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Football: Gardena Serra gets an earful from St. Francis

There were a series of personal-foul penalties called against unbeaten Gardena Serra in the fourth quarter of its 41-14 victory over St. Francis in its Mission League debut Saturday night.

Let's just say the Golden Knights were not pleased.

The Daily Breeze reported that St. Francis Coach Jim Bonds called Serra "a bunch of thugs." And Serra Coach Scott Altenberg said a priest was yelling at his team.

On Sunday, Altenberg said a player "made a bad play at the end."

"I went to apologize and they were upset," he said. "I don't think that one hit typifies what we're about."

Bonds also had cooled down on Sunday.

"I was upset at the end," Bonds said. "I said, 'You could win with class or like thugs.' I wish I could take it back. I was very frustrated. Scott and I were teammates at UCLA. I have a lot of respect for what he's done with their program."

What set Bonds off was that St. Francis' best player, receiver Travis Talianko, took a shot to the head on a play away from the ball that was not spotted by the officials.Talianko had to be helped off the field. Altenberg said the hit was uncalled for and bad judgment. 

It was not Serra's finest performance, except for George Farmer, who caught nine passes for 217 yards and three touchdowns.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Just a Mom...

I would like to say that my son was hit illegally by a Serra Player and it caused a concussion. As I walked into the game I passed a group of Serra Players who said they were "out for my son". Well they got him...he has difficulty concentrating, etc...

While I was walking off of the field to attend to my son who was going to the hospital due to being "gotten" by the an illegal hit...several Serra moms got in my face and said I (not the boys) were poor loosers and they called me a white girl (is that racist?). These mothers challenged me to a fight over their win??... I was disgusted by their belief that there boys did nothing wrong...they were dirty players! The boys of Serra could have won without the dirty play, the late hits, and fould mouths. Obviously the Coaches AND parents condone this behavior...It's disgusting! There boys have enormous talent and deserved to win but not the way they did!!

I understand football is a tough sport. I tell my son to be tough. I would never challange his opponents parents or tell him to hurt on eof their team's better players. Something was not right about the team with 21 wins ....they stink!


Winning brings talent and that is what Serra does. Kudos to them they intimidate other young men and then display an abundance of talent. I am not a fan of the school but Serra is doing nothing anything any different than the Oaks, Alemany's and the Crespi's. Kudos to them for making athletics a huge part of the culture. Also if Serra did move up to the Serra/Trinity they would still win the league because they are too talented. St Francis better start feeding the Pasadena kids into there program and it better be for free.


Well said, AtTheGame. One of my kids was punched (with fists) in the head by Serra's o line several times after the whistle. He wasn't allowed by SFHS coaches to punch back. So be it. Life goes on, as do tonight's games.

People complaining about Serra are aware that football is a violent, contact sport. We're not dumb. But you hit the nail on the head about Serra not even coming close to playing whistle to whistle. That is the most brilliant point anyone here has made yet, and that is something only their coaching staff can solve. It's not black or white, rich or poor. It's law or outlaw. Only Serra can decide who they want to be-an amazing team who plays clean, or an amazing team who doesn't.


ATTHEGAME Said: Serra seems to have a race complex. They were called thugs.

Respectfully, I don't think it's the word THUG in and of its self. It's the fact that those using it are white and KNOW that Serra is a predominately black school. And as much as some want to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and pretend that racism doesn't exist anymore, it does- it's just conveyed in more subtle ways... this is one of them and you're insulting the intelligence of most informed African Americans to assume that we don't get the inferences made and when it's all but being implied but not stated what is REALLY wanting to be said.... we are not just playing the race card with no validity. These are SOME of your public voices, but oh to be a fly on the wall to hear the private ones..

Russians, Italians being called thugs??! Seriously when and where in this century unless you are talking about mobsters! Everything on the news is black & white... or Hispanic but they are in the same boat as us so... It's just that historically whenever people of color do the SAME thing a caucasoid does, it's given a negative connotation and THAT is more of the point. Same with poor vs. rich people... A poor person is crazy but a rich person is "eccentric".. So then, when the word THUG is used over & over along with a reference or two to Snoop Dog .. well then yeah, it seems racist.

People keep talking about how they should want to be respected for how they play... The adults are projecting here. While I think it's important to teach ALL kids respect, it's not a date, I don't they walk on to the field thinking "Gee I really hope they respect me in the morning"... I've been to and watched many a FB and Basketball game and never once have I heard anyone or any man I know talk about respecting the players for how well mannered they are on the field/court... If anything they respect them for having heart, for going hard in the paint.. for how they bring the pain... (no pun intended)... FB is like Boxing.. I think all go in with a kill or be killed (not literally) mentality... As far as I'm concerned, you have to be half crazy already to want to do either anyway.

