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Boys' basketball: Landon Drew gets waiver to play for Fairfax

In a decision that will have a big impact on City Section basketball, junior guard Landon Drew has been granted a hardship waiver by City Section Commissioner Barbara Fiege and will be eligible immediately to play for Los Angeles Fairfax after transferring from Woodland Hills Taft.

Fiege denied a hardship waiver to another junior transfer, Brendyn Taylor from View Park Prep. He'll have to sit out the season on varsity, though he's expected to appeal.

Drew started last season as a sophomore at Taft, and Fairfax needed a point guard to go along with its young big men.

Update: On Monday, Fiege said student privacy rights prevent her from discussing the case. "He was granted a waiver based on hardship," she said. "There will never be an explanation, not on a hardship."

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Football seeding is done by a seeding committee, not by IAC.


Yes, "es" - please REPORT on this story insteaad of issue press releases that could have come directly from the CIF-LA office. What is the hardship? And why can Fiege decide on some cases and others have to go in front of an IAC committee?

Danny Forde


why don't you explain what the hardhsip was?

Not a fan

IAC voted jefferson a 5 seed, They ARE a JOKE! Bias, and corrupt


Why hers alone and no IAC committee? The system is morally bankrupt. He gets to play and other kids don't. Why?

However, I do agree that kids should be able to play and learn where ever they want. Transfer rules are stupid restrictions of our liberty made by stupid adults that want to hold kids hostage. Kids should not have to ask Fiege or IAC about where they want to go to school and play sports.


The decision was Fiege alone. No IAC.


The "hardship" probably was that he had a lawyer and the IAC committee was intimidated. Otherwise, I can't see how he could be eligible. The committee members certainly don't care about kids and their real hardships. I know this as a first hand witness to how the committee functions - and it is sad how these IAC people bully kids around - kids that just want to play a sport they love in a good playing situation. IAC is a bad joke.

Michael Mayer

Still trying to figure out how being the Son of an active NBA head coach making NBA money is a "hardship" for his son. The only hardship I could see was the Fairfax coach "needing a point guard to go along with it's big men" they brought in.


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