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Football: Roosevelt's new uniforms violated City rules

Those new black uniforms provided by Nike to Los Angeles Roosevelt for its game against Los Angeles Garfield on Friday night before more than 20,000 fans at East Los Angeles College violated City Section rules because they were not part of Roosevelt's official school colors, assistant commissioner John Aguirre said Monday.

Roosevelt's listed school colors are cardinal, blue and gold. Roosevelt Coach Javier Cid said he was aware the uniforms would be black but did not take part in choosing the colors.

Roosevelt could be placed on probation or be forced to forfeit the game, depending on the decision of the City rules committee meeting on Nov. 30. Garfield won, 13-3.

Cid, though, doesn't want to give up the uniforms. He said Nike spent more than $50,000 providing uniforms and other amenities to both teams.

But City Section rules are clear. Schools can't wear colors not officially stated.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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As a graduate of Roosevelt, I was pretty surprised that they wore black. Yes, it's a cool color. Yes, it was free. And yes, it was pretty sad to watch.

The reality is a rule was broken. What's worse, it says anyone with money can walk in and change things. Coach Cid, you sold out-I know you're a Rough Rider, so it's even sadder. It's akin to prostituting your team. You just told the world: you got enough money, we'll dress up for you.

Nike could have given you ANYTHING! They're frickin Nike! Where's your spirit? Where's your pride? It's bad enough outsiders (like the mayor and his goons) are changing tradition-but when the death of tradition is coming from within, from an alum, no less, it's shameful. Time to fall on your sword & take one for your team.

You think USC or UCLA would be happy (or would allow) some rich benefactor to come in and change things up? Nike gave uniforms to you? Fine. Wear them for practice. Wear them around school or in the locker room. Heck, take the team picture in them. But don't wear them to the BIGGEST game in the city that represents your school and community. Why do you think over 20,ooo people still go to the "Classic?" For those of you who say it's time to change, if you went to either of these Eastside schools, part of the beauty is the tradition.

PS: Coaches and administrators should never be allowed to come in and add colors ANYWHERE. It's not your personal wardrobe.

Lizbeth Gutierrez

What fault do our children have in all this ??? Why should they be punished for others mistakes !!! Please let the boys play that is just not right on them .


"It’s like punishing every team CIF or City for using PINK football gear or tape or wristbands for barest cancer awareness."

Thanks for bringing this up. Im sure that all the city schools will have to forfeit there victory when the kids did the right thing and wore pink for breast cancer awareness. You know what.... why stop there... All city schools who's kids wore pink are gonna be put on probation effective immediately.

Hopefully john and barbie will do this so we can be covered by the news medias like channel 2,4,7,9,11,13. Hell lets get espn involved as well. Wasn't it a few weeks ago when some idiots (I think it was the state of washington), punished some refs who gave up there game checks to donate to the breast cancer awareness, where disciplined and it was gonna cost them another paycheck for using pink whistles.
HOW STUPID WAS THAT????? Wait a minute...... Maybe john and barbie are commisioners up there as well and we just dont know about it and thats why we dont get anything done in la.

Do the right thing john and barbie and let this go.


Hey Coach Cid if they don't let you keep those jerseys how about auctioning them off and raising some money for the school? I am very sure there are many people here that would purchase them.


How about being greatful that Nike donated uniforms. Is the City Section/assistant commissioner John Aguirre made because it wasn't money donated to them?? I graduated from one of the schools there 20 years and can say that we have improved over the years and to know how many have come back to give back to home is wonderful. I may not have kids going to one of the schools there(if I did that would be a proud moment no matter what school he/she went to)I am VERY THANKFUL THAT A BIG NAME LIKE NIKE IS GIVING TO OURS SCHOOLS!!!I will be sending an email to NIKE thanking them how about you?

Black and Yellow

Roosevelt should just add black to there school colors end of story. John you’re the biggest JOKE in high school football. I know many people that know about all your BS when you were a football coach at Garfield. We need new Blood in the city Barbara and John must go. This is 2010 not the 80’s or 90’s get with the new age and stop living in a box, CHANGE is a good thing. The good people from Nike gave expensive and state of the art uniforms to both teams. Those uniforms are the best out there. We want the best for the kids as well as both programs so stop being so negative about this. Garfield should be happy because Roosevelt has been with NIKE for a few years Garfield got no love from Adidas. Personally I think Garfield only got uniforms because of Roosevelt. NIKE even gave sweatshirts to both RHS and GHS Cheer. But again I just think that you don’t want to see Boyle Heights or East LA get any love because that’s what this sounds like to me. Roosevelt you guys should wear those black uniforms for the playoffs why let such a good uniform go to waste. I’m sure Garfield is going to wear them again. It’s like punishing every team CIF or City for using PINK football gear or tape or wristbands for barest cancer awareness.