Serra Mom

RE: KnightParents 10/18/10 comments:
“FYI, this is a priest whose assignment for the last 10 years has been in Watts and South Central. He was assigned here by the church, not by his choice. If he had his way, he'd still be out in Watts. So don't you dare call me or our priest racist, and don't bring out the race card yet again with him or with anyone associated with our racially mixed school. This isn't about black or white. It's about class versus utter arrogance.
“Serra is a A++ football team. Kudos for all the hard work and the great wins. You deserve them as you play hard and play damn well. It's just to bad you'll never have the class of a truly great football program like Oaks Christian or Mission Viejo, because no one has ever taught your kids how to be gentlemen and win with grace.”

@ KnightParent 10/18/10 Comments:

REALLY??? Are You Serious???
Something for you to think about….
Your Coach and Priest’s behavior is what upset many in this blog.

It is always the responsibility of adults to correct youth behavior, by their example. I’m sure that the Serra Coaches/Serra Parents spoke to their players/children about the game and everyone’s behavior. How should they have explained St. Francis’ Priest and Coaches behavior?

FYI Serra has a very diverse student-body (including the Football team) and is located in Gardena not Watts or the South Central area of Los Angeles. Serra is ranked as the #75 high school in the nation because of their college-preparatory education and athletic program. As well, every Senior is accepted to multiple 4-year Universities and Colleges – including the Ivy Leagues. So as Serra parents we are offended when anyone calls our student-athletes “thugs.”

Since your Priest has had all of this experience in “Watts and South Central,” then he should know first hand that you don’t call kids “thugs” because you’re mad. It is very telling that regardless of the fact that St. Francis’ Priest has 10 years of experience in “Watts and South Central” that he still ran onto the field and shockingly uttered the words he did and displayed his negative behavior for ALL to see. Right is right and wrong is wrong. So don’t give your Priest and Coach a pass for their negative behavior.

The fact that your Priest and Coach ran onto the field of a high school football game to display their displeasure is embarrassing and shameful to say the least. What you don’t understand is that by calling someone or a group of people (the early 19th century word) “thugs” automatically introduces race into the conversation. Therefore, your parents in this blog who brought up the “here we go again…the race card” should know who brought race into the conversation. Do you really think we want to discuss race-relations with regards to a high school football game? No, we don’t.

FYI What you don’t know about Serra student-athletes is that most come from two-parent homes, with many of the households earning 6-figure incomes. Our kids are not “thugs,” are taught right from wrong and we promptly address any behavior issues. So for many of us Serra Parents to read the same tired comments about everything except for the fact that St. Francis lost a ball game – is pitiful.

As to the mention of the racial name calling on the field…I believe it happens, and from my experience it normally comes from the players who haven’t been taught that the color of ones skin doesn’t matter in life. For example, as a volunteer, I have been around Southern California youth football for more than a decade and I know first hand that at this developmental level there is a lot of trash talking on the sidelines, and on the field. I had a 7-year old pop warner football player come to the sideline during the game and say to me, “#_ told me he doesn’t like little black boys.” As a volunteer on the sidelines, I’ve also witnessed a youth football coach yell at his players, “I can’t believe you’re letting these black boys beat you like this.” For years we’ve been the adults having to explain racial comments like this to our kids. So, know that teenagers on the high school football field are not the angels you think they are just because they tell you so.

One last thing…
Who says that Oaks Christian or Mission Viejo are great classy football programs??? Last season some Oak Cristian bloggers talked really bad about having to go to Gardena for the title game vs Serra because Serra’s field isn’t turf, as well as blogged other un-Christian-like comments. And Mission Viejo happened to be the city who’s youth football player told the player I was volunteering for “I don’t like little black boys.”

So no – you don’t have the pleasure of knowing us Serra Parents who teach our kids how to be gentlemen on and off of the field and win with grace. It may surprise you to know that many of us Serra Parents are the same colleagues you work side-by-side with on a daily basis. So you should really look in the mirror and re-consider not judging kids. Continue to root on your sons’ high school football team and stop bringing up the race card.

Please don’t waste your time responding – as I won’t read any further comments anyway – because this is the first and last time I will post a message.

At the game

I was at the game as well. Serra has a group that is loaded with talent and speed, as well as size. That they would win with that combination seemed to be a question of time, as the SF quarterback had a limited amount of time to throw the ball. It was , no question, a hard-hitting game where feelings ran high. The referees did have a hard time keeping up with the action, as there was plenty of it, and the non-calls were probably more plentiful than the calls that were made.

Football is a contact sport. It's for aggressive kids, and from what I saw, there was no shortage of aggression. The difference is, when the whistle blows the play is over. Move on to the next play. Serra's kids do not seem to know when the whistle blows. I saw Serra's O-linemen throw punches after the play, and not get called for it, and that's something that will normally get you thrown out of the game. It was a chippy game from the start, on both sides, but Serra's coach could have made it clear to his boys that there is an end to the play. When the other side hears the whistle and stops, it's not a free chance to get your licks in.

