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Football: Mater Dei transfer goes to court

Todd Hunt, a linebacker who transferred to Santa Ana Mater Dei from Connecticut but was denied eligibilty by the CIF Southern Section, has gone to court seeking a temporary restraining order, according to Southern Section spokesman Thom Simmons.

A lawyer representing Hunt was seeking Thursday to get Hunt back onto the football field.

Update: Simmons said no decision was reached on Thursday.

-- Eric Sondheimer


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Does it Matter?

Camarillo State hospital? You mean Cal State University Channel Islands? Are we sending CIF there to get an education? The hospital closed about 15 years ago.


I view this as a challenge to CIF to be open about why certain kids get transfers and certain kids don't. Since it never made any sense to anyone outside CIF, this could actually present some interesting melodrama to the season. Bottom line, if a kid wants to cross the country to play football with his friend, why shouldn't he be able to. I would also wonder whether a court could determine that CIF has acted arbitrarily in their treatment of the kid, and find themselves liable for damages.

Ochocinco baby!@

That's why he got an attorney. This should be interesting. I have my popcorn and I'm strapped in. The judges are fed up with the CIF. They better have a solid case or there could be damages and sactions. If Scalia were handling this, he'd throw them all out onto their asses, insulting them all the way. He'd probably sentence the CIF to a year in Camarillo State Hospital and if that didn't work they'd get 2 years in Atascadero for child endangerment. What a pompous bunch of idiots. Trying to dictate where a person resides. Natzi ,fascist idiots. A regulatory agency out of control. Who do they think they are? The Santa Monica City Council. One problem Scalia. They're not a Government entity. They're a private company gone hay wire who hides behind they're own cloak of secrecy. Skirting the Brown Act all the way. You can't have it both ways. So much for getting rid of big government Judge. Blackwater here we come.

daddy al

Not that I'm a big fan of transfers between school, but how can a transfer from a C.I.F. southern section school enroll at a different school a few miles away and be eligible to play varsity sports immediately, and a transfer from the other side of the country not. Is there more to this tale than we know???


No doubt Inland Division may have the most talent THIS year. Historically, no division matches with Pac 5 athletically.

Overall w-l record of Inland teams Norco, Centennial, Vista-M, and Redlands EV = 17-27, so if we're asking which division has done what, then guess what? what has Inland done vs. a recored like that?

overall record of Servite,MV,lakewood, Edison = 30=28 includes wins over state champ and #1 in SD O'side,CIF Southwest Div champ La Habra, #2 in LA Carson and state of Wash runner-up Bothell, so if we're comparing who's done what Inland doesn't stack up so far.


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