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Football: Mater Dei is impressive in scrimmage

With rival coaches Bob Johnson (Mission Viejo) and Jason Negro (St. John Bosco) looking on, Santa Ana Mater Dei faced Los Angeles Loyola in a scrimmage Saturday at Loyola.

The word is the Monarchs looked effective behind quarterback Max Wittek, scoring twice and shutting out the Cubs when it was first string against first string.

Loyola lost a scoring opportunity with a fumble on the one-yard line.

Action officially begins next week for both schools, with Mater Dei playing Carson on Saturday at Santa Ana Bowl and Loyola playing at Manhattan Beach Mira Costa on Friday.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Just The Facts

Poly ran 5 plays from different formations, Too many cameras in the stand, Bosco Played their Superbowl, Poly Jv Outscored Bosco pretty easily and went to 3 and 4 th teams so the coaches could review the players performance. (Scrimmage) ON the Varsity side Many Cheap shots by Bosco, refs did not control the Game, Threw Flags on Poly but None on the Cheap shots, Poly saw what it wanted to see of it's reserves. Poly Will Beat Bakersfield, I can see a let down from the Bosco Superbowl. Good Luck to Both


Brave Dad: I have been a three year starter. I appreciate you supporting us, but please stop embarrassing us. Obviously, you did not receive a Bosco education. Please leave it to those who make sense and know third grade spelling. Sorry man, but please go away.


truth I'm not talking about past success. LB Poly has been a power for many years. Yeah, you've beat great teams. It all started with a little playful smack talking over the fact that Bosco outplayed Poly on both sides of the ball Friday and you guys could not handle that, which is understandable. Scrimmage or not, we looked good AND WE SMACKED YOU AROUND. We are a different team - it's a new season! you and here we go again saw something else, cool. Bosco will be fine. I gotta say though, picking on innocent kids that are not involved in the banter is low life (here we go again always goes there). You also get personal. But, it does not surprise me that you guys always have to go there; you guys are a trip and again, that attcking kids stuff is low life. Good luck to Poly and all ohter teams. We won a scrimmage, no biggie. But man leave the personal attacks on individual kids out of it.


Hey bosco dad- Get real dude. A powerhouse program like THE LB POLY would not even consider showing anything in a scrimmage, especially against a little program like this bosco squad. You are a total embarrassment not only to yourself but to that little program. I'm sure you clowns could come up with some representation from someone who understands the game a little, instead of your kindergarten effort. Work on your alphabet, forget about football.

Here we go again

Wow brave Dad did I hit a soft spot? I was not speaking in arrogance. I was stating a fact! Poly celebrates championships! If your going to try to tell me off at least you can not mix my statements with "The Truths" statements. Yeah Lakewood beat Poly last year. This is a whole new year. The Trinity league is brutal . However on our way to back to back PAC5 championships in 2007 & 2008 we went through the Trinity league, Sunset league,Serra league, and South Coast league to win it all. Yes we have beaten teams that you have failed to year after year. Before you start beating on your chest about some scrimmage. MAKE THE PLAYOFFS FOR A CHANGE!! If you think your in too tough of a league then Bosco needs to man up and get better, or come over to the so called weak Moore League so Poly can pound you every year. You might come in fourth place behind Poly, Lakewood, and Compton! When your part of a winning program people mistake confidence for arrogance. Ask your Trinity league foes(Mater Dei, Orange Lutheran, and Servite) they all know the feeling of winning. Now that Santa Margarita has coach Welch your chances of 2 wins in the Trinity league is over. I'm congratulating you early on the win over JSerra.


brave dad: Poly was toying with your little braves and still smashed them in the mouth. how can you even compare your little bosco to the national power that is poly, who has turned out more NFL players than any school in the nation. and no, you were not being cool, just your lame no spelling self. tell junior bosco to help you out while he's pulling the splinters out of his butt.


Great scrimage at Loyola! Both teams had focus but, the edge went to Mater Dei HS Monarchs Defense, who dominated all the 1st Team Play. Interesting enough: Max Wittek showed much more confidence thanlast years practices but,he still needs to learn how to check down.....No usage of TE didnt help? We'll see if the Monarchs make that same effect this year on offense..... O-Line looked ok at times but, didnt look ready! CARSON NEXT!Saturday 730pm Santa Ana Bowl.......


here we go again, whatever! Poly celebrates championships. The bottom line is Poly came into our house making all kinds of noise and it sure seemed like they were warming up for more than a scrimmage. Bosco came out and busted Poly in the chops. we were faster, hit harder, and scored more. As far as you apologizing to Mater Dei, that's weak! The only reason Another Brave Dad brought up our "scrimmage" was because ES mentioned in the first sentance of his post that our coach was at the Mater Dei scrimmage, so it wasn't like he came off the wall. You are so arrogant to the point that you lie to yourself to make yourself feel better with all this crap about Poly scoring many times, forcing fumbles, etc. You are rediculous and everyone else who was there saw what happened. I was being cool and you continue your sarcastic arrogant crap - what have you won this year: NOTHING. And as far as bigger fish to fry, you play in the moore league, we play in the trinity - so you wanna talk about bigger fish to fry? Oh and by the way, you shouldn't be worrying about championships cause your not even favored to win the moore league. We were not celebrating except to say that we are excited about the comnig season with our new coach and system. Oh and this thing about trying out new players, blah, blah blah, you guys must have a bunch of kids who look alike and wear the same number, cause I never saw the starters come off the field for you guys until after you started that fight, which you also lost. You wanna talk, let's talk! So yeah, we're excited cause our little ol bosco who is nothing and has never won anythnig (LOL!) beat Poly's but and looks ready to roll. Man up and accept that simple point. Stop lying to yourself. Good luck with Lakewood, et al, because after what I saw Friday evening, you'll need it!