Serra seems to have a race complex. They were called thugs. I've heard Italians, Irish, Russians, Polish, Mexicans, Asian kids and virtually every other ethnicity called thugs, and no one ever said "That's Racist!!" Are you kidding? There's nothing about race in being called a thug. It's about behavior, not race, and if you are offended about being called a thug, then you should think about how you behaved, not about the color of your skin. I've seen virtually every team in the Southland play, and not one plays on after the whistle like this one. SF played a City team a few weeks ago ( Venice ) and while it was a very hard-hitting game, with its share of cheap shots on both sides, it was nothing like what Serra brought to the field.

Serra's coaches are to be commended on the recruiting job they've done, as they have a great combination of size and speed. They are a great football team. But they also need to realize that what they are teaching their boys won't help them win what they deserve--to win with the respect of all watching. If you want to move to a league where you get a higher degree of respect, first you'll have to start playing the game between the lines and whistles.


I just finished reading all the comments from both Serra and St. Francis supporters. People have to realize that any sport requires you to be competitive. If anyone believes you can play at any level and not become emotional, then you're mistaken. Questionable hits, calls, taunting, excessive celebrating, etc. happen at all levels. If Serra won without class, then lose with class. Get over it St Francis. You have one year to get ready.

Valley Thug

Sf has complained for years that Bishop Alemany was to rough and tough for them. They pushed Alemany out of the mission league and brought in Serra High. Can.t have it both way SF. Coach Bond needs to find his first league championship in division VII.


It doesn't matter anymore what you think you heard priests or coaches saying. It's all hearsay. The films have been sent to CIF, and they will determine what will happen in the case of the illegal hit to #6 (and any other dangerous illegal hits in the game that the refs missed, maybe on both sides). He's fine and will play this week. After what happened at Notre Dame yesterday, and at Rutgers this weekend, we should all hug our kids and move on. Let CIF deal with the matter.

Celt Dad

Well said ,


i am a freshman for SERRA high school. i do not understand why people think that our race determines how we act, because in all actuality there were dirty calls being made against us(SERRA) for both our games both FRESHMAN and Varsity. We are a strong, close knit, loving, caring, family at SERRA high school and we demand respect. How can people from St. Francis speak of people being "THUGS" when their own priest was cussing and yelling and screaming at SERRA coaches? I believe because we are the NUMBER 1 school in California and we are a "catholic school" that we are to be held to higher standards than a public school such as Leuzinger, Hawthorne, Westchester, or any other public school, when in fact KIDS/TEENS are KIDS/TEENS we ARE gonna get physical at points, we ARE gonna talk trash"head" to each other, we ARE gonna play our sports and our hearts out to the fullest no matter which team we support. Being a SERRA CAV comes with a whole bunch of rules and regulations with NO exceptions so for people to comment and say we have no training and discipline i beg to differ because if you so much a answer a teacher with a "WHAT!" or "YEA" you'll be dealt with. So for all you commenting who have never been or experienced the SERRA lifestyle and how much hate and negativity is directed towards us just because we wear that SERRA on our chest, don't speak upon anything not even 2nd hand info from a person who went there matters until YOU personally experience our great school. Thank you ALL for the comments on our school because this shows you do CARE about SERRA because you took time out of your day to type a paragraph or 5 about our one measly game in the league and we kicked but.


Fan of football

First of all Serra let's anybody in who can play sports. They are very fortunate to be in a area where there are alot of Athlete's. The Academics are poor all you need is a 2.0. It is like going to a Public High school and serra uses the Catholic Enviorment to Attract good athlete's. It also help's that they are Co-ed. How many of Serra's great Athlete's go on to a 4 year university. The answer not many. Bottom line is the AD who calls the CIF Office when kids want to transfer out of serra is an Idiot. All the Serra Administration Cares about is Sports. Right now a couple of offensive lineman Starting for serra got kicked out of Ethical Catholic High school's in the area for grades. How are they Starting at Serra.


FOOTBALLFAN SAID: 2 I hope you will not take this as a racist question,maybe we all need to be educated and learn and understand these fine athletes,are all these young men Catholic and if not I find it odd that a Catholic school is able to do a great job in attracting non Catholics to their school,and please answer in a honest manner I want to understand your program?

No all the boys are not Catholic, Serra was once an all boys school but is now Co-ed so none of its students are ALL Catholics. They attract Non-Catholics because parents that choose to send their kids there are not hung up on religion. My child is a student, we are Christians. I happen to think Catholics ARE Christians with different doctrines but some disagree and this is not the forum for that. Many Non-Catholics choose the school for the exact opposite of what it is being accused of. The discipline, structure, respect for ones self as well as others is HEAVILY stressed at school. The principal does not play and will put you OUT for acting a fool.

