.

The Huskies arrived at Home Depot Center as heavy favorites going into Friday night's CIF Division I state bowl game against Palo Alto. They left feeling they had missed a golden opportunity to punctuate a stellar season after a stunning 15-13 defeat to the Central Coast Section Open Division champions. 

"It wasn't our night... from the bus ride to everything after that," said Logan, who wore his customary shorts even in the rain. "The weather may have affected us, but I'm not making any excuses. We all had to play in this stuff. We prepared for what they had, we just didn't execute."    

Centennial (14-1) suffered through a penalty-marred, mistake-filled first half during which it was held scoreless for the first time all season. Despite shutting out the Vikings (14-0) in the final two quarters, Centennial could only muster two touchdowns before Ezequiel Rivera's 42-yard field goal attempt was wide right with 30 seconds left. 

"It's heartbreaking to see it not go through but he's my brother--I love him," said Centennial's senior quarterback Michael Eubank, who completed 10 of 20 passes for 111 yards and rushed 16 times for 164 yards, including the Huskies' final touchdown on a 33-yard run with 4:14 left. "I didn't make a lot of the plays I needed to make, either." 

Barrinton Collins was sidelined with a concussion late in the second quarter and didn't return. He lost two fumbles in the first half, winding up with 101 yards in 17 carries. Romello Goodman proved just as effective, running 17 times for 101 yards to spark the Southern Section Inland Division winners.

Centennial outgained Palo Alto 460 yards to 289 but the Huskies' inability to score twice from inside the opponents' five-yard line and having a touchdown nullified by a penalty cost them in the end.  

-- Steve Galluzzo

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football jones

Wow, what a bunch of CC lame excuses!

“The bus ride was too long“- farther than Stanford?

“It was raining and field was soggy” – obviously only on CC side of field.

“We deserved to play on Saturday” – really?

Causes for CC loss:
CC offense met a defense that –although smaller - was strong, not intimidated and faster.
Coaching staff that doesn’t believe in practical field goals - why not take 3 points when opportunity presents itself? It was obvious game was going to be low scoring.

CC got what they deserved...

Bono > Eubanks

How can anybody in their right mind argue that Eubank is a better quarterback than Bono. Bono's arm was the difference in the centennial game, he, unlike eubank, can complete passes. i can't even count the amount of terrible passes eubank through to wide open receivers. CC fans brag about how eubank is off to the next level to dominate, however, in order to be successful in college Eubank needs to learn how to pass. Running in college, unlike high school, doesn't work, if he tries the crap he pulled all season long, at the next level, he's gonna end up in a wheelchair.

PALY is better!

That's great you had more yardage, but you couldn't convert when it counted. you can blame the weather, your 2 hr. bus ride (Paly's was 8), and whatever else makes you justify CC's loss. Paly held the most "potent" defense to 13 points, and had three redzone stands. You talk about making mistakes leading to CC's demise, however it's important to note that great teams don't make mistakes, and sure as heck don't blame the elements for their loss. Great teams acclimate to the environment and overcome any obstacle in their way, which CC clearly didn't. It's your arrogance, the arrogance of SoCal fans, and the arrogance of Centennial that contributed to their demise. maybe, instead of chirping continuous garbage from your math, you back it up on the field.

Mayberry Dad

Isaac, you're an embarrassment to So Cal football fans. Norcal showed up and beat the So Cal teams. It was great to see good the football played by them in what were very difficult conditions. Stop with the lame excuses and tip your hat.




Funny to see the excuses, qualifications, and justifications from socal fans not willing to admit that Paly and norcal teams were legitimately better and deserved to win. Paly won, straight up. No one cares about '9 out of 10 times (which is utter bs, by the way)' or 'extra week of preparation'...please. Winners don't need excuses. Think John Wooden would have used that kind of excuse?

No one in norcal cares about socal high school football either - they just see socal as a bunch of private schools that recruit all over or massive public schools 3 or 4x the size of the typical norcal public high school (like Paly). Its like a different, more corporate style brand of football to norcal fans. And occasionally they'll pay attention to the recruits that end up going to Stanford or UCBerkeley. But thats it.
At the end of the day, it was a great win for Paly. Hats off to them.

