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Football: Harry Welch issues statement

Santa Margarita Coach Harry Welch has issued a statement in response to the decision of his school to impose a punishment for a violation of Southern Section rules in holding an open house last month at the school's athletic facility.

From Welch: "I am pleased that the CIF's investigation of the March 31 event at Santa Margarita Catholic High School was concluded so quickly. I and the entire SMCHS administration put a tremendous amount of effort into making this a positive event for the school and the community, and ensuring that it complied with CIF rules.

"In planning of the event we used our best efforts to be transparent with the CIF, and to make this the community-based event it was intended to be, consistent with the rules. I believe we followed the rules and the CIF's guidance in planning and putting on an event which show-cased the academic, arts and athletic excellence of SMCHS.

"Unfortunately, the CIF disagreed. I do appreciate the CIF's swift action in resolving the issue. This allows the boys to get on with the work of preparing for what I know will be an exciting and rewarding season without distraction. That's why we are here, that's what is most important, and that's what we will do."

-- Eric Sondheimer

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WELCH will forever be remembered in TARTAN country as the only coach in the school's history to raise the bar of execution from a recreational program to an actual contender for a STATE title ... It was the school's administration that could not manage him and finally forced him out with accusations that were not founded and created a rumor mill that went out-of-control so he decided to move on where he would be appreciated and respected for his efforts ...

Simply put, it was a situation of too much exposure towards "winning and success" for their football program that the powers made their play to force him out and it worked !!

Bobby B

Hey Greg, again, look who's talking? We all know that you'll hide behind your powerful friends.

Greg C

That football is mine. Good luck getting it back.

Bobby B

Hey Greg, look who's talking.....we all know the trouble that you've caused at the school and your harassment of faculty. I'd suggest you pay up what you owe before you open your mouth on this subject again.

Greg C

Hey Bobby, what planet have you been on for the past 30 years? This guy is a scam artist. I wonder how much he took St. Margaret's for. It's good to see the CIF finally take some action.

Bobby B

Glen--I think you're missing a few key facts. A "so called" Canyon booster stole an autographed Peyton Manning football at a booster event. Harry was the only one who had the courage to question it. When questioned, the booster cowered. I think the coach has been wrongly blamed for this scandal.

glen mags

hey bobby, snap out of it. welch has cheated everywhere he has been. he will soon be run out of this job too. he is a walking violation. he broke every rule in the book at canyon. if his name is on the stadium it just shows what a scandalous place canyon is. point#2- mr. james bononi: it looks like chris hollywood put you in your place. you made all these allegations without any facts. several people responded with the facts and you ran off and hid. pretty lame bononi.


Spin-o-rama...HW has no worries as long as he wins...private HS sports is now similar to NCAA except no scholarship limits...Survival of the fittest-if you don't like it, don't compete...There should be separate CIF divisions for public and private with "hoosiers" style open class tournament after playoffs are done...While CIF is at it, ban the composite metal bat...

Bobby B

Harry Welch and his wife are icons of high school football in this country. This man contributed more to Canyon High School than anyone I know. That is the reason his name still stands on that stadium today. Despite all of the slander that this man has faced by people in Canyon Country, he continues to support the youth of today and stand for what he believes.


GOOD JOB HARRY ITS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY SCHOOL. You show up, create a cult of follwers and try to overthrow the school administration. Then, when you have caused enough chaos and the faculty has gotten so aggrivated with you and cant stand you anymore, you leave your mark on the parents dumb enough to buy into your bullcrap and pack up and move on to the next school where you start over again. Good Luck SM I'm going to send your principal flowers for what he is about to deal with.

chris hollywood



You get what you pay for. If private school tuition payers/parents are willing to subsidize high school football "scholarships" under the guise of financial aid for "out of district athletes", then the public schools have no chance. That's what a free market/capatilistic system is based upon. You get what you pay for.


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