In ANY group of people there is always a bad apple or bunch of grapes, even the police. But one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch! This one FB game is being used to paint a broad picture of the team, the school, its staff and students as a whole and that is just not fair or accurate. As far as the athletic talent, well for one, many kids that do come from the inner city do not have access to many things.. music, the arts, equestrian sports etc... for many all they have is the FB field, Basketball or baseball field and so since they have so much time perfecting their craft, they grow into these super athletes...and too, some are just born with a natural athletic ability dominance-God's gift if you will.

I think it goes w/out saying though that good athletes know and are naturally drawn to/seek out schools with good programs be it HS or College... they want to WIN! It's not how you win it's how you play the game only SOUNDS good in our overly Politically Correct society... everyone has to be made to feel good and get the warm fuzzies.... LOL I hope I at least half answered your question.


Snoop Dog?? Really KNIGHTPARENT? If that wasn't a racist comment I don't know what is.

It bears repeating but Serra wasn't the only guilty party. Every action has a REACTION. What did SF, coaches and players expect? I mean even the PRIESTS took part in the name calling and obscenities, the PRIEST I mean come on... It keeps being said "but we're Catholics you would think,,"... So I think it bears noting that not ALL the students at either school are Catholic. Some simply are there for a better quality education so you can't just lump them all in under the guise of whatever expectations there are just because of religious affiliation.

Anyway, It's FOOTBALL, an almost barbaric contact sport, the young men are bound to get upset and unruly at some point and yes,... OMG tho I shutter to think it- even at a Catholic School!! These kids (the Cavaliers) have been criticized for everything from how they play to how they celebrate victory... So now there's an acceptable way to celebrate? Should they have grabbed their Rosary's and prayed? What?

I'm a parent and honestly I think the parents are the kids biggest problem, living vicariously through them, having unrealistic expectations and on and on.. raising them to be a bunch of uber senstive, self entitled pansies that can't take anything. I'm sorry but the world just isn't that way. This story wouldn't have even been news or print worthy back in the day. Old school parents didn't do all this coddling over any and everything, they taught us how to take our lumps (and gave a few too) LOL Perhaps that's what's missing.. But I digress, it's FOOTBALL, while folks are over here tearing up their keyboards, I don't think the kids on EITHER team are losing any sleep over this.

Same Old Same Old

I recall Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stating why he got expelled from Cathedral High School. It was because he wouldn't snitch on those involved in a racially motivated altercation after a school football game. The game? Against St. Francis, way back in 1971. It may have been against Mexicans, but I guess some things never change.

To the parents and priests - kids will be kids. As kids they are allowed to make mistakes - do you think that kid from Serra will ever do that again? Let it go.


Wow! To compare us to Crenshaw is like comparing St. Francis to Muir. It is sad for so-called knowledgeable adults to make these unfounded remarks based on personal perception. I bet Mission League parent has never set foot on Crenshaw's or Serra's campus to validate any of their comments. As far as baseball, we have one of the top soph. in the country and we're on the rise.

Get your info. correct before you present unfounded allegations(Former Gang -Bangin AD).WoooooW!

Kathryn Smith

Serra has some issues. I watched the boys behave like idiots at a doctor's office a few years ago while their coach sat on a bench reading a newspaper. The office staff from my dentist had to come out and ask the coach to discipline his players. I am not sure if the athletic director is still there, but when my children attended St. Monica's he was the athletic director (prior to Serra) and used to brag about his gang banging days to the football players did/does he do the same thing at Serra? Football is a tough, violent game ... but our Catholic morals and values are more important.

Serra Parent

First and foremost I believe everyone needs to take a step back and see events from another angle. I understand parents from St. Francis being upset. Yellow flags were flying on every other call claiming personal foul this and personal foul that, upon their kids. I understand Serra parents being upset for the almost the same, except the calls were accusing their kids of all the wrong doings. However, when you have refs calling a game one sided, you will continue to have heated moments in games. Booing an official's call is no more classless then cheering for a good call when it goes your way (St. Francis crowd). I challenge any parent to watch that game with the pause button in hand, and really find out if all those flags were true. The racist remarks that the Serra kids endured by refs will not be heard on game film. Serra has endured questionable calls in past games and never did our kids return home and report racist remarks of refs. Anyone who believes raciism does not still exist has been blessed not to have been confronted with it. I would love to live in that persons world. Simply put, I believe our kids. Bottom line you can't see and hear everything that happens on the field from the stands. They have instant replay in college and the pros and still sometimes they get it wrong. That is the human factor of the game and will always remain. Worse case scenario...let's say that all the calls were accurate. That is what the refs are there for. It is an aggresive sport. It is naive for anyone to think things will not get heated when you are coached and acknowledged for putting some one on their butt. All I ask is, for the refs to be fair. To the sensitive parents on both sides; have your kids try out for the golf team next year if you don't want your kid to get hit by a high testosterone driven teenage boy.

