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Football: Panorama and its coach are on the rise

If you want to identify a young coach and a program on the rise in the City Section, it's Devon Rose and Panorama, which knocked off Arleta, 34-27, on Friday night to improve to 3-0.

Rose, 31, is in his third year at Panorama, which has had a varsity program for only four seasons. He has one of the best running backs in the City Section in Malcolm Thomas, who has rushed for more than 100 yards in all three Panorama victories. Thomas has seven touchdowns.

To knock off Arleta, one of the top teams in Division II, sends a message that Panorama is ready to compete against the best in Division II.

"It shows how far our club has come," Rose said.

Next up is Los Angeles Franklin.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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I don't even know why your trying to pump up Ervin when Ephriam is outrushing him by 14 total yards, his longest run is 30 yards longer, his average is over 10 yards a carry longer, he has the same amount of TD's, and he's done all this with EXACTLY HALF of the amount of touches that Ervin has. On top of that, Malcolm Thomas' stats make BOTH of the Poly backs look silly, so keep your weak takes about your weak backs to yourself. You may want to check your stats before you spout off. Sounds to me like your hitched your bandwaggon to the wrong running back over there in Sun Valley.


Also, you've obviously never seen Malcolm Thomas run the ball. While he can be evasive and get out of tackles by changing direction; the majority of his yards come from running straight down hill and running chumps over. Malcolm makes Ervin look like a Pop Warner running back.


P-TECH, keep talking because come playoff time time, that's all you'll have, words; while Panorama will have the W.

Taft Guy

Malcolm IS a north south runner you stupid fool! Ervin is a wing, wings only run east and west, I saw your team play franklin and the truth is Poly will always be Poly, SLOW. it looked like two teams playing in quick sand. whats Ervins stats this season by the the way, oh ya they suck, not to mention his little brother has more yards and he looks like a JV player, he also looks a little S-L-O-W and I'm not talkin feet. I really dont have anything against poly other than the fact they think there better than they really are, you guys should give credit where credit is due, a 5-10 4.50 40, 200lbs is much better looking than 5-8 5.0 40, 150lbs to any college in the country except for maybe where Ervin is going.... TJ tech! and dont say he didn't run a 5.0 40 yd dash at the Nike combine, I was standing right next to him when he did it...twice.


Are you guys all for real. Panorama is good but get off their jock. They better pray they do not see Poly in the playoffs! It will be all bad! Arleta already knows what's coming!! Tell Malcolm to run north and south like a RB should. That east west stuff is for the birds! Come watch Ervin and learn a thing or too...


Mission League Fan, #4 is Sean Funchess. Very exciting and fast back. #28 is Darryl Parragas. Along with Thomas, all 3 were over 100. Potent offense, and fun to watch.

Optimus Prime

Anon...ES is giving Panorama a proper amount of respect. Please don't make it out to be more by referring to Arleta as one of the best programs in the City. They play NO ONE. Arleta would get smashed in Division I. Let's keep DI and DII separate and appreciate the Panorama kids for being really good against similar competition. There's nothing wrong wtih that. That's why there are separate divisions. Coach Rose, keep up the good work. Your kids and school are lucky to have you!


Ready to compete? Sounds like they are competing (and winning) already! I mean Arleta is 26-2 the last two seasons, not just ONE of the top teams in DII, but one of the best in the City. Panorama is for real. ES, since you've now discovered this school, you might want to look into how some of the other programs are coming along. For example, last year, the baseball team posted victories over Fairfax, North Hollywood, Fulton Prep, Van Nuys, Monroe, and Reseda, plus, got the first team sport playoff game victory in school history... Might be time to take notice...

Mission League Fan

I was at this game, I wouldn't be surprised if Panorama had 3 - 100 yard backs and a hundred yards in the air, it was very exciting. Malcolm is 5-10 200lbs I think your talking about #4 he looks really good too. Arleta looked good too, I think they'll win out the rest of the regular season and win their league.

Hey Zeus

I saw Panorama run over Chatsworth last week - this kid Malcolm Thomas is the real deal. He's small, fast and powerful - tough to stop. Watch out for this team in the Div II playoffs.


Great Job, coach. Its says alot about you and you program when a kid like that is able to stay and be loyal to your program during the down times and now the high times. Again, Great Job Coach!


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