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Football: He knows the directions to Crespi

If the bus driver transporting the Anaheim Servite football team to Encino Crespi on Friday night happens to need directions, the head coach, Troy Thomas, can help.

Thomas played on Crespi's 1986 Big Five Conference championship team under Coach Bill Redell. He was defensive coordinator at Crespi under former Coach Tim Lins. He guided the Celts to a 2004 Southern Section championship as head coach. He considered returning to Crespi this past season.

"I think it's cool," he said of playing the Celts. "I'll enjoy seeing all the Crespi people."

What Crespi people will see is an unbeaten Servite team that hits nonstop, plays discipline football and hasn't lost since a regular-season game last year to Huntington Beach Edison.

Crespi, though, has speed, and Servite struggled at times against a similar team in Bellflower St. John Bosco. If the Celts avoid can turnovers, they'll be able to give the Friars a tough game.

Of course, this game is causing some fans to keep their mouths shut because they support Thomas and Crespi. Redell, asked who he is rooting for, said, "I'm rooting for a tie."

No one should be happier that Servite is on the road than Thomas' mother. She lives in Canoga Park and gets to see her son without taking a long drive to Orange County.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Not a fan

You are all so confused, Let me break it down, I have a very reliable source. Thomas only gets 1 year contracts at Servite and wanted more job security so he asked Servite to give him an extended contract, Servite refused only because the 1 year thing is the way they do things at Servite with all its staff, teachers, everyone that works at Servite. Thomas then applied at Crespi to see if there where any better offers out there, Whether or not he would of got the job over Mack or not nobody knows because he withdrew his name, BECAUSE, Servite boosters and Alumni got together and raised a little dough for thomas to stay right where he was, Thomas IS the highest paid coach in high school football today. Make No mistake about it




McConfused: crespi is in encino.
servite is in anaheim.
where would you rather live?
please explain what rancho santa margarita and northridge has to do with this.
mr. thomas uprooted his family and moved to anaheim for a higher paying job a few years ago.
mr. thomas was willing to uproot his family again for a higher paying job a few months ago but he was turned down in favor of jon mack. mr. thomas loves encino.


mcfool: he APPLIED for the job.

crespi is located in encino. many millionaires choose to live there. northridge? what are you talking about?

the crespi job now pays more than the servite job meaning it is a BETTER job.

the homes located on ALONZO AVE south of crespi cost FAR more than the homes around servite.


Why would Troy uproot his family from beautiful Orange County, and one of the top 2 or 3 high school coaching jobs in California, just to move back to the Valley?

I don't care what Crespi was offering, Troy Thomas was never leaving Servite to go back to the Crespi job.

Another example -- Harry Welch. Once he got a taste of the sweet life on OC coaching at St. Margarets in San Juan Capistrano, he made it very clear he was not interested in the Crespi job either. Seriously, where would you rather live -- Rancho Santa Margarita, or Northridge?


Go easy sports fans...

Troy Thomas is held in very high regard at Crespi. It is a priveledge to play a team led by another former Crespi coach; the list is long and distinguished...Harry Welch (Canyon/Sta. Margarita), Tim Lins (Moorpark), Jim Benkert (Westlake), Bill Redell (Oaks Christian), the list goes on and on...

The bottomline is that it will be a battle and at the end of the game, a Celt will win.

With that being said...Sorry Troy! Go Crespi!

Celts '91


Sorry Troy! Go Crespi!!!

Celt Pride!


Why would Troy publicly complain about losing a whole lot of dough to a rival coach. That would make him look pretty silly now wouldn't it? And you must know a whole lot about that.
Privately, Troy's inner circle got an earful. Mentor Bill Redell was thankfully around to calm down his protege.
Troy will put a serious whipping on Mack Friday night and after Servites repeats, he will be the most sought after coach around. One more thing, be careful with that other fool.


let me totally break it down for you,not. would you go to the local press and cry about not getting a job that you wanted very much? would you call eric sondheimer and cry that some guy is being paid 35 grand more than you and you just won the CIF D-1 title? I mean come on dude. your post is childlike. thomas thought he would be welcomed back. he tore it up at servite. he forgot one thing. he walked out on crespi and they didn't forget. you didn't even know he tried to get the job back, once he saw the silly money being offered. and to throw salt in the wound, the carmelites hired a notre dame grad. Thomas is still pissed.if you don't know what you are talking about and don't know anyboby in the know, maybe you should keep it shut NOT.

not a nd grad

has thomas ever said he's unhappy about not getting the crespi job? no
has thomas ever said he's unhappy about mack being a higher paid coach? no
will escalante attend the crespi-servite game? no
so, he will not be on the sidelines & he will not be talking to coach mack.
let the kids play the game. let the alumni, family, students & fans enjoy the game.
keep your negative crespi comments to yourself.
if you love nd so much, talk about them in glowing terms. they are a quality school with a quality sports program.


Is this the same Chris Escalante who was expelled from Notre Dame high school for body slamming an official in the late 70's? Then played for the Montreal Allouettes? A great linebacker and an even greater psycho. I guess 15 years in San Quentin could do that.


stop by the sidelines before the game while I am talking to jmack. I will show you the thank you package that the CF people sent me for the grand donation I sent them after the miracle in encino. don't be scared 4th string. maybe I'll even introduce you to jmack.


there is no love lost between jmack and tthom, being the finalists for the job. jmack is now the highest paid coach in so cal and tthom is not happy about it. look for tthom to not only defeat crespi, but he will rub it in his facial.


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