Mission League Parent

These comments about race are ridiculous. Watching Crenshaw play, whose players are predominantly black, show great discipline and respect in both victory and defeat. So obviously, the Serra coaching staff is turning a blind eye to their players' unsportsmanlike behavior. They should be repremanded, not the players. Kids will only get away with, what you let them. Now, put Serra's baseball team in the Mission League and they'll find out what hard hitting really is:)

Jus sayin

Your coach apologized for his remarks also and as far as a priest working in Watts that doesn't mean you can't have racial tendecies, racisim is institutionalized from stereotypes. We don't want to be like Mission, Oaks or Loyola we have our own idenity. We've been around for 60 years producing very well- rounded men who have done things on and off the field. So, go back to So. Pas, La Canada and San Marino and go hide in your (JPL) middle - class bubble!

@Football Fan
We're located in Gardena, a small suburb of L.A., so we attract students from Inglewood, Gardena, L.A., Carson, Watts and Compton.Since, alot of these kids would be attending a public school the parents send their kids to Serra for the loving and nurturing enviroment you can't get at a public school, also it doesn't hurt to have a good athletic program. About 60% of the students are Catholic. For parents, it doesn't matter what denomination the school is they just want a safe learning enviroment for their kids and Serra fits the bill.

Serra Alum

I didnt go to the game,but it seems apparent that some folks on here are complaining a little. The players from Serra are young men who will make mistakes, Im sure the coaching staff will handle this and it will serve as a teaching moment. I thought thats what football was about, teaching boys to be disciplined young men? Additionally, this talk of thugs is a little out of hand. I took a moment to go to SF website and noticed a few things, out of approx 600 students only 2% are black, and it cost 11.2K to attend. Not to compare but Serra graduates 100% of its students, SF website say they graduate 98%, while Serra cost 5.5K to attend. Clearly race is being brought up but in a negative light. All these SF people crying becuase your son got poped in the mouth or hit to hard, and had to hear some vulgar language during a football game, seriously? Shows me how guarded they are, the world is a much meaner place then the football field. As an Serra Alum Im happy that we won (21 consecutive for those counting!), actually thrilled because now the Mission league knows were here to stay and will pop anyone in the mouth, and if we trash talk so be it, BEAT US! These kids are going to the same caliber schools in college at a slighlty better rate 100% v. 98% for a heck of a lot cheaper with argueably the best sports program in the COUNTRY when you factor in the schools size. People speak of recruiting, no its common notch education (I got a full ride to UCLA out of Serra), safe environment, affordable tuition. Heck I will eventually send my kids there becuase its a great school, actually its like a family. Ask any S-House Alum and they will say the same, I cant wait for these same schools to come play at our about home field advantage...they're already scared! Lets GO SERRA!

SF old guy

To the SF coaches, suck it up. Teach them to hit till the whistle and watch each others back! This isn’t the prep league where we just want the boys to have a happy thought. If we had hit them like they hit us, they would have been fewer cheap shots in the second half. See #43’s for SF hit on #3 for Serra. Clean, tough and legal. No body likes getting hit. Its better to give then receive. Those are the Christian values you can teach every play on the football field. Oh, yeah, put bigger guys in against big lineman. Our d line looked live a Vegas buffet line to Serra.

To the Serra coaches: What game where you watching? Your player swings at a guy after the whistle on the 45 yard line, another player cheap shots a guy in the head and you say its just football? Good coaching. How can anyone call your team undisciplined? Its surely the first time ever.

Finally, to Mr. UCLA, grow some. You were shocked that a priest told you your team did not represent Catholic values? And you call that an assault to the newspapers? Call the wambulance. Coaches use to be tougher in my day. I hope he at least used a few God bless you’s to settle your nerves. Did you need police protection to get past the priest and onto get on the bus? Weren’t you still there 30 minutes after the game talking to your supporters? You’re a brave man to stand up to that threat. A USC grad would have said, Thank you Father for I have sinned and moved on. Fight on man.

Now, let’s stop this entire BS and let the kids play. It this had happen in the park, it would have been settled on the field. Let’s get it back on the field where it belongs.
Good luck in the playoffs, I am rooting for the Mission League. Besides we get to do this again next year.

SF old guy

Interesting string of comments. But first lets all pray for Eric Le Grand of Rutgers and his family. Eric was paralyzed Saturday playing the game we love. Its all fun and games and name calling till someone gets hurt.

The loser Saturday was both of our Catholic school’s reputation. Not by the action of the players but by a few stupid adults.

I had nothing but positive interaction with both the Serra parents and coaches before and after the game. I was parked by the Serra buses and the staff was very polite. All but 2-3 kids were a class act and acted like gentlemen athletes. It is sad that a few players or fans or coaches from both SF and Serra or visitors could cause the rest of us to be labeled some pretty unflattering things.

