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Football: Jon Mack has program growing at Crespi

The numbers are up, and that's what Encino Crespi wanted when it hired former Ventura St. Bonaventure Coach Jon Mack to take over the program.

His biggest newcomer is Los Angeles Dorsey transfer Jordan Simmons, a 6-foot-4, 340-pound junior offensive tackle who is going to add massive bulk to the team.

Simmons has apparently moved, which would make him eligible immediately. I stopped by Crespi Monday to speak with Mack and Simmons.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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I wonder how the Carmelites feel about the profanity laced tyrades coming from the Celt sideline Fri night. And it wasn't the players or assistants.


Well so much for the Black Knights undefeated season. Except for letting a much faster team get big plays, Notre Dame played a decent game with a virtually new team. The offense will get better with experience and the defense will stop teams without Div. I speed. The defense forced four turnovers which was impressive. They will give many teams fits this season. We will see how much they improve by Veterans Day.


jon mack couldnt play a lick at notre dame and he couldnt get his dream job either because of the legendary kevin rooney. coach rooney taught mack everything he knows. and rooney will dismantle mack just like he dismantled every other crespi coach the last thirty years. mack got run out of st bonnies and it wont be long before he loses this one too. mack is now wearing the crespi colors he used to call s... and p... what a hypocrite. keep recruiting mack. you will remain at the bottom of the serra league.


here we go again- living in the past. it's extremely sad that someone would be trapped somewhere for so so long. you must feel like a convict doing a life sentence. when it comes to the head to head mismatch on the field, you always go back to the 70's. congratulations on your 1973 victory when the celts also didn't get in the endzone. do you still where your 1974 pants? HEAD TO HEAD. SCOREBOARD!


Funny thing, when the Sherman Oaks school was all-male, they had a really tough time defeating the Encino school on the football field. Many competitions the Knights could not reach the end zone for a touchdown. Perhaps when the school was saved by turning coeducational some of the new students helped reinforce the football program and this fact has been hidden for these decades when ND was such a trendsetter.


greg- any truth to the rumor that the carmelite nation is considering moving the campus to the weho area? i'm sure you're aware of all the internet chat regarding this topic. as a lifelong celt, what are your thoughts? we all know the reason the carmelites have resisted the normal coed thing. maybe this change of scenery would be an excuse to get out of the annual butt kicking you receive at the hands of ND. HEAD TO HEAD. SCOREBOARD.


you have the smallest enrollment because it's an all boys school. the CIF doubles your enrollment to 1200 because of that. maybe if you had babes like we do, you might attract some better football players. come on greggy, now it's your turn to tell us about 1965. now get back to 1-800-help for your next donation. HEAD TO HEAD. SCOREBOARD. BYE BYE


Again, how many Top Division titles have the Black Knights played for? Zero. If Division X titles were all Crespi had on its football resume, then the Division III titles might look impressive. By the way, who is the smallest (enrollment) school in the Pac-5 division? A Valley team that has actually won one of them.


this is supposed to be another transition year for the ND football team. the last time we went into a transition year we started our 3peat run of DIV-3 TITLES, while crespi was playing in very tough DIVISION TEN. we would never consider stooping so low. but when you go winless all those years... I understand jonny mack has a basketball player trying to play QB this year. hopefully the recruits that have been brought in from south los angeles can help him out. of course ND will once again defeat crespi, as we have in recent times greggy. HEAD TO HEAD SCOREBOARD BYE


scalia- let's stick to the facts. your little school closed their eyes to all of white's problems because of football. they didn't diagnosis his dyslexia. CAL DID. crespi didn't give a f---. FACT. russell white and CAL ripped crespi in that SI article. if you can play football, academics don't matter at crespi. and ND still kicks your butt year in and year out. HEAD TO HEAD SCALIA. HAHAHAHAHA. WE OWN CRESPI!

Justice Scalia

I am not sure what you mean. Russell White was given the chance to attend one of the finest universities in the WORLD, and he received his bachelors degree.

I am positive he would have had the chance at that our of San Fernando...positive. Not.

Justice Scalia

I am not sure what you mean. Sure White had academic challenges -- due to dyslexia.

But, he was given the ability to attend AND graduate with a bachelors degree from one of the finest universities in the WORLD!

I am sure Russell White would have accomplished all of that out of San Fernando. Absolutely positive! Not.


scalia- as a crespi person, aren't you embarassed to mention russell white? you talk about the great academics at crespi, but white graduated with a 3.0 GPA AND DIDN'T LEARN HOW TO READ UNTIL HE GOT TO CAL. that's how you won your little 5 title. if they played by NCAA rules, the title would of been taken away years ago and all WHITE stats wiped away. and don't forget JUSTICE: HEAD TO HEAD!

LA JORDAN ( 44-O)against weak crespi rob wearing people.

if you never heard of la jordan you will remember us here .coach sharon b is the best coach ever he went 7-3 with his old jv squad .so you brown bags with football gear better be ready we have talent that u wish u had in your team. but is not for sale like all your other players u have we all talk about how we are going to use crespi as a step stool to bigger and better things or should i say doormate i could hear all the bulldogs barking already and we have not gotten our shots .you better be ready, coach has a special offense just for the brown bags.ruff ruff ruff


Enjoy the stories as Sondheimer is the best at delivering us them. His focus is fine so " Eric, you need to stop" you really need to stop!


yeah but you see the kid did not want to leave he had no say so, and he came to crespi with a high GPA and already was scouted by top colleges. Its sad that he misses his old team mates and adults cant seem to let him be in peace. This is not the blind side a movie . He got his skills at dorsey and was bought by someone else..Sad what is football coming too. Oh yeah sanctions, removal of real athletes memories stuff like that same case, same point.

Justice Scalia

Jordan said,

"My dad he made the decision for me that he wanted better academics to prepare me for college so I really didn't have no say so over it, so, he just felt that Crespi was a better school to prepare me for college."

So there you have it folks, he dad wanted him to do better in college. End of story.

When a running back or wide receiver bails from the City Section to Crespi, with Russell White potential, then you can fry foul.

Until then, shut up.


Eric's job is to focus on kids. That's what the best H.S. sportswriter in the country is supposed to do foolio.

Eric,You need to Stop!!!!!!

Wow Eric, Jordan Simmons again??? Why are you focusing on him so much in one week?? Why don't you interview the parents or do you like focusing on kids? You can see he had no control. It seems like you are really trying to make something out of nothing. I have never seen you do this before.


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