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Football: The debate begins for No. 1 in City Section

Thank goodness there's a playoff in the City Section for football, because the debate is heating up over who's No. 1 in Division I.

Carson (6-2) has taken over the No. 1 ranking in the latest ratings based on strength of schedule, results and margin of victory. That's going to be evidence for Carson Coach Elijah Asante when he tries to argue for a No. 1 seeding.

Dorsey (8-0) is No. 2 despite having a very weak rating for its strength of schedule. And defending champion Crenshaw (6-2) is No. 3.

Asante believes victories over Santa Ana Mater Dei and Harbor City Narbonne give the Colts an edge.

Dorsey and Crenshaw are scheduled to meet on Nov. 12.

The playoffs end with a championship game expected to be at the Coliseum on Dec. 11.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Don Asante

There is no debate Carson is Great! We are led by the #1 gangster and new Don Asante!

I am #1

Its not just about the playoffs! The sixteenth seed will be awful and will lose, but the 8th v 9th will be the battle. The #1 and # 2 seeded teams get three home games. The 1 seed plays the winner of #8 v #9 and would play #4 as the lowest seed in the semis and wont play #2 or #3 until the Coliseum. There is a lot riding on the seedings like respect! Who doesn't want their program to be ranked #1 and get the benefits of being ranked #1. All that other talk is macho BS. The #1 ranked team more often than not wins the city championship! Crenshaw, Narbonne and Birmingham were all #1 seeds and ended up winning the City Championship! Well Narbonne tied the Championship!




@ Step up,

Please know your facts before you open your incorrect mouth! Lakewood did not want to play us anymore. Do your homework before you come blogging. We have always tried to schedule the "Big Boys" the difference with us is that we schedule to win, not to just say we had a tough schedule. Our second and third stringers can beat just about 85% of the City Section. As I've said we don't make excuses, and we are doing this with an incompetent head coach. So let's come correct with your facts please!


City Fan

This strength of schedule talk is a little excessive. There is a PLAYOFF here. If you're good, you'll get by and into the next round. This isn't BCS rankings!

Colt Stampede

Lets just play- Lets be realistic, Crenshaw won't be seed 16 but win or lose vs Dorsey yall end up #2 or 3 seed and on in a different bracket. I want to see Carson vs Crenshaw b/c the Colts are loaded with talent at each position!! My prediction is you guys will have to play Dorsey in the semis and we'll play #4 Taft. Carson vs ? in the Championship!

Let's Just PLay

No Step Up, Lakewood dropped Crenshaw, and nobody else would play or had an opening . The two teams in the city that had an opening were Banning and Hamilton. Hamilton would not, so Banning stepped up. Lakewood cannot pull kids out of the area if Crenshaw beats them ! Crenshaw really does not care who they play at this point. Seed us 16 and let's play Carson first !

Step up or Step back

There is a lesson to be learned here! That lesson is that the top tier teams in the City Section has to agressively schedule games against the top CIFSS powers and win. Dorsey, Crenshaw and San Pedro have weak strength of schedules and will have to suffer from the consequences when it comes to perceptions about their team and playoff seedings.

Crenshaw dropped Lakewood off their schedule and replaced them with an extremely weak Banning. Dorsey scheduled N. Hollywood, hamilton and Compton. San Pedro has an even weaker strength of schedule than Dorsey.

Carson scheduled Mater Dei, Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo and beat Mater Dei at Mater Dei. Narbonne scheduled LB Poly and Serra. Taft beat Notre Dame and Venice had a monster schedule.

No more hiding behind weak scheduling either step up or step back. If you choose to schedule weak teams dont expect anybody to respect it in rankings or seedings!

Hey Zeus

Colt Stampede - actually this year, Round 2 of the City Section playoffs will be held the Fri and Sat after Thanksgiving instead of the usual Wed. Whichever teams digest their Thanksgiving feasts the best will play best in Round 2! Looking forward to some great games.


CRENSAHW could care less where we are seeded. Seed us last if you like. We'll play all our games on the road. We will play Carson on their dirt field, San Pedro on their mud field, and Dorsey again on their turf field (my bad, that's not theirs it's the parks field) bottom line we could care less!!! Bring it City brothers!!!


Colt Stampede

I agree that this year is going to have some very competitive matchups in the playoffs.The top tier of teams should advance past the first round setting up good 2nd round matchups b/w Carson,Crenshaw,Dorsey,Taft,Narbonne,San Pedro and Venice!The 2nd round is crucial b/c its played on Wednesday night causing a short week.