JW in Redlands

Paly played a great game and an outstanding season and are worthy D-I Champions. CC is well-coached and was prepared to play, but they lost for four reasons.

1. Coach Logan did in his own team through his own cavalier disregard for his opponent. Does anyone think if CC was playing DLS or Servite as opposed to Paly that he would have wasted those two drives by going for it on fourth and (not short) goal? The bottom line here was that had Logan coached against the opponent on the field instead of the opponent's uniform (or "lack thereof"), CC would have positioned itself for the win.

2. The spread offense is not a good goal-line package. CC's spread offense is very difficult to defend because of tempo and because it can attack a defense inside, outside or down the field. When CC gets inside the opponent's 10, the down-field element of CC's attack becomes somewhat neutralized by the end-line, thus CC's remaining offensive options become easier to scheme defensively.

3. In order to effectively defend the spread option (or DLS' veer option, for that matter), a defense must have instinctive, athletic defensive ends. Paly had such a player in Anderson, who tore up CC all night defensively.

4. Paly gave up more than 450 yards of offense, but with the exception of three big plays (one a Eubank TD run and another a long Eubank run that resulted in a TD), they kept Centennial in front of them defensively all night. CC's offense is a high-risk, high reward style, which, if an opponent can neutralize the reward, then all that remains is the risk. CC developed a fumbling problem in the playoffs starting with the Upland game and that issue finally came home to roost Friday.

Never seen sore winners before ?

Blas you are funny too, I never seen sore winners before like you guys.I congratulate you and still call the other team losers wow . I am sorry to tell you this, but you cannot tell other people how to think about a game. If you want to see it as some historic state championship game that is fine. But if I wanna see it as just missed oppurtunity to win a big game I am not wrong. There is a saying in football," it's not what you"ve done, it's what you've done lately " .So who won the division 1 State champoinship 4 years ago ? Nobody remembers. And the only people who will remember this one, is the few hundred who were there in the rain that night because no one reads the record books for highschool. But the kids that go on ,like Eubanks, if he has a successful college career,will be remembered much longer than this game. For example, were did Reggie Busch go to HS what was there record ? Did he win a title ? Who knows ? Who cares ? Now do you think he would trade his successful career or be a state champ ! Now who really needs to grow up ?


To those that are not interested about PALY or Northern Cal, and brag about how dominant the south is, and their great players; let me tell you, those kids, that are not going to arizona or any other power house, are the STATE CHAMPION D1 - 2010.
This is not about you, it is about them, PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOOL, congratulation!!!!

BTW, Palo Alto has the right coaching team; you go ahead and select from all the coaches that want to try on a loser team.

An extra week helps

Paly you are really funny, if a coach had a choice of coaching the Paly squad or the Centennial squad who do you think they would pick ? The truth is we do not really care about northern Cal football. You guys won, great, terrific, but let's put it in perspective.Becuase nobody is under estimating you, we are just not that interested. You out played Centennial whoppee, for you. Do you think any college would take Bono over Eubanks , come on now ? There are some great football players from Northern Cal and the Paly kids played tough but nobody's beating down the door recruiting them. We just are not that interested.This is southern Cal the most dominant football in the history of california is from where, Heisman trohy winners come from here. So we are just not that interested,but congratulations, so now what ?


Last, as far the the wet field, traffic, and bad day excuses go. Perhaps Paly should have conceded victory and automatically handed the trophy to Centennial instead of having to settle it on the field? What do you think? Nah, I don't think so either because sometimes teams are overrated...


Another point to mention is that not many SoCal teams and fans know anything about NorCal football outside of De La Salle. In short, the CCS (Central Coast Section) is very tough. There may be teams with 2 or 3 loses that don't get picked for these games because too many L's look bad. However, the Bells' (Bellarmine) introduced the CCS last year. Despite two loses, they took a very good undefeated team to the wire and almost won! Paly is only the second team to represent the CCS and came through. In short, more teams from here will come and be successful. Not every year but, you will learn how tough these teams are.


