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Football: Anything goes in Garfield-Roosevelt rivalry game

If you haven't attended the East L.A. Classic matching Garfield and Roosevelt, you've missed one of the great events in Los Angeles sports history.

It happens again on Friday night at East Los Angeles College, with a crowd of more than 20,000 expected.

Asked if he would be attending the "Roosevelt-Garfield game," former Garfield Coach John Aguirre said, "I'll be attending the Garfield-Roosevelt game."

Garfield deserves the favorite's role. It has played a tougher schedule. But Aguirre, who was 4-0 as head coach when facing Roosevelt, said he once lost to an 0-7 Roosevelt team when Garfield was 7-0.

The game is being taped for future airing by LA36.

-- Eric Sondheimer



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To the players. Go out and enjoy every minute of it. Theres no other game in So. Cal that compares to the Classic. To coach Robinson and Coach Loya who had the vision to show the world what ELA is all about, thank you. To: Theets, Valles, De La Torre, Gonzo, and Avalos go get some. Light the teddybears up. Big Bad Bulldogs. Class of 89.


The East Los Angeles Classic is a thing of beauty. It is very hard for people outside the East Los Angeles community to truly appreciate everything that goes into this one game. Its not just about the game. Its about school spirit, pride and especially family.

The kids at RHS and GHS have decorated there hallways from top to bottom in there schools colors representing every sport, club(s) and programs at there school. The kids dont just get construction paper and make signs, they hand make a lot of the decorations, and get very creative in there designs. A lot of hours and hundreds of students participate in these activities.

The Band, Drill teams and cheer squads practice extra hard and put in countless of extra hours to have a performance of a lifetime during the quarters, halftime and intermition shows. Each squad wants to outduel the other schools squad.

Each school wants to outduel the other school in every aspect of the "Classic"
Of course everyone is interested in the main event but let us not forget that the jv football teams play with as much passion as the varsity teams.

Family's will be divided this week,especially on friday, bragging rights are on the line. At the end of the day there has to be a loser on the field but everyone who participates in this great rivalry is a winner. To truly appreciate all of this, fans of high school football, should swing by one of the schools and check it out for themselves or show up at the game. I can gurantee you that you will not find a game in california that can match "East Los Angeles Classic" There are many great rivalaries in So. Cal but all of those come a far distant second to this game. 3,000 - 10,000 fans dont compare to over 20,000 fans year in and year out.

The media likes to portray the East Los Angeles community in a bad way but on this day lets show the media what East Los Angeles is all about... "FAMILIA"!!!!

To all the Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Coaches and especially the kids who are working overtime this week and are taking part in this great event.... I WISH YOU NOTHING BUT THE BEST ON THIS GREAT DAY.


you sure did a lot of talking for a guy who let's the pads do the talking


I remember that 0-7/7-0 game. I was just hoping the Riders would keep it close. That win was one of the greatest ever. I love this game. I see so many friends from my days at Roosevelt. The final score is ultimately the most important thing about the night but there are so many smaller battles during the night. The bands taking the field, the drum majors baton toss, the half time shows, the wave! lol. It's a very spirited and exciting night. Good luck to both teams but forever GO RIDERS!


you mite experience a crappy season, but when it comes to the classic all is thrown out the door. i played in the classic for garfield in 93 and 94 and it was a glorious experience a person can go through. I remember we would do the bulldog run the day before the classic. we would run throughout the whole school and destroy anything or anyone in our way. they eventually banned this run because every year a student would get hurt and alot of damage to school property would happen. it was fun though running around and getting pumped up for the classic. i also remember rooselvelt would send a plane with a banner attached saying that they were better than us, but all it did was get us more pumped. and of course i can't leave out the feel one gets when atomic dog starts playing and we run out the tunnel to all the cheers and boos from both schools. for most of us that feeling is never going to happen again in our lives and that makes you play the hardest you have ever played before. no one wants to lose the classic. of course the two years i played in the classic we won those games.


My family and I look forward to the EAST LA CLASSIC every year. Garfield has been the home school for my husband's entire family, going back to his grand parents. Our son graduated in 2009 and now our daughter is at Garfield. The athletics department deserves a round of applause, they have helped shape my children's dreams and aspirations. Thank you Garfied. Go BULLDOGS!!

 Coach Guillen JR

I grew up on the Roosevelt football field. As a kid I looked forward to this game every year. My father Richard Guillen was the O-Line coach at Roosevelt from 1984-2002. I remember that game we were the underdog and had not won a game all year. My dad told me this before the game had started” Garfield team is good but I think we can beat them”. We went up 7-0 and shut Garfield down, when the game was over we could not believe that we had did the impossible. That day was a good day to be a Rider. I had my chance to play in the classic 98-2002. My junior year we played Garfield at the LA Coliseum and that was the first time the Classic was ever played there. It was kind of funny because the classic was to be played at ELAC .when it was moved to the Coliseum it did not feel the same. But we beat the bulldogs 41-0. I ended my senior year with a fumble recovery to beat the bulldogs 35-22. I had great moments in the classic, as a fan, a player and now as a football coach. Tomorrow night will be a true test for us but as a coach all we can do is put the kids in the best position possible to make plays. At Roosevelt we don’t talk we let the pads do the talking. Tomorrow night will be another great game between the boys form East LA and the Boys from Boyle Heights. Go Riders…….


That game deserves a bigger venue for true high school football fans to enjoy (and have a place to park). Even this Valley guy enjoyed the pagentry of the game - both schools' homecoming - without having an interest in who won/lost. LA 36 will go a good job of bringing the game to the viewers at home. But, it should be attended at least once by those who love the game.


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