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Boys' basketball: Crespi showing ability in early season

The conventional wisdom is that Los Angeles Loyola and North Hollywood Harvard-Westlake should be the favorites to win the Mission League, but don't tell that to Encino Crespi.

The Celts (8-3) won the San Fernando Valley tournament championship with a 78-53 victory over Mission League rival Mission Hills Alemany on Wednesday.

Tournament MVP Matt Mounier had 24 points and football standout Reggie Coates added 12 points and 13 rebounds.

Marquees Coleman scored 20 points and Max Guercy 16 for Alemany (7-2).

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Ronaldus Magnus


You obviously know nothing about anything.

Avery enrolled at Crespi as a 9th grader -- played varsity basketball as a freshman.

He then got a scholarship to attend a boarding school in Florida, where he played varsity basketball as a sophomore.

This year, the Florida school could not or would not renew Avery's scholarship, so financially he was forced to return home -- where he enrolled at Crespi as a junior and petitioned the CIF to play basketball for the Celts once again -- this time as a junior.

The CIF, in its infinite wisdom, declared Avery ineligible this season, stating that his transfer BACK to Crespi was athletically motivated...THE KID LOST HIS SCHOLARSHIP IN FLORIDA!!! HOW IS THAT ATHLETICALLY MOTIVATED?

Your insinuations that Crespi disobeys the rules and is some big recruiting juggernaut are preposterous. There's not a shred of evidence of such conduct, now or in the past.

Give it up.

not a nd grad

elly, quit drinking so much egg nog. connelly & stenhouse are front court starters who did not play. milligan & foreman are the other front court players who did not play, both due to injury. that makes 4 players. do you now understand?
crespi has played 11 games this year with either 7 or 8 healthy players.
to all you crespi haters, have a merry christmas and happy new year. make a new years resolution for 2011 & write something positive for a change.

Justice Scalia

Hey Bud,

I never played fullback and never played for Ed Mulflur.

You should know that based on my previous posts, unless you've been indulging in your own name too much.

Res Ipsa Loquitur.



I am confused sir. In your first post you say FOUR players were not available. When Bud questioned that, you changed it to TWO. You should try to be consistent. Elly Mae

not a nd grad

ok, hotshot observer, please cite other crespi sports athletes who have been ruled ineligible. avery & calahan are ineligible to play varsity hoops this year after transferring. that makes 2. calahan was eligible to play varsity football in 2010.
crespi supporters would love to hear about your list.
i suspect to hear silence from you.


No matter the sport the words ineligible and Crespi always appear. Can this school ever do anything athletically above board?

Celt Dad

Hey bud, why so bitter? It was not a strong tourney field but without thier starting center and forward, good start.

not a nd grad

okay little bud, listen up. stenhouse & connelly did not play. connelly is the starting center & stenhouse the starting small forward. that makes 2 players. there are 5 starters. henceforth, that makes 2/5 of the starting lineup. do you understand now, or should i draw you a map?


You sound like the basketball version of football scalia, the former fullback under Eddie Muffler. Come on not, you claim they did not have 1/3 of their team? Bogus! I am sure you are including Avery who is NOT part of the squad. He is ineligible, the appeal process WILL NOT reinstate him. Please tell us the other 3 who didnt play and why. Winning your own tournament is quite common by pre scheduling all the patsies. Why does this program go D-4 in the playoffs? Because they get beat down in league by the big boys. Beat a quality team. Funny how they meet tough alemany in the final, just like the embarrassing D-4 TITLE. WHAT A JOKE!
bud escalante

not a nd grad

crespi played without 4 of their front court players, 2 of whom are probable starters. superb ball handling, deadly 3 point shooting & they nailed their free throws.
good luck to the team in the holiday tournament in northern california next week.


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