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Football: Shelton gets cleared to play for Crenshaw

Shaquille Shelton, expected to be a top running back-defensive back for Woodland Hills Taft this season, has been cleared by the City Section to play for Crenshaw after transferring and changing residences despite protests from Taft.

City Section Commissioner Barbara Fiege made the decision.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Taft Alumni

I hope Shaquille Shelton continues to do well academically and is successful at getting an athletic scholarship, something that can be obtained at either Taft or Crenshaw. As a member of the coaching staff at Taft, I can speak very honestly that all of the coaches enjoyed working with him, and that he was a great kid. Apparently the parents wanted to move him for some reason. Some of the players and people within the Taft community are upset about that after working with the young man for three seasons. Unfortunately, this whole thread is comical and most people are missing the point. Its not a knock on Crenshaw or Taft, but simply people being upset with the apparent double standard in the City Section and inconsistent rulings by Ms Fiege. For anyone to say that Taft is as relevant as Palisades, Westchester, Granada Hills, and El Camino Real, though is being completely dillusional. Taft has been to 7 City Championship games in the last 20 years, and a top 4 seed that has made it to the semifinals and quarterfinals countless other times. Much of the success has come from kids who were bussed in, but to say that all of it has is ridiculous. Brandon Hance, Justin Tryon, Steve Smith, Paul Pratt, Malcolm Smith, DJ Morgan, Lucky Radley, and current players Michael Bercovici and Michael Thomas (just to name a few) are all VALLEY kids. So lets ease up on the cutting up of a bunch of teenagers. Hopefully the adults can stay out of this, and allow the kids to simply play. Best of luck to both schools and their players as they go through the season.

Da shaw

Wow I hate to say it but I agree with Crenshaw Nation and Just keeping it real! They both are speaking the truth! Only if people really knew!

Just Keeping It Real

The Big picture is that the Crenshaw head coach is a disgrace. Everyone who knows, and understands football really doesn’t have respect for him. He is a joke! When they had Eric Scott they maximized there potential. They helped over 50 boys get full rides too. With him being the face of that program is a tremendous disservice. You are judge by how many players you can get to the next level. That’s D1, D1AA, DII or NAIA. It’s already obvious he can’t win the big games on the main stage. Ask how many kids the Crenshaw head coach has helped after high school? The big picture is if Crenshaw Football wants to become a “real power”, they need someone who can coach coaches, and have a real since of community!

Ray Charles could have seen that predictable offense coming from Atlanta all the way to Norco. The scheme is sand lot street football at best! However, with the talent they, (Crenshaw) will always beat the Banning’s of today. That leads me to this point. Are you really coaching in today’s modern zone block schemes offenses with no headphone or no communication from up top? This is absolutely absurd! The depth of this coaching staff is “Pop Warner” at best!

The true BIG PICTURE is, Crenshaw coaching staff is like Atari, and its student athletes are like Play Station!!!

Seen it All

Crenshaw is The best team in the city until (if) Dorsey knocks them off. The Marine League is not there, maybe if you put Carson, Narbonne and Pedro together. How many city teams would have beaten Norco or the GA Team......nobody (although Dorsey is greatly improved and may be sophisitcated enough to utilize all of their speed).

As for Taft, they are like:
Palisades, Westchester, Granada Hills, and El Camino Real.....the only football success they have enjoyed since 1979 (32 years) has been due to the kids who have gotten on a bus and left their home schools.

And Taft folks, you will pay forever for the leagacy of Troy "Cheater" Starr....he's the biggest cheater and liar there is. So don't point at Feige (she's clueless)...Taft is a bush league program and cheats in every possible area (see their hoops program if you are unsure).....

west coast best coast

ok crenshaw...instead of hinting at all the misdeeds...let the cat out the bag...put em on front street...if not i say yes u are just hating...cuz if it was that bad...imma need you to say something

Benjamin Miller

Crenshaw plays like a poorly coached team. Now maybe that's the players and maybe that's the coach, but it's somebody's fault.