Cheap shots, missed calls, poor sportsmanship, coaches complaining, priest threatening your manhood. Duh. Happens every game. That why we go to a Catholic High School.

First, I saw two teams where most of the players played their hearts out with clean plays, sportsmanship and integrity. How sad a few jaskasses caused this to be a stain on the reputation of both schools and the Catholic school system.


Well said Knight parent. I have been around high school football for over 20 years and I know how bad Serra wants to compete with the top tier schools but I can tell you this, You never will until things change with the coaches and start to hold their players accountable for their lack of discipline. I can remember seeing a player giving a late hit for Mater Dei and the coach pulling him off the field and out of the rest of the game. I saw it with Coach Grady at Loyola, at Servite and Bishop Amat. That's the difference between Serra and those schools hands down. They didn't always have the most talent on the field but their discipline won them a lot of games. It may be hard to swallow at first but it will make them better men in the long run. You're not taking the competitveness out of them your teaching them discipline.

Football Fan

I was there at the game Saturday I was amazed at Serra talent,I would like to know more about your Football team ,can anybody answer 2 harmless questions I have:#1 Were is Serra attracting this talent from were are the main areas of your feeder schools?
#2 I hope you will not take this as a racist question,maybe we all need to be educated and learn and understand these fine athletes,are all these young men Catholic and if not I find it odd that a Catholic school is able to do a great job in attracting non Catholics to their school,and please answer in a honest manner I want to understand your program?


And once again, you're calling us racist because we happen to go to school in a white middle class neighborhood. It's always the same. I can't even print here the things the Serra players said Saturday to my sons about their white race. FYI, YOUR coach apologized in the LA Times for the bad move on your player's part against our #6. He isn't going to apologize for something that didn't happen. Our priest was breaking up a fight that YOUR player caused and YOUR coach apologized for.

FYI, this is a priest whose assignment for the last 10 years has been in Watts and South Central. He was assigned here by the church, not by his choice. If he had his way, he'd still be out in Watts. So don't you dare call me or our priest racist, and don't bring out the race card yet again with him or with anyone associated with our racially mixed school. This isn't about black or white. It's about class versus utter arrogance.

Serra is a A++ football team. Kudos for all the hard work and the great wins. You deserve them as you play hard and play damn well. It's just to bad you'll never have the class of a truly great football program like Oaks Christian or Mission Viejo, because no one has ever taught your kids how to be gentlemen and win with grace.

Jus sayin

We heard obscenities being hearld around by your priest and head coach that came running on the field toward the end of the game. Is that an example to set for young adults, if that's your definition of respect and reverance, wow the catholic doctorine has surely changed and the reference to Snoop Dog further shows your simplicity and ignorance. I think we know who has class and who doesn't, and it's definitely not SFHS.

Here we go again

HUH? WOW! "Long-Beach-Poly like bullies"?? Another high school football team of color is called out and they did not even play last week. St. Francis fans the more you say it's not about racism the more it sounds like it is. Whoever keeps posting that Serra fans are playing the race card. Get over it! Whenever a successful high school football team of color has a winning program , and destroys their opponent. Everything gets blown out of proportion! They hit to hard, they taunt to much, they run to fast,they celebrate to much. Give me a break! St. Francis fans do you condone what your coach , and priest did? What kind of discipline did they display?


As the parent of past and present SFHS players I was APPALLED at the Serra players' cockiness and sheer viciousness. Look-we never expected to win. We're happy to have gotten out without a major injury. Serra's a top-notch football program--no argument here. We don't belong in their league. But they are a lower-than-low class organization of young men, and it shows on the field, in the stands and on the sidelines. The crap talk my sons said came out of their mouths on the line (racial from THEM not us), the late hits (with fists) to bodies and helmets, the personal fouls called--none of it needed to happen. They could have beat us with their amazing football skills, shook our hands and walked off with their heads high. Instead, they had to slug and thug their way through a game, then (literally) rip off their helmets and pound their chests at the end, with their coaches and parents in full standing ovation. We all sat in the stands aghast at their post-game cockiness, which is clearly not unencouraged by their staff. Beating us was like a 6th grader beating up a 1st grader. They're a bunch of Long-Beach-Poly-like bullies. I half expected SnoopDog to pull up his bus at the end. Don't make this about race--we have players of ALL colors and creeds and we love them all, and each and every one of them is respectful. It's about class, and at least St. Francis has some.


It seems as though this is a reoccuring theme get beat by Serra and say they are undisciplined. When we lost to Oaks in '07 and '08 no complaints about Serra. But, when we beat Oaks they dont have class, they shouldn't celebrate after a CIF championship game. Now, we beat St. Francis their undisciplined thugs. Ironic,when priviliged and wealth lose, point the finger and find any fault. Again, if play was that malicious blame the refs for not ejecting players from both sides, it takes two to tangle. Even the writer of the Daily Breeze article said, their were questionable hits on both sides. That's a neutral person. So, please get over it!! @Juan good points


In response to Juan's question: "You mean to tell me that because they are in the Mission League they have higher standards than someone in the Eastern, Coliseum, or Marine League?"
The answer YES. That's exactly what everyone is trying to tell you. That is our point of the concern. Unfortunately, the exact same game played by teams in the LAUSD leagues you listed would have been brushed off and not an issue whatsoever.