Here we go again

I have to apologize to the Mater Dei faithful for disputing about a totally different scrimmage on this post, but Brave Dad, and Another Brave Dad started this. Lets set the record straight. Although scrimmages help teams get prepared for there first game of the season, by putting them in game like situations, however when you only use half the field, each team gets 10 plays then switch, and you can not touch the opposing teams QB. It's like passing league in pads. That hardly compares to a real game. Poly has bigger fish to fry like Mission Viejo, St. Bonny, and Lakewood. LB Poly celebrates championships not scrimmages.

the truth

I was watching the varsity & everything I said happend - Yes there were times Poly put in some new players trying to make the varsity so the coaches could look at them. This was nothing more than a scrimmage not a real game this was for the coaches on both teams to see what players they want where. You should be thinking how is Bosco going to beat Lakewood, Loyola and Mater Dei - Lakewood was watching you!


...but the Bosco JV still outscored the Poly JV. (Sorry, just had to acknowledge that point. And JV did not have starting QB.) Alright, I'm out.


The Truth, you should have been looking at the varsity side of the scrimmage, not the JV.

All the things you described happened on the other side of the field.

Pay attention next time.


Here we go again, you're right about the pregame ritual thing (I for one am not a big fan of the team raising their helmets during the National Antheme's "home of the Brave" lyrics," but whatever). I think the point that was being made was that Poly was prepping like any other game, scrimmage or regular/post season, making lots of noise (they could be heard on Bellflower Blvd and it sounded awesome), and then Bosco played a better game - that's all. As far as your playoff blowout against us, congrats; however it's a new season and as you said that was a "few years back." Friday was fun and Bosco played very well, but it too is the past. We are excited for the 2010 season, just as Poly is and should be. Good luck to all the kids; 2010 should be great.


When is Mater Dei going to win a game that counts , I think they have gone 12 straight seasons without a CIF title.
I can't understand why they get so much hype with mediocre results year after year. Thay have good players , so maybe the fault lies with the great "Rollo". Just sayin'.

Here we go again

Whittier Bruin, and Brave dad are you serious? Every high school football team has a pre game ritual or a pre game chant. I remember Bosco's using part of the national anthem. HOME OF THE BRAVES!!! That was right before we blew you guys out in the playoffs a few years back on our way to a D1 championship.


thank you whittier bruin for the impartial opinion. and for telling it like it was; I was in the parking lot walking in and could hear poly's pregame stuff. bottom line is scrimage or not it was intense (so much so that poly players started a fight - and they couldn't win that eihter) and Bosco lit them up during the scrimmage! As far as what this article was about and cub's get a life comment, you guys don't own the blogs brother. I don't know what it is with all the Bosco bashing these ddays, but we'll see what's up starting next week. Bosco may not be the team on anyone's radar right now, but lets see where we are come November - you'll all know about us then, I promise! Smile and Happy sunday everyone.

whittier bruin

I was at the bosco/poly football scrimmage and happened to be sitting next to the lakewood high football coaches and they had a different perspective of the game.They were wondering why poly did not play with the same intensity as when they were warming up .You could sure hear poly before the game but they were totally outplayed AND outscored during the game. You were probably watching the jv side as both varsity and jv were playing on a split field.So if the scrimmage didnt mean anything why all the pregame "We are here" crap .Poly sure did practiced that.Remember the game is what you should prepare for ,not making all that noise and maybe you will be ready for your "regular" season.


Who cares about Bosco and Poly??? This post was about Loyola and Mater Dei. Get a life Bosco fans!

Here we go again

Do you guys really believe Bosco can actually beat LB poly in a real game. What are you smoking two Brave dads? A scimmage is just that. It doesn't count like all these pre-season NFL games. We do not have you on our schedule, but if you finally earn a PAC5 playoff spot we will see you then.


scared daddy: the truth and I were at the same game. poly dominated on both sides of the ball. total mismatch. looks like another long season for the bosco boys. check your glasses,scared one.

the truth

The fact is everything I said happened. Look at the video Bosco took - Poly scored points, blocked a kick, forced a fumble and recovered it and made several interceptions on Bosco. Play Poly in the playoffs or set up a game with them next year.

the truth

Poly scored on Bosco many times also forced fumbles & recovered them also made interceptions. Lets see who is in the CIF finals.

Go Monarchs!

I went to the scrimmage and we (MD) looked very solid. We have a great coaching staff but I wonder how we will adjust to Carsons new offense, it gave us fits last year against Jordan whose HC is the new HC at Carson. Im just glad the season is about to start!


Speaking of Jason Negro and Bosco, they absolutely dominated Poly in their scrimmage.

I was pretty impressed.


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