Junny Guitar

So Barbara Fiege clears Shelton REAL FAST to move to Crenshaw from TAFT but ALWAYS stops /delays players from transferring to Taft.! Players coming to mind <>Lucky Radley and Berkovici.She has been a bigime Taft Hater for "many years" and somebody at LAUSD needs check out why she is a TAFT football hater . Not good for LAUSD sports for her BIGTIME Hate for Taft.
I,am OK with Shelton transfer-----but want Fiege checked out why she ALWAYS plays Power Ball with transfers to TAFT.

Ochocinco baby!@

Ask Crenshaw Nation if he has a kid in the program who doesn't play. Then ask him if he is an ex-parent coach. That's how you'll get your answer whether he has integrity. He's just mad 'cause his kid can't cut it.


@ The Big Picture, I'm a alumni of Crenshaw and one who know the program inside out. I can speak for the majority who feels the same way I do. You only read the press clippings. I see whats going on. I'm not some disgruntled ex-player who played for Coach Garrett and didn't play. I played in 81 -83 under Coach Smith & Coach Price. I said it once and I'll say it again. It's not about the wins and loses. It's about the off the field things (behind the scenes) that you don't know. We rather have a coach go 0-10 with some integrity, than I've a coach with none at all! As far as me praising Dorsey's coaches, don't know if that's the proper term to use, but I was making a point (using them as a example) of how things should be ran. So please get your facts, because I have mind. And yes every chance I get to bring light of this situation, I will do just that! Oh by the way Coach G did do something right last week, he finally brought on a Place Kicker who kicks the heck out of the ball. See I will give him props for something!


The Big Picture

Taftguy offcourse you do. That is fine, but when is the last time Taft played for a title ? Did'nt you guys just lose to Dorsey for the second time in two years ? And that is fine, but I do not hear you talking about the coaching at Taft becuase you support the program, which you should do. Crenshaw Nation is supposed to be a supporter but every chance he gets he talks about the coaches. He even praises Dorsey coaching, a staff that has not beat Crenshaw in 4 years ! As for as the Norco game, how do any of you know if he had cramping or other health issues, even the colleges and pros have problems with that. So you really don't know what goes on unless you are there working with the kids because a good coach is not gonna say.


Shaquille Shelton is an outstanding football player and young gentleman. I have watch him play football as a young kid,for Baldwin Hills Bruins Pop Warner Team. I believe he has made the right decision to play his senior year at Crenshaw High School. In many situation our talented students have gone to other school, in which the schools profit off the success of these students. Must success to you Shaquille and your future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taft Guy

I agree with the nation, saw their game against Norco, D'anthony plays every other series, its crazy, deranged.

Football Coach

WOW! Can't believe Fiege cleared this after all the crap she made Radley go through...or Bercovici...or....

The Big Picture

Crenshaw Nation you are the worst fraud on this blog. You claim to be a supporter, but every chance you get you put down a coach who has been there for almost thirty years, won numerous coach of the year honors, won city championships, coached parade all americans, have had over a hundred players graduate from college. I don't think you repersent anyone but yourself. The coach at Crenshaw must have dismissed you because obviously you have an agenda. The coach is not going anywhere it seems to me you should leave Crenshaw alone ! Instead of Crenshaw Nation you should call yourself one guy with a grudge.

Good Luck Shaq

Good luck Shaquille. I hope that you do well at Crenshaw and that you can continue on your quest for a football scholarship. Remember to keep your grades up.

I find it disheartening that the football program here at Taft would file a protest against a senior who is looking to score an athletic scholarship. What do you want to happen, for him to sit out the year and not get any more attention from recruiters? That's a pretty churlish thing to do.

-One of Shaq's former teachers


Welcome to The Crenshaw Nation kid! I hope you know what you're doing, because we have a Head Coach who doesn't have a clue on what to do with talent! Look forward to seeing you play this week, if he let's you play. Good luck!



I find it very interesting when Taft has people fall out of the sky and on to their laps, all is GOOD, yet when bodies leave they cry. You have had your share of talented kids transfer in, I guess now you now what it feels like to lose one. Deal with it!!. Good Night!!

Taft Guy

I cant believe shaq went to crenshaw, good luck getting playing time there, everyone is as good as him there


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