All of you involved in pointing fingers need to take a look in the mirror. Everyone had a part in this mess, from the players to coaches to parents to officals to the priest. Shame on all of you, stop acting as if either side were angels, especially those adults who set poor examples in front of every young person there. What a sad world we live in when christian school events turn ugly.


Again, I've been to NUMEROUS Serra games over the course of 25 years and those trying to paint Serra with a broad brush of "thuggishness" are completely out of line, and as their own coach admitted per the article in the Daily Breeze, they will be held accountable. Where is it said that they didn't admit culpability and responsibility? Also the notion that the Catholic schools hold higher standards of conduct than the average high school is absurd. Most coaches regardless of league or religious affiliation hold their players to high standards. You mean to tell me that because they are in the Mission League they have higher standards than someone in the Eastern, Coliseum, or Marine League? Why is race even invoked in to this discussion? ES didn't mention it, neither did the author of the Breeze article, just the fact that the players are referenced as Black players (also catholics) signifies exactly how fixated some people are on race.


You can not tell kids that they go to a catholic school, but during a football game the rules are different and you don't have to have to worry about being a good person. You can't tell catholic schools that because your team has a bunch of black kids that their version of catholic school football can be different. I have "no horse in this race" I went to watch a good local game and I agree that Serra's players really didn't carry themselves with self-discipline. It makes ALL catholic school teams look bad. Serra wants different rules and they think they deserve it because they win football games. A true catholic organization would properly teach them that they have MORE responsibility to understand and exhibit class and discipline. St. Francis' composure in the situation demontrates the mental discipline we are all talking about. Serra needs to shape up and get used to the criticism. The established private schools that are at the top (and will still be at the top after Serra has gone back down to the lower divisions) will not stand for thuggish behavior by kids of any color. This is not a race thing. It is right vs. wrong.


Well said.


All the racism comments can go either way depending on who you are defending. The bottom line I was at the game and Serra was the better of the two teams . The cheap shots that were taken at the end of the game when Serra had the win in hand were way out of line. These are Catholic High Schools and are to be held to a higher standard for discipline and respect. The lack of discipline and respect to the game and the players on the field was the problem and needs to be addressed. Everyone involved will be looking into this matter to make sure those that were involved are held accountable for their actions. This goes for both schools.


You played the race card your entire message. Stop whining.


So now the latently racist comments come forth. I've watched Serra football in previous years and this year in the form of the Narbonne vs Serra, and have never witnessed anything close to what's being insinuated on here, and how they are being characterized is categorically racist. "Ghetto Ball"? Really? If there was an act that was un-sportsman like it was an aberration and always admonished by the coaching staff. As a matter of fact, upon their victory at the Home Depot Center at last years state championship they conducted themselves with most respectful deportment of any team and that includes Servite and De La Salle. No race card playing here, don't be coy about the usage of the word "thug", it's no coincidence that he used it and Serra happens to have a team dominated by numerous black faces. It's not the first time the word thug was used to describe young black males and based on your responses clearly not the last. The question is when is it ever appropriate for a an administrator (priest) to directly address players after a game or on the field of play? That's for officials. Or another coach for that matter, to address the opposing teams players, or berate children as such? I'm trying to understand how one players actions are extrapolated in to an entire program being thugs, and the moronic rational that the CIF punished them as a consequence according to this unknown CIF insider named Franky O. Seems to me, NO not seems, it is nothing but PREJUDICIAL attitudes towards children of color (Serra's team is multi-cultural and racial) , and a programs (St. Francis) ADULTS refusal to take their loss with class. And since APPALLED is in to definitions, search THUG in google images and it exposes exactly what imagery you and the rest of your enlightened friends (including St. Francis's coach) are insinuating when you use it.

Justice Scalia


Crespi has a long history in Div. I football. They won the Big-5 Championship in 1986, and lost in the finals to LB Poly in 2007. They have also made numerous trips to the quarters and semis.

Crespi fell to Div. X when they had a decade of down enrollment, falling to less than 400 students. The "losing tradition" you speak of is inaccurate.


The history behind Serra Football is as controversial as last night’s game against SF. Why did Crespi, 2005 Div. X State Champs, move up to the Big 5 Div 1 in 2006? But, when Serra accomplished the same feat, 2009 Div. III State Champs beating powerhouse Oaks Christian in route (who is now in the Marmonte Div. lll) only moved up to a mediocre, Div. lll, Mission League. Yet, Loyola and Crespi continue a losing tradition in the Serra League (Big 5, Div. 1) where Serra (same name as league) could be.