I know this is a little off track, but what do the top four seeds in DivisionII look like? I see that there are some impressive records, but is it because they play weak competition too.

The Hulk

Does it really matter who get the #1 seed? No! It's not how you start, it's how you finish.. Dorsey schedule is too weak to get a #1 seed? Blah! Blah! The name of the game is to be The Last Team Standing... I was a member of Dorsey's 82 team. I can't remember what seed we started at? but I sure as hell know where we Finished at? --->Champions!!! That's DDP4LIFE!!!


The City Section arguing about who's #1 is like the countries of the Middle East arguing over who has the best army.

The middle range schools in the PAC-5 would decimate the City Section. Serra would do the same, as would the stars of the Inland Division. These are the facts, and they cannot be disputed.

I hope a City School backdoors into a Bowl berth, so that I will be proven right.

BTW, watch out for "unranked" Taft.

shaw coug

lets get something straight, #1 seeds don't get beat up in losses. carson took on teams they couldn't compete with in those losses, i will give them credit for trying. as for the SHAW we didn't ask for the schedule we had. we had 2 holes in are schedule that not 1 upper division cif school wanted fill and we ask for all comers PUBLICLY anytime ,anywhere and still no takers. place us where u want the game is played on the field and not in the papers or online. 1 thing is for sure come seeding time no 1 wants to be in the same bracket with the SHAW!!!!!

Gary O

To me its the L.A. Times ratings that are out of touch. And how is Mater Dei at 5-3 ranked but Carson is not ranked.

But back to the point. Teams cannot control how weak or strong their league is, it is what it is. But all teams have a great deal of control over their non-league schedule and to give Dorsey a top 25 ranking with that weak non-league schedule of Manuel Arts, North Hollywood and Hamilton makes no sense.

Yes the Dons are 8-0 but I would argue that Carson's 6-2 mark is far superior when you factor in who they have played. The proof will be in the pudding when the playoffs start.


Stopping the bickering for a moment about who is # 1 in the L.A. City Section - for the first time in awhile there are some interesting matchups come playoff time. Carson has real good offensive balance, they have a good O-line, they can pass the ball, run the ball, are battle tested and may have the best 1-2-3 combo at wide out, flanker, and tight end and their D gets better each week; The Shaw is loaded; they have the experience on the field and on the sideline, and of course, DeAnthony who can go to the house at anytime; Dorsey is playing well, with a very solid team; Taft has a real tough QB to receiver passing threat with Bercovici to Thomas and some huge linemen; Narbonne has terrific athletes and solid coaching; San Pedro is tough as nails and is rollin ' and Venice is primed to go far in the playoffs now that they are getting healthy......any of these teams could beat any of these other teams in a playoff situation...... My guess is this: If Carson beats San Pedro they will get the # 1 seed (for what it's worth); if they lose to Pedro, then the Shaw-Dorsey winner gets the # 1 seed........I still see a Carson-Crenshaw finale at the Coli

who did you beat

Highest Rated Victory! What is each teams best win?

1. Carson v. Mater Dei 50.2
2. Dorsey v. Taft 34.6
3. Taft v Notre Dame 30.0
4. Venice v. Fairfax 20.8
t5.Narbonne v. Culver City 17.2
t5.Crenshaw v. Culver City 17.2
7. San Pedro v. N. Torrance 17.1

Taft Guy

Much Props to coach Asante and the Colts for taking on a mans schedule when others were hiding behind their mothers skirts. Props to calpreps for letting us separate the good stuff from the junk. My Prediction is Carson, Taft in the City finals with Taft taking home the hardware!


Hey Chatta, man the way we schedule is embarrassing! I looked at calpreps strength of schedule because I thought, how could we be 8-0 and not be #1. We got to talk to Paul about who we play in the future...

Manuel Arts -27.5
N. Hollywood -20.5
Hamilton 3.5
Compton 5.4

Now I see why we not #1, we don't deserve it! Im just keeping it real...DDP974life

Who did you play

Strength of Schedule City Section

1. Carson 29.3
2. Venice 28.1
3. Taft 26.6
4. Narbonne 23.7
5. Crenshaw 11.3
6. Dorsey 5.6

Crenshaw and Dorsey are very good teams but keeping it 100%they don't play nobody!