Not a fan

its all black and white with aguirre, there is no grey area, if the rules state this than thats the rule. He has no mind of his own, he dishes out forfeits and probation like it means nothing, these are kids john and if you hand out a forfeit its saying that the kids cheated, a to forfeit a game means that the team that forfeits might not of won if not for whatever the school is being accused of, thank goodness Roosevelt lost, as bad as it sounds at least they wont be called cheaters. If you want to make a statement to people, you do what it takes to be fair even if it steps into a little grey area. John Aguirre might have been a coach many years ago, he 's not that now, he's changed into a yes man. Dish out your penalty company man, we all see right through you


Mr. mayor, ANTONIO V, we need you to come in and find a way to clean up the city section C.I.F. office PRONTO!!! Heads have needed to roll for the longest time so why not give us all the greatest X-MAS PRESENT EVER and show them the door.

It's stupid that this is even brought up and its even stupider that this is put in the press. DUMB(Aguirre) and DUMBER(Feige) are gonna make a BIG deal over something petty. Yes the uniforms where black, the letters where gold with a burgundy trim and the pants where black with gold and burgundy on the side trim. Is black and RHS colors NO, but there school colors where present on the uniforms.

To sanction RHS or make them forfeit the game is STUPID AND PROPOSTEROUS. A warning letter and a email to all the schools not to do this would have been all that should have been done. What the la cif section is doing is simply stupid, and in the long run, it can be something that comes back and bites them in there A----!!!

Nike is a sponsor, a sponsor who spent a lot of money, for the biggest game in not only the la city section but the whole state of california. A sponsor that dumb and dumber have a hard time getting to help fund the championship game. Remember, we needed the L.A. city council to come and rescue our butts, so we can have the 4a game at the Coliseum.

D&D should have sent Nike a letter thanking them for showcasing these two city schools, and also letting them know that in the future that they have to use school colors or else schools could get into trouble, and to please not use black or anything that isn't the schools traditional colors. Is it making sense john and barbara???? I SURE HOPE SO!!

I hope johnny and barbie come to a smart conclusion in resolving this matter. If they sanction RHS besides a hand slap they are putting the L.A. city section even further behind the souther section and not only that they could scare the SPONSORS that they so DESPERATELY NEED!!!!

ES I hope you talk to the city section office before this meeting and let them know what a HORRIBLE MISTAKE they would be making if they sanctioned RHS for this. This is not just about rhs, its about, all city schools need whatever they can get(money, jerseys, books, e.t.c. e.t.c. ).

Remember we where gonna make the kids pay a fee to ride on the bus earlier this year. Do we still remember that????

RHS Alumni/Professional

After reading the article and comments from reader's, there is something missing here. When whomever or however Nike was contacted, shouldn't someone have informed the board of the need and possible donation? And if there is a manual of some sort for all schools regulating uniform colors and guidelines of purchases, shouldn't it have been addressed to Nike?( possible over sight due to the excitement of Nike responding and making generous donation). It also sounds like someone or members of the board were not given the respect of knowing what the school was up too,( Why? would it delay the distribution of uniforms?). Finally, could some members be feeling excluded from the discision making and not have their name or picture taken with Nike affiliates for their generous donation to two Inner-City schools who Latino race makes up 99% of both campuses. Tiss-Tiss.

Daniel Cova

A rule is Rule... they have blue, yellow an cardinal an "white" is just
for everyone i think (Schools) but i bet them black ones look sick! looks like assistant commissioner John Aguirre is everywhere...but is like my Trojans of SC!! bush got money to help out his family. didn't go good for the program after 5 years since he left there's no way out of the NCAA money trend they love to do.. but ended up with 2 years of no bowl games etc. a rule is a rule... ELA & BH!


A community that is dealing with poverty, gangs, high drop rate is in need of support, like we have with many of our organisation leaders in our community. Those leaders are not worried about a uniform color, because life in the "vario" does not leave time to worry about a uniform color. Those leaders are only here in the interest of the youth, and not no here for economic or career gain. This man John Aguirre has forgotten where he came from, and the conditions of his past community, and his only intentions are increase his personal goals, and not in the interest of the East Los Angeles community nor the Boyle Height Community. TAN...TAN...


Seriously..I can't imagine that high school students especially at a city school be put on probation due to the color of a uniform. Think about it Aguirre.. hmm football great revenue for schools, keeps kids off the street, brings in community pride and yet you think about city violations for color. This is a total joke



DENISE M JARAMILLO about being a HATER!!!!
There are bigger things to worry about in the world!
Aguirre is ALL GARFIELD and doesn't have anything better to do than hate on Roosevelt....Our kids looked great...and you can't deny a gift...especially from such a great name brand like Nike...JUST DO IT!!!!