Is it because the CIF felt that Serra lacks DISCIPLINE? Remember they lost to Oaks back in ‘07 and ‘08 for what was reportedly that very reason. Serra has the talent, strength and size but after seeing them play last night, I don’t blame CIF for keeping them out in the barn!

Football is a head-game and if you want to survive in Div. 1, you need to have discipline year in and year out! Serra’s, yellow flag, performance last night against a smaller, less talented and weaker team was shameful. Late hitting “ghetto ball” is never going to get you in the big leagues!




Wow! Ignorance is bliss!! If u think St. Francis players jus sat their and took this abuse you're sadly mistaken. Those kids were doing the same thing but more subtle. Ask the players if they thought Serra played dirty, I bet the answer would be an astounding, no. It's over zealous, entitled parents who are not in touch with teen reality who are making these unfounded remarks. Let the kids play and take your loss with dignity like your players did. Maybe you should follow your players example and not your head coach or Priest. Lose with class, not excuses.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for your information, The St. Francis players were talking the whole game, especially the varsity. The St. Francis players initiated nearly, not all, every altercation. It was ok for their coach to go on the field and discuss with the umpire, but the Serra coaches were told to stay on the sideline and be quiet.

For the priest to call us "Thugs," not only is it a racist comment, what a way to set an example for your school.

In my opinion, St Francis was the dirty team.


I saw both games at St Francis last night. I was turned off by how Serra handled themselves on the field in the freshman and varsity games.

I was embarrassed for the freshman and varsity coaches who seemed either not able to control their players behavior on the field, or allowed them to act the way they did to get that W.

The fact that Serra's freshman and varsity teams behaved in nearly the same manner on the field proves the Serra's coaching staff teaches their kids to play to win by any means necessary.

Both Serra teams played like thugs. There is no other word you can use to describe how they played.

Don't tell me that going up to the St Francis sideline and taunting the players is part of the game. Both the freshman and varsity teams provoked St Francis players more than once. Don't begin to try to argue that cheap shots are part of the game. It is this stupid thug mentality that incites fighting on and off the field. If you don't want to be labeled as a thug, then don't act like one.

So Serra remains undefeated. That is only because other schools they have played refuse to lower themselves to Serra's thug standards. Thankfully there are many schools left that have class and respect for the game.

Before a student gets hurt on the field, I think the CIF should investigate Serra High School and its football program for seemingly condoning this type of behavior on the field. I also question why the referee in both games didn't eject those players who were taunting the St Francis sidelines.

One thing is for sure, I will never attend another Serra game.

Oh and for the record, a thug is defined as a cruel or vicious robber or murderer.

That being said. St Francis was robbed


I take offense to these comments, because my son is a jv football player at Serra and he is a very respectful young man. It is very naieve and ignorant to think in this violent game of football their is etiquette. I expected this coming into this league when your dealing with wealth and privelege, if you would of beat us I think you would not had anything to say. It's not racism, but classisim.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
First of all, the argument is not about winning or losing but how the game was played. Secondly, the article is about the varsity game, not the JV game. Though based on seeing how the freshman and varsity played says a lot on how they're coached to play.


I take offense to these comments, because my son is a jv football player at Serra and he is a very respectful young man. It is very naieve and ignorant to think in this violent game of football their is etiquette. I expected this coming into this league when your dealing with wealth and privelege, if you would of beat us I think you would not had anything to say. It's not racism, but classisim.

same old story

typical serra- keep playing that race card.


This is absurd for ST.Francis to take this angle..When a black kid gets upset he is a thug?? 2 wrongs dont make a right but dont hide behind your beliefs and try and seem like the righteous one..A priest acted like a THUG and the coach said some things that he will regret.If serra is thugs then ST.Francis has some serious race related issues..More than anything they got beat and never had a chance and got disturbed by a couple of players energy..End of story..


I witnessed all three levels of Serra play at St. Francis this week from the field level. I must say tremendous talent but the most foul mouth disrespectful young men I have ever heard. This is extremely shocking coming from a catholic school. I really hope this was just one time but my gut feeling is that winning football games at Serrs has become more important than teaching discipline and respect for the game. Someone from the Catholic schools should really look into this matter.


I'm for letting kids play football; but last night Serra players DID NOT exemplify the values of their school's mission statement in shaping their students! Serra fans "Booed the officiating" on several occasions. I expected better from their fans, especially since we (Catholics) share a FAITH in religious doctrine. The KNIGHTS may have lost the game; but they played the game in the manner that parents, faculty, and coaches can be proud. Personally, I'd like to see the officials in the Archdiocese take a look at manner in which this school acts on and off the football field. Does the Serra community of parents, students, coaches, and school exemplify the school's mission statement?

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