NO I'M NOT COACH GARRETT!!!!! THOSE WHO KNOW ME, KNOW I CAN'T STAND THE DUDE!!!!! Maybe I sound like a coach, but please don't associate me with him. I will say, as hard as I have been on him, he is doing a decent job the last few games. Let's hope the bright lights won't have him going "brain dead" again. I just hope we won't be on TV anymore because that's when he just lose focus on how to coach! So I'm sorry to disappoint everyone!



Maybe I dont understand the HS ranking system. Dorsey is undefeated and their spanking opponents. All this talk about crenshaw, a basketball school. I remember when crenshaw was 3A city football. I remember when Coach Garret was coaching the Bird Bowl at Audubon (much props Coach G, no disrespect intended). Dorsey is an institution. Coach Knox an icon in the City section. The best team from Dorsey since 1991-1992. Better stop hating on College/Pro Prep. Ask Sports Illustarted " more college and pro football players than any other SoCal school". Schools from Santa Clarita down to SD scoop talent right out of the D-house. LB Poly didnt want to play us this year aswell as Servite. We take on all comers. Bring it. DDP baby. RIP Kevin Copeland

Colt Stampede

I give props to Carson,Taft,Crenshaw and Narbonne for scheduling tough non-league opponents.It will show come playoffs.Dorsey and San Pedro have played very week schedules.Realistically after Carson beats SP Friday they will deserve the # 1 seed with the winner of Shaw/Dorsey # 2. I have no bias just honest evaluation of the City Section.

Hey Zeus

CRENSHAW NATION is Coach Garrett? Wow. I had no idea.


Pirate grad, I will bet you 100 dollars that San Pedro beats carson on Friday. carson cannot and will not beat us at home. As you can see from the above post carson has not beat us since 2002 at home. We have a very good team this year, we will win the Marine League!

Crenshaw Fan

Well said Coach Garrett! It sounds like you got cha game face on. Whether you think so or not you always get your props and thats part of the reason everyone has to jockey for position. Carson, Dorsey, San Pedro, Narbonne, Taft and Venice are competitive as always but we all know that Crenshaw is the defending champs and if we are fortunate enough to see you in the playoffs or championship we would have to play the game of our lives. There is alot of anticipation, excitement and expectation in the City Section this year! Good luck against Coach Crawford and the Locke Saints.


Everybody let's just see what happens. We (Crenshaw) have no problem where we are seeded at. Rather it's #2, 3, 4,5. We will go to anybody's school and put in work!!! We don't need to play on our beautiful turf, we can play Carson on that dirt anytime. Yes the Coliseum league is weak, but hey we play who they tell us to play. We don't make excuses for our loses, but we are clicking on all cylinders now. So who cares where we get seeded. If Carson or Dorsey wants the #1 seed let them have it, but just make sure when we put in work just give us our props. We aren't looking to Nov 12th, we have to play Locke this Friday. Should we get past Locke, then the fun will begin. Carson be careful what you ask for!!! Dorsey please be careful what you say!!! Crenshaw doesn't have to talk trash, we just let our play do the talking. Just ask out last six opponents.



It's called "caps lock". Learn it and use it.


San Pedro will not beat Carson. They cannot defend the pass. You see what PV did to them. Carson will do the same.

Dorsey O.G. That's Real!!!!!

Great writes, but let's be real. The Marine League is a candy walk on Willy Wonk! All that south bay hype is just the same old drama! Teddy Bears!

Great history write on Carson, but ghost of the past will not help you now! Boo!

Dorsey vs. Crenslaw will determine not only the seedlings but the City Final as well and I for one don't mind seeing MY KELLY GREEN AND WHITE whoop on the crenslaw on NATIONAL T.V. twice!

Ohhhh aaaaayyyyy RIP CITY!


Just tell us how you want it and we'll give to you different because that how we get down!

Pirate Eye

Carson is indeed overated. They have not beat us at San Pedro since 2002.

2008 San Pedro 6 Carson 5
2006 San Pedro 21 Carson 14
2004 San Pedro 31 Carson 28

This year we have a very strong squad and we dont lose to Carson at home. After San Pedro beats Carson we should be #1.

Pirate Pride

Pirate fan, I agree that Asante and the Colts will get beat down by Walsh and San Pedro. Right now I have San Pedro ranked #2 behind Crenshaw. I cant stand Asante and the Carson Colts and we will expose him and his overated team on Friday night. San Pedro 35 Carson 14.

