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Baseball: Southern California Showdown features 32 teams

Just in time for the rain, the brackets for the 32-team Southern California Showdown that begins on March 4 and sponsored by Easton have come out.

Pool A: Alemany, Palmdale, Westlake, Saugus. Pool B: Kennedy, Agoura, Chaminade, Rio Mesa. Pool C: Chatsworth, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Loyola. Pool D: El Camino Real, Oaks Christian, Lancaster, Crespi. Pool E: Moorpark, Cleveland, Dos Pueblos, Hart. Pool F: Camarillo, Ventura, Calabasas, Harvard-Westlake. Pool G: Buena, Simi Valley, Valencia, St. Francis. Pool H: Burbank Burroughs, West Ranch, Quartz Hill, St. Bonaventure.

The tournament is loaded with likely top 25 teams. I'd say Alemany, Chaminade, Camarillo, Moorpark, Chatsworth, Valencia and West Ranch are the favorites.

-- Eric Sondheimer

-- Eric Sondheimer


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Is that 15 wins in a row for Crespi in the Easton Showdown???


Correction on the Tri-Valley:
That should be:

D-4 Tri-Valley 2 teams: Oaks Christian, St. Bonaventure


I think caligriddude's analysis is pretty good, but this is early season baseball and the top pitchers are generally coming off a rest period since they were all throwing deep into the fall, so it is hard to know who will be in top shape in early March, plus hitters will not be up to seeing top notch pitching this early either. Harvard-Westlake has probably the best pitcher in SoCal, so I don't see them as a long shot, but not sure who their number two is. Camarillo has 3 D1 pitchers, but they are going to have to get through two very good teams, while the others typically have one hard game, and one softer, but they have the arms so who knows. I agree with Camino Real, but don't know how deep there pitching is. While good, I don't think Chaminade is in the class of the others he mentioned.

Oaks, while only a Div 4 team has 3 D1 players, and a really good lefty, who when on can beat anyone. Ventura's number 1 & 2 can shut anyone down also. I am not sure how deep Moorpark is. Once we see some winterball results we can get a better idea.

Nice analysis statman. Good talking baseball!


Here is a breakdown of the 32 Easton So. Calif showdown teams by Leagues for 2010:

The City Section has 2 Leagues, 4 teams
Southern Section 9 Leagues, 28 teams

D-2 Channel 3 teams: Buena, Dos Pueblos, Ventura
D-1 City: Valley Mission 1 team: Kennedy
D-1 City: West Valley 3 teams: Chatsworth, Cleveland, El Camino
D-1 Foothill 4 teams: Hart, Saugus, Valencia, West Ranch
D-3 Golden 3 teams: Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill
D-1 Marmonte 6 teams: Agoura, Calabasas, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake
D-1 Mission 6 teams: Alemany, Chaminade, Harvard-Westlake, Loyola, St. Francis
D-3 Ocean 1 team: Santa Monica
D-2 Pacific 1 team: Burroughs
D-1 Pacific View 2 teams: Camarillo, Rio Mesa
D-4 Tri-Valley 2 teams: Oaks Christian, Tri-Valley


The four best teams in this tourney are: West Ranch, Chatsworth, Chaminade, and Valencia. West Ranch is the team to beat. They are a slight notch above the other three teams. Alemany, Camarillo, and Moorpark could win it, but they are not as complete as the top four. Do not count out El Camino Real. Cardona is a big-time pitcher and they have just enough hitting to beat a lot of these teams. I see Harvard-Westlake or Saugus as potential surprise group winners.


Wow. Gaggmee! You've got it all figured out. I bet all the local scouts will be there salivating at all that talent. Naw. Just kidding! There gonna be at home in bed on their laptops surfing the web looking for the next big sensation and when they find him they'll text each other so they can all bid on the same prospect. The word scout in American Indian means " follower" not shaman. They're carrying on a great tradition. A shaman sees into the future. A scout looks for smoke and when he finds it, he blows more smoke.


I generally agree with Eric. A couple of points looking at the bracketed games.

Alemany should prevail but Saugus has a chance to win. Saugus vs Alemany game will be key to group A.

Chaminade, Chastworth, and Crespi should win their brackets.

Moorpark should win their bracket, but Cleveland should not be taken lightly. Moorpark vs Cleveland game should decide winner.

Camarillo has a tough draw and has to play two very good teams to win their bracket. Harvard-Westlake or Ventura could easily come through group F.

Valencia should win, but Simi is always tough.

West Ranch should win but Quartz Hill is usually good.


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