Richard Guillen Senior

Roosevelt may have committed a violation of city rules but the rules committee must consider all the factors involved.
There were many people involved in making the uniform decision and the players should not be held accountable for what others decide.
Placing Roosevelt on probation is an option but a warning for a first time offense would be a better avenue to take.
We as adults do not need to rush to judgement, we must be reasonable in a decision that will effect many students at Roosevet High School


The rules are the rules and they are stated at every coaching meeting. The black uniform rule has been in effect for some time now, so any coach feigning ignorance of such is a liar. Basketball was the most egregious perpetrators of the black uniforms hence the reiteration of the rule that always stated uniforms should be worn according to the school charter. The question should be knowing that and with the versatility of the nike uniform builder why waste the resources on a uniform that wasn't approved? It didn't have to be black. The kids would have been excited either way. Ask the Garfield kids. So instead of gaining a new jersey and passing one down to your lower levels, you have one that you can't wear until you get district approval which may or may not happen. If you see a school with black in their uniforms it's because they received prior approval for those uniforms or it's in their school charter such as San Pedro. Basketball at one point, to my understanding, was allowed to wear black uniforms in tournaments, I'm not aware if that still exists, I haven't been to the last two basketball LAUSD coaches meetings (where this issue is always raised, like white is mandatory at home), but I'm sure it was discussed. Check the rules. Aguirre isn't going to arbitrarily and capriciously enforce a rule for some schools and not others, regardless of whatever former affiliations he once had and some of you believe he still has. He's as direct as the come when it comes to rule enforcement.


Aguirre and the LAUSD are a little upset that they didn't get a peice of that pie. They are all corrupt! $70 million dollar school!....Yeah right!!!

Robert Amaya

It's understandable that rules are rules. Also it's understandable when you have an assistant commissioner who is also an ex Garfield Head coach making a complaint about a pitty color situation. It should not be a big deal it was for the kids. There are times when people need to put their pride aside when it comes to making kids happy. This experience was for the seniors that will no longer be able to wear a uniform at the CLASSIC ever again. I did not hear Mr Hermandez,head coach of Garfield complain.


This seems so very petty.

Venice Swim and Water Polo have worn pink suits with sparkles multiple times ... Aguirre never complained.


John Aguirre is nothing but a HATER!
stop coming to our Garfield games /East L.A Classic,
we dont want you here
stick to the Marine league your used too!
stop hating, worry about other problems in the City section, you still waiting on Fiege's positon , your a JOKE!!!


For all the "whiners": rules are rules! If the Roosevelt coach knew that the uniforms would be black, then he should've told nike not to make them black. Garfield didn't have purple uniforms made. Every coach is responsible for knowing the rules in The Orange Book. When Nike told the Coach they would be black, he should've balked and asked to make them the school colors. Yes, baseball has been wearing black uniforms for well over a decade - but they were given prior approval. Maybe the football coach was trying to copy the baseball program. I dont think GHS has beaten RHS in baseball for 15 years.


We've been OG BLACK and GOLD since 1903!!!! No probs with BLACK at the P-House. It's fun to watch all of these teams want/join the darkside!!!! Glad to be BLACK and GOLD!!! Go Pirates!!!!


Aguirre is an Idiot!! Fire his *** along with Fiege. They have no Clue.......


I can't believe the LAUSD is even concerned with this?? SERIOUSLY? You people never cease to amaze me. Why don't you just cancel the darn game because, well, that's just too many people for a LAUSD football game? It would make just as much stupid sense! IDIOTIC!

Former Oarsman Sports Editor

THIS is what the City section is worried about? THIS is what keeps Aguirre up at night? You have got to be kidding me.


You would have thought that NIKE would have some clue about uniform rules. So much for research.

Not a Bulldog...

Biased Aguirre! Leave the Roughriders alone, it was the classic. Aguirre coached at Garfield before coaching at Carson High School.


Double whammy. First roosey gets beat by the DOGS, then they might be put on probation. Que paso Roosey, Que paso..


Loyola did that too right?


I'm sure the black jerseys really help these kids play better. The city section is ridiculous. It's like they want these kids to stay down, someone finally does something nice for these kids, and it's deemed unacceptable. We need to disband the city and their joke of commissioners, and let these kids compete as part of the southern section.


Didn't someone else wear all black? Was that a Southern Section school??




baseball man

How about Roosevelts Black Baseball uniforms they have used the last 4-5 years????

Football Fan

Aren't Narbonnes colors gold, white, and how do they get to wear all black uniforms? Seems that the douglas/aguirre relationship of past helps him get special treatment.


Well is black one of Huntington Park's official school colors?

If so, there wouldn't be a problem.

It's not the color black that's the problem with the uniform. The City Section is claiming it's not one of Roosevelt's listed school colors.


I dont agree with this. Yeah it is a rule, but if the city section is so on top of this I would like to have ES ask the LAUSD Athletics office to make all the request that have been submitted to wear black uniforms. For example, Narbonne High School. Beat them to the punch ES ask them to produce it before they request that Narbonne turn one in!!!


John Aguirre is a hater because he once coached at Garfield. Its not our fault that the bulldogs jerseys looked crappy. We lost but we looked good in our uniforms.

City Fan

Aren't black or white neutral colors? Garfield wore white jersey's and they state their colors as crimson and blue. It's a big deal out of nothing. Roosevelt's uniforms looked great btw.


What of Huntington Park's black basketball jerseys?


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