We Paly people are not talking trash. We just stick to the facts and have fun. In short, Paly didn't play well and still beat Centennial. Suddenly, if the weather is perfect, the grass is dry, Centennial would win 9 of 10? Please, just win one. This mentality is what got them in trouble to begin with. Centennial didn't play well for many reasons. Mainly, Paly. Perhaps another SoCal team would have beat Paly? Sure, we can say that. But, Centennial can't. This was proven. Or, did the score board lie? In short, these conversations are fun!

An extra week helps

I am not a Cetennial fan and congrats to Palo Alto. How unfortunate for Centennial obviously, not the best game preparation,in ideal conditions they would have easily have won.Just look at the stats and botched opportunities they had. It is funny how all the Palo Alto fans are now talking trash , that the weather was not really a factor and championship teams blah,blah,blah, .Please, they even admitted they had an extra week of preparation, the wet field is the only thing that really kept it even. If they played 10 times Centennial would win 9. Unfortunate for them, this was game 10.


Wow....From 54 pts a game to just 13 (ZERO in the 1st half). Remarkable!
I hope former Bruin Steve Bono's son Chris (Paly QB) goes to UCLA. But I have a feeling that Harbaugh & Stanford will have the inside track.


From what I saw last night, a few pointers came to mind, keeping in mind that this is only one game. What I saw was an over-rated team. They had scored lots of points before, but who was their competition? I think they had been building their individual stats and probably keeping their starters for most of those games. Also, this team cannot play any defense at all, plain and simple. Their corners cannot cover a lick as they are lacking a great mental attitude. Their other defenders are not physical and most are very slow. Before the game, everyone was raging about their QB. But not trying to insult, as a have a great respect for all school athletes, the young man, does not have the mental knowledge of the game (yet) to discern what can work with the different schemes a la Isham or Verco. It takes more than athleticism to be behind the center. And for the coaching staff, they were totally outcoached. It seemed that they never could make any adjustments. Palo Alto playred a good game, not great, like the tv anchors say, but they wanted the game more than Centennial. And lets not blame the bad game on the rain, both teams had to play on it. Its time to face reality, there are other teams in the southland who are better, but aren't taken into account possible because they don't score a lot of points.

Paly Alumni

1since71 is right. Centennial was playing in denial and failed to adjust their game plan to play a better team. They discovered their arrogance too late.

whittier sports fan

Centennial is a major overrated team- earlier in the week Sondheimer wrote that SERVITE was lucky that they didnt have to play Centennial-trust me its the other way around- SERVITE would beat them- defense and discipline win championships and SERVITE has both- Centennial has neither-they were outplayed and outcoached-they are a very cocky team and couldnt handle the pressure.

Paly Alumni

Centennial is one of the best teams in SoCal. They just are not better than Paly.

Paly Alumni

It was fun to see this game. Paly won, straight up. Anytime, any team goes undefeated in CCS, especially going through 3 WCAL teams, pay attention. It's about time this region of football is recognized.


this loss sits squarely on the shoulders of the huskies coaching many times do you pass up a field goal? it seemed they were trying to prove something rather than win the game.

not a nd grad

cc had 2 chances to kick short field goals of 20 yards, but decided that a td was the better bet. that came back to haunt them.


Where you at IE TOWN...?

This is what happens when you talk so much smack and can't back it up...! Just ask the AMAT Honks...It happens to them every year since 1995...!

Now you're just the couldhavebeens...

Not in 2011 Either...


Corona Centennial proved that they are not the best team in southren califiornia, THEY ARE NOT READY TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS


Palo Alto just beat Centennial plain and simple. People will say the rain, the fumbles, the turnovers did them in. A championship team finds ways to win in rain, snow, extreme heat no excuses. Many people need to admit that Palo Alto didn't fear Centennial and they were the better team on Friday night.


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