Crenshaw 1
San Pedro 2
Dorsey 3
Taft 4
Venice 5
Carson 6


BIG BEN I feel you and your heartfelt comments on a message board and your support for the Carson Colts! No disrespect intended but please check your spelling, word choices, and verb tenses for the sake of the students/kids that may read this stuff! Every little bit helps all of us in our world where we want the kids to be their best! Many thanks and am looking forward to a great game this week at the P-House! Enjoy the view, game, snacks, and don't forget to buy a 50-50 ticket-the pot should be HUGE this week!!!:-) I'm not an english teacher but this thread of messages is pretty good!!!! Also 2009 was 2009 Crenshaw fans and this is a new year-but I will take Coach Robert Garrett's playoff record versus Coach Asante's current totals! #1 or #2 seed or whatever, all roads to the Coliseum will have to deal with the "SHAW"! I can still remember Coach Garrett saying at a seeding meeting that "Crenshaw will play anybody, anytime, anywhere!" Coach Asante may lobby through the press all he wants but he really needs to spend his energies coaching his team up and getting his own playoff record out of the negative I believe! All will be revealed soon enough! Enjoy the games!

whos number one

Everything depends on San Pedro v Carson!

1. Carson
2. Crenshaw
3. San Pedro
4. Dorsey
5. Taft
6. Narbonne
7. Venice


Carson #1
Dorsey #4
San Pedro #6
Garfield #8

San Pedro v Carson

San Pedro is 6-2 and they beat N. Torrance who is 6-2. SP is always solid and very hard to beat on their home field. If Carson pulls off a victory over San Pedro at Pedro that would be a very impressive quality win. I don't think Carson will win but if they do they should be the undisputed #1 seed regardless of who wins Dorsey Crenshaw. Therefore, Dorsey Crenshaw and the entire Coliseum league should be pulling for San Pedro to beat Carson this Friday night.


1. carson
2. narbonne
3. crenshaw

I rank these teams starting with Carson then Narbonne are the top teams in the City Section!
1. Carson played the top teams in the CIF SS_1. Mission Viejo-SM-Eagles _Narbonne ranked in Southern Calif.
2. Narbonne played the Top teams in the CIF SS Poly-1.Serra-Carson

City Section Fan

If San Pedro does in fact beat Carson as I predict then the winner of Crenshaw v Dorsey will be #1. So, I sumise that the Carson, San Pedro game will determine who will get the #1 seed in the City.

City Section Fan

San Pedro is the hottest team in the City! They will beat Carson Friday night!

This is not the BCS

How would beating San Pedro be a quality win ? They have not beat anyone who is even 500 ?

Hey Zeus

I love that there is all this "who's number one" debate!!! Carson? Dorsey? Crenshaw? Narbonne? Taft? Can't recall when so many teams were in contention for the top spot. The playoff seeding meeting will be a free-for-all!!

City Section Football!!!! Gotta love it.

City Section Fan

If Carson beats San Pedro at San Pedro that would be very impressive! Carson would have three Big Wins. Mater Dei, Narbonne and San Pedro. At that point I think it would be a no brainer! Carson #1, the winner of Shaw v Dorsey#2

09 Champs

We are the defending champs and we should automatically get the #1 seed until someone knocks us off. So what Carson beat Mater Dei and Narbonne, the shaw beat Culver City and Jw North. Carson should be #2 but the Shaw is still #1.


Yeah, Dorsey played Manuel Arts, North Hollywood and Hamilton but we won! Carson played Mater Dei, Mission Viejo and Santa Margaita and only beat Mater Dei. We are 8-0 Carson is 6-2, therefore, Dorsey should be #1 and Carson should be #2. End of story.

Dorsey Undefeated

Dorsey is 8-0, so we should be #1

My Rating

My Rating;
1Carson-hardest sched Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita, Mater Dei
2Crenshaw-Great talent, but no "Big win"
3Narbonne-Tough sched Poly, Serra, Carson
4Dorsey-Beat Taft, but super weak sched 5.1 strength of sched
5Taft-Tough sched,but lost to Dorsey headup

how i rank

when carson lost to santa margarita with a 55.4 power rating, and #7th ranked in the state, dorsey was playing the lowly hamilton yankees with a minus -2.2 power rating and #627th ranked in the state. as far as the shaw is concerned they don't have a quality victory with its best win against culver city. carson on the other hand beat both mater dei at mater dei and narbonne in a rivalry game. I would rank,

1. carson
2. crenshaw
3. dorsey
4. taft
5. narbonne

Sounds Good ?

Just wondering how your 42 point thrashing by Santa Margarita fits into the formula ?

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