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Football: It's time to appreciate Westlake QB Nick Isham

Westlake Village Westlake is 4-0, ranked No. 2 by The Times and is coming off a 31-12 rout of neighborhood rival Oaks Christian. And it's time to give kudos to senior quarterback Nick Isham.

"Their quarterback is what separates them from other teams," Oaks Christian Coach Bill Redell said.

Isham, who runs Westlake's no-huddle offense, changed 50% of the plays signaled in on Friday night, according to Westlake Coach Jim Benkert.

"He knows the offense," Benkert said.

Isham has completed 78% of his passes this season for 703 yards and eight touchdowns with one interception. He has scholarship offers from Air Force and New Mexico State, with Utah on the sideline watching on Friday.

Isham briefly was part of the Oaks Christian program as a sophomore before transferring after Nick Montana showed up. Redell probably wishes Isham had never left.

Another standout Friday for Westlake was receiver Nelson Spruce, who caught two touchdown passes even though he missed practices Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because of illness. Maybe he can tell Benkert he doesn't need to practice anymore.

-- Eric Sondheimer


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Isham doesn't play at Calabasas (or anywhere else other than Westlake) because he wanted to play with the kids he grew up playing with through the Westlake Braves program, and the rules allowed him to play with his friends at Westlake. If anyone has a problem with the rules, change the rules. otherwise, don't question the kids motivations.


I guess I didn't articulate my point clearly. I don't care that Nick Isham transferred (per the LA Times) or that he apparently attended 3 different schools in 3 years (per the posts here). My point is that there is a double standard regarding transfers. If an athlete goes from public to private it's assumed he was "recruited" with all the negative implications that go with that. But, if he goes from a private school to a public school, there's never any outcry.


Wait, where does Isham live? Isn't it Calabasas area? Why didn't he play at Calabasas?

Get over Yourselves

He was enrolled at Viewpoint in Middle School. Yes, those of you who have actually heard of Viewpoint football would agree he made a great move. But hey, let's save this post for giving the kid props for being a good kid playing good football at a good public school. No he didn't play at Oaks.


pssst....he was never enrolled at Oaks...he merely attended a summer football camp...he actually went to Chaminade in 9th grade and then Westlake in 10th...don't throw stones when you don't know where you are throwing them..


It's odd how this "transfer" thing is thrown about so easily. Nick Isham was NEVER enrolled at Oaks Christian. So please get your facts straight before making accusations or inferences about recruiting, especially where the kids are concerned.


I love how casually it's mentioned that he "transfered" from Oaks to Westlake. If it had been from Westlake to Oaks, everyone would be screaming that he had been "recruited".

Coach D

Probably cause he is 5 foot nothing, this kid is very smart and great fundamentals (Erik Kramer prodigy), but as we saw with ND's Kasdoorf if you aren't 6'1 or taller forget about major programs.


I agree with calabasaskid. I'm shocked that Nick hasn't received more substantial offers. He's athletic, smart and is a leader. Utah should jump at the chance to recruit him!


"time to give kudos"...where has everybody been?...Nick has been a winner everywhere he's played since 5th grade and he's a smart, polite kid to boot...He'll be a ++++++ at any program